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  1. Yep, Kitty is still amazing.
  2. I couldn’t agree with NSG more. Lots of guys are into all different types of body types. You just have to be honest about yours.
  3. Everything looks legit. Someone take the plunge and let us know.
  4. On a different thread, she was identified as Barbie, one of the top SP in Halifax, if not the top one.
  5. You’re not having much luck, Jamesnichol
  6. These ladies are visiting from Montreal. They’re beautiful. Pictures are accurate. Communication was professional and timely. Location is a nice, central hotel. They’re friendly and personable. Oh, and last but not least, they provide an awesome GFE and interactive duo. Does it get any better? You’ll find them advertising on Lyla.
  7. Had one odd, albeit satisfying experience with her and decided to give it another try but got ghosted.
  8. My mistake. Totally forgot but you are quite correct that Lily is no longer with YFL.
  9. Good to see the gentlemen of Halifax are keeping the fine ladies from YFL busy. Hopefully that will mean more visitors from that fine organization.
  10. I checked out her OnlyFans page and she is definitely quite cute.
  11. Can’t say enough good things about Melanie.
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