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  1. Hi Korea, you might want to check in the Service Provider area of Lyla. The ladies would have a better sense of what hotels work best. It seems that hotel accommodations are tricky now given the surge in travel. I’ve heard a number of SPs complaint about the high cost. But from a client perspective, anything downtown Dartmouth or Halifax is great. Hope to see you.
  2. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Savannah Sol both before and after her return to Lyla and can unequivocally recommend her. Welcome back, Savannah.
  3. You’ve got me very curious, Stephanie. Congratulations on achieving your goal, whatever it is. Cherish each achievement in your life’s journey.
  4. I’m afraid I can’t comment on Brittany. She looks lovely. But I’d suggest trying one of the lovely ladies that post their availability on Lyla Alford your first experience. That’s a lot of verifiable, excellent choices.
  5. Can’t find her on LL. Can someone PM her contact info?
  6. I echo what the 2 previous reviewers said about Maya. She is sexy, sweet and has excellent skills.
  7. I saw Cherry and she is superb. Awesome body, pretty face, that put-you-at-ease personality and fantastic skills. Next time she’s in town, let me book first, and then flock to her gentlemen.
  8. Most of the providers from out of town, and a few from in town as well, require a deposit. I’m seeing her tomorrow and can’t wait.
  9. Keener, I’m sure you will find that have an embarrassment of riches here in Halifax. There is also a recommendation section that may be helpful in narrowing down your search to a provider that best suits your needs.
  10. Agree with all the comments above. I had a last minute cancellation and YFL accommodated my short notice booking and I got to see the lovely Maya.
  11. I echo Harpo’s comments. Gorgeous, good communication, nice hotel and true GFE. Can’t ask for more.
  12. I visited this BBW as well and had a pleasant time.
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