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  1. Biker Dude


    Keep us all posted guys!
  2. Biker Dude

    Lady Reighn

  3. Any information, gentlemen? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_available_now_dont_miss_the_sexy_new_babe_natalia-4762545
  4. Biker Dude


    Meh. Saw her recently. Pictures are accurate. Booking was easy. Location was fine. Decent pricing if that matters. All safe, non-GFE, straight CBJ & pick your position type of experience. All in the dark.
  5. She is a legit SP & is East Indian (not Native Canadian). The pictures are not only accurate but don’t do her justice.
  6. Biker Dude

    Playful Princess In Dartmouth

    Yes, I agree. Same person.
  7. Biker Dude


    There is another review of her on here that is less than favourable. To stick to the positive, pictures are accurate and, in fact, probably don’t do her justice. She was easy to book with and the location was very decent & convenient. Basic, non-GFE, safe-only service. PM if you want more details.
  8. Biker Dude


    Yes, check out the recommendations section
  9. Biker Dude

    OnE & OnLY LeXXie

    There are tonnes of reviews of Lexxie on here, mostly positive but not all. She is a legit SP & the pictures are accurate.
  10. Biker Dude

    Male SPs

    Leolist has an option for male service providers right on their front page. There’s whole list of them. Not as long as for the females, but looks like a good variety for the discerning guy.
  11. Biker Dude


    I plan on seeing her and will report back. But it may take a few days so if any one else has a reco in the meantime, let us know.
  12. Biker Dude

    MsManda Nighttime Podcast

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting listen. Ms. Manda’s the best.
  13. Biker Dude

    ISO: Real Interactive duo

    I can attest that Kylie Jane & Stephanie’s duos are FULLY interactive. If you’re looking for that wobbly knees experience with enough mental images to keep you totally distracted for a week, I highly recommend these two lovely ladies.
  14. Biker Dude

    Miss Justice

    I saw her recently. Good, non-GFE service. Pictures are accurate. Location is iffy but I understand she is working on her own place.
  15. Wow, Onepound, freaky experience. Never had anything like that happen to me.