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  1. A happy ending is the same, whether it’s after a 30 minute or 60 minute massage. There’s no reason to pay more after a 60 minute massage.
  2. Jazz at Oui Massage and Jaisat World Nails.
  3. Maggie is new - 40ish, decent face and body. She offers the same services as Erika.
  4. No, you asked about AMPs, I.e., Asian MPs. The responses were not on point. The AMP on Ness had available showers the last time I was there about two years ago. I presume they still do.
  5. Why do you say that? It was there as Nevada Relaxations for over 25 years before the ownership and name change 6 or 7 years ago. It was always busy until the final year or so.
  6. Another one! That makes at least three well known Winnipeg escorts who have died in the past three years or so.
  7. Please stop posting in all caps. It's considered yelling in the internet world. Thanks.
  8. Only Chloe from 553 St. Mary’s was at the place on McPhillips. That lasted about 3 months. She has vanished since then.
  9. Jenny, Molly and Kitty are slender and close to the stereotype of young East Asian women. Sophie is moderately chubby, certainly not huge, but significantly different from the others nonetheless. Sophie is very friendly and open minded.
  10. Molly I saw her recently. Like Kitty, Molly wore a mask the whole time, so my age estimate of around 30 may be somewhat off. She has a decent body, not quite as toned as Kitty, though. Molly is 100 percent Chinese. She said she is totally new to massage, having just started at Stadacona a few weeks ago. However, she said she learned massage from internet videos, and she is surprisingly good at it. She is friendly, and can carry on a conversation in English. She asked me a lot of questions about why I enjoy massage and related activities. I don't think she was being nosy. I think she was genuinely interested, and wants to provide good service based on feedback from clients. I gave her some, and she put it to good use. I left very happy, and will surely repeat, likely in a rotation with Kitty and Sophie. I doubt that anything more that a basic option will be available.
  11. There is another possible explanation. A few weeks ago, I spoke with the male owner and booked a 7 PM appointment (the lady's name doesn't matter). I showed up on time, but there was no one at the front desk. A couple of minutes later, the lady I had booked appeared, and seemed surprised that I was so ear;y. She was expecting me at 7:20 and told me the owner was supposed to call me back to delay the appointment by 20 minutes. I told her ha hadn't done so, but I agreed to wait. When we were in the room, she told me the male owner wasn't very well organized, and had screwed up other appointments, especially when he wasn't on the premises at the time of the bookings. She said Jenny was much netter organized. So, perhaps the double booking was the result of sloppy business practices, not a deliberate action.
  12. He’s obviously joking. He means that the girl in the ad is so gorgeous, he’ll trample anyone who gets in his way.
  13. I was there once, shortly before the pandemic-related shutdown. A Vietnamese lady named Alina provided the massage. I would not repeat due to her obvious inexperience in all phases of the procedure. I think she meant well, but lacked the necessary skills. I have no idea if she's still there or if anyone else provides massage there.
  14. She wore a mask. Based on her body and that she is a student, my best guess is mid to late twenties. She has prior experience in massage in Japan.
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