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  1. I enjoyed my time as well but I can say why lots would pass. You’ll have to try her yourself and see if she is your type.
  2. I’ve been seeing Emily for years. She’s great. If you’re curious, check out her only fans and see if she’s your type.
  3. Not at all typical to VIPOTG.
  4. Saw her a month or two ago. Still top notch.
  5. As if anyone needed any more confirmation, she is a legit and beautiful, professional provider. God, those breasts.
  6. What a fun time I had with Kitty last week. Definite GFE
  7. It is the same Violet Blair. She’s a BBW, friendly, easy to book with and solid service.
  8. Gentlemen, run don’t walk. Easy to book with, ideal accommodations in a gentrified location, genuine personality, and five star, all safe, service.
  9. She’s legit. Saw her a week or 2 ago. She was advertising under a different name a while back. She has an only fans page if you want to check her out.
  10. Kimmy was easy to book with and friendly. Great body and pretty face.
  11. Lots of positives: communication was easy; she was at a nice, high-end hotel; and her body is gorgeous. The pictures don’t do those breasts justice.
  12. Nice lady. Tall, pretty, spinner body with B cups. Booking was easy. Location was a nice hotel. Service was decent although somewhat restrictive.
  13. Anyone offering a Black Friday sale next week? LOL.
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