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  1. As a trans service provider, I'd like to offer my input from experience. In addition to working as an escort, I also work as a street prostitute. As an escort, my ads are quite clear about the fact that I'm transgender. As a street prostitute, that is not the case. Men who see my ad are specifically looking for a transsexual woman. Men who pick me up on the street have no idea that I'm a transsexual, at first. If they just want a blowjob, then as far as I'm concerned there's no need to tell them what's between my legs. If they try to grope me, I move their hand away and tell them "that's high value territory, you haven't paid for that". If they want sex, then I tell them that I have a penis. I have regulars that just want head, and they have no idea I have a penis. I have one regular who I finally told after a few months of just giving him head, and he was completely ok with me having a penis. And there's been guys who've picked me up and who've either slid their hands into my crotch faster than I expected, or who realize up close that I'm a transsexual, and have said, in various ways, that that's not their bag, baby. I was completely unwilling to disclose that I had a penis at first to street clients. I'd make up excuses like "shark week", recent surgery, etc. in order to dissuade them. I finally got tired of constantly lying and told a regular, and after his positive reaction, I decided to disclose to all my street clients. The positive reactions have been quite surprising! I don't know whether it's them being comfortable with me, more extensive and positive media exposure, changing attitudes - but quite a few guys who picked me up not knowing I had a penis have been completely into it after being told. I've had a couple of guys ask if I was a man based on my voice, my height (5'10"), and I simply respond, "No, I'm not a man. I'm a woman. I do happen to have a penis though, is that going to be a problem?" Maybe it's living in a smaller city, maybe it's client age (the older people get, the less they seem to give a shit about things that would bother younger people), maybe it's good old-fashioned Canadian politeness, but I've never felt endangered upon telling a client that I have a penis. The worst I've had to deal with is young people driving by and yelling shitty things. Working the streets as a transsexual woman is the ultimate test, I think. It's been enlightening and very uplifting. Maybe I've been extremely lucky, but I'd like to think my positive attitude and general attractiveness make the difference.
  2. Any suggestions or advice? I'm extremely uncomfortable with any sort of drug use by clients, and I don't know what approach to take to tell them without sounding bitchy or preachy.
  3. As a transgender provider, I've been constantly surprised by how accepting men tend to be. I was so worried about them knowing when I first started, but now I'm quite open about it. Being a sex worker has really given me confidence and self-esteem, and I'm really happy with the decision I made to do it. I've read a lot about how transgender women tend to end up as sex workers because they have less employment options due to discrimination. Has anyone found themselves in that situation? I'm curious to know.
  4. As far as I've been able to determine, the ad is fake. I've seen a couple of queries about the ad in various places, and nobody's ever indicated that they've seen the person in the ad.
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