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  1. Horndog66


    She wore a mask. Based on her body and that she is a student, my best guess is mid to late twenties. She has prior experience in massage in Japan.
  2. Horndog66


    I see no reason not to mention the address. It’s at 44 Stadacona, and they advertise regularly on the k board. i agree with the OP’s comments about Kitty. She’s very sweet, has a great body and provides great service that will surely leave you happy and satisfied.
  3. Horndog66

    Nicole Kijiji

    When I saw her (and reported here) a couple of years ago, there were three other people in her two-bedroom apartment. Her grandmother was in one bedroom and there were two adult males in the kitchen, one of whom I believe was a relative. I did not repeat. It was too weird.
  4. Horndog66

    Jess at Thompson question

    She offers only the most basic option.
  5. Horndog66

    Markus Dominick

    M1313, you're new here, so I won't bust your chops, But, before posting in future, please check the date of the latest post in the thread. It's not cool to revive threads that have been dormant for almost a year. There's so much turnover in this business that any information that's more than three or four months old, at most, is no longer current or reliable anyway. Thanks, and welcome.
  6. Horndog66

    New place popped up on K

    Bowtie spilled the beans while I was typing my post above. Like me, he must have done a reverse search on the postal code. Smart guy!!
  7. Horndog66

    New place popped up on K

    It's strange that they ask new customers to text, but don't include the phone number in the ad. Also, they expect previous customers to figure out who and where they are. However, a little detective work will tell you who they are. I figured it out, but I no longer have their phone number. Since they're not opening (re-opening) until June 1, perhaps they'll post more info soon.
  8. Horndog66

    Diamonds Winnipeg Pricing

    I thought it was against board rules to discuss pricing for services, especially extras. I'd like a mod to clarify that, because I've avoided any mention of pricing for a long time. I'm not trying to have the OP sent to the penalty box; I just want to know if that policy has been relaxed.
  9. Horndog66

    Crys Tal. New massage ad

    Sorry, harshh, but your post is incomprehensible. If English is not your first language, my apologies, but please try proofreading before posting.
  10. Horndog66

    Corona Virus Concerns

    That's obviously not what Spontanious meant. He was asking you why you even belong to this board if you can find so many reasons not to partake in the activities reported on here.
  11. Horndog66

    Lillith at Diamonds

    Sorry, I missed the name in the thread title. The opening line in the post refers to "a new girl", not "this new girl".
  12. Horndog66

    Lillith at Diamonds

    Since you liked her that much, surely you remember her name!
  13. Horndog66

    Ness Massage news

    Card66’s point was to clarify that it was 832 Notre Dame that was raided, not Oui Massage at 832 Corydon (where Erika and others work). You just said 832, which was ambiguous.
  14. Horndog66

    Any Filipino or Thai?

    She told me she is part Filipina and part other East Asian ethnicities.
  15. Horndog66

    Carrie in St. J.

    Nice mature lady. Lots of fun. Expect a good time, but not a professional level massage.