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  1. Biker Dude

    Busty on Hfx

    Exotic Touch Daniel is who you’re looking for if you like the ladies busty.
  2. Biker Dude

    Recommendations - Toronto

    Cupid is my go to agency in TO
  3. Biker Dude


    I love when a post goes sideways and becomes nothing about the actual original post. LOL. To bring this back to Gabriella, she is hosting in Sydney on and off these days, as well as Halifax. She is a pleasant, BBW and I agree with the positive reviews she posts in her ad, except that the pictures aren't quite accurate. Easy to book with, fairly-open-minded, safe service, and an excellent CBJ.
  4. Biker Dude

    sp for my birthday

    I can second the votes for Kylie Jane, Charlotte Quinn, Stephanie and Mystery Melanie. Plus I’ll add Ms. Manda and Savanah Sol.
  5. Biker Dude

    Duos: which one is the best?

    I’ve had a few great duos over the years. Anyone with Ms. Manda you can’t go wrong. But the best, hands down, has been Kylie Jane & Dirty Blonde Stephanie. It’s putting a smile on my face just thinking about it.
  6. Biker Dude


    Yes, sorry it is Emily Wilson. Thanks for the catch, Leviathan.
  7. Biker Dude


    It’s been a while, but I’ve seen her a couple of times with Emily Rushton in a duo. Very attractive lady with decent skills.
  8. Biker Dude


    Summer Young is a legitimate SP with decent skills. I haven’t seen her in a long time but the pictures were less than representative.
  9. Biker Dude

    New VIP girl?

    She is here until Saturday. Hurry to see her. She’s great.
  10. Biker Dude

    New VIP girl?

    Please search here for VIPOTG. There are plenty of threads on how to get in to VIPOTG as a customer.
  11. Biker Dude


    There is a recommendation in that section.
  12. Biker Dude

    Emily (Wilson)

    I saw her a lot but have not seen her in about a year. She is great, though. Very sexy.
  13. Biker Dude

    Barbie Doll Hailey

    Seen her several times and she’s great. Easy to book with. Definite spinner body. Friendly. Good location. All safe service.
  14. Biker Dude


    Well that was a different experience. Oddly, I agree with all the conflicting reviews above.
  15. Biker Dude

    Hazel, Lillian and AlysonBaby

    I’ve seen Alyson Baby. She is legit.