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  1. Tasha doesn’t offer a GFE, but is great nonetheless.
  2. Had an awesome duo with ECK & GGA. They are great individually but really something else together. Both are members here.
  3. They’re both gorgeous, FPA. Rest assured, you will have no complaints with their looks.
  4. She was a no show for me once. Weird excuse. But if you manage to connect, she’s worth it.
  5. You have to be patient, JB43. She is worth the wait.
  6. I finally got a chance to see Nina. Turns out she was an excellent SP that I had seen years ago. It was great to reconnect. She is so much fun. Great service. Top notch body. Communication was easy. Location was fine. Welcome Nina back, gentlemen.
  7. Pamela is in town this week and went to see her on a bit of a whim today. So glad I did. Because she is with YFL, booking was easy and the location was a very nice, centrally located hotel. I know this is oft repeated, but in her case it is very true: the pictures do not do her justice. Her body is perfect. English is great and even comes with a sexy Latino accent. Service is top notch and accentuated with a friendly smile and pleasant, easy to talk personality. She wants to provide first rate service and very much succeeds.
  8. What’s the best way to contact you, Laylah? DM you here?
  9. They’re legit but pictures aren’t anything like them. That being said, it’s not a bad experience. Bit of a language barrier but nothing that can’t be worked through.
  10. Probably the wrong Alexis. Last 4 digits of the phone # don’t match.
  11. No, I meant I think we are looking at two different Ninas. I did a Yandex search before posting on the the Nina I was interested in and came back with no hits.
  12. Not sure if that’s the same lady, Taigh. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_naughty_nina_incall_outcall-7429966?source=list
  13. She is posting right here in Lyla in the schedules section. Her website is meetcherry.ca.
  14. Emily is very professional. Been around for a long time. Some pics are older, but you can check her onlyfans page for more up to date ones.
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