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  1. Horndog66

    Sophia - New kijiji 8176

    Natalie and Jasmine, among others. She's had as many as three concurrent ads with different names and hours of availability.
  2. Horndog66

    Safe verified asians

    I agree completely, and also, I would like to point out that Addison is ethnically East Asian, but Canadian born, so her English is perfect, and communications are very easy and smooth.
  3. Horndog66

    Sacred massage

    Whatever happened to the 25 girls they claimed work there?
  4. Horndog66

    Spring Oriental Health Centre

    I've been there quite a few times over the past eight or so years, but I now only go once or twice a year. AFAIK, they don't do walk-ins; it's by appointment only, and they don't answer the phone when they're busy with clients. Imagine that! An Asian MP where the masseuses don't interrupt sessions to answer their phones or go to the reception desk when somebody walks in! What a concept! We're always complaining about places where the ladies ruin the mood by doing those things. Good for them! Interesting! I always preferred Karen. Helen is slender and better looking that Karen, who is a little chubby. However, I always found Helen to be detached and aloof, whereas Karen is always warm and friendly, and definitely attached with me. No two experiences are the same, I guess.
  5. Horndog66

    Cypress Ridge

    She is an average looking, fortyish Chinese woman formerly going by Judy and who now calls herself Cindy. She has a massage table set up in the unfinished basement of an upscale condo. Her service is also average and what we expect, as is her pricing. I saw her once a few months ago. I doubt anything beyond the basics is available. Her English is rudimentary.
  6. Horndog66

    Harrow 900 St

    Hey, HP makes all meat taste better!
  7. Horndog66

    kijiji Hargrave massage

    Legit RMTs hardly ever include photos of themselves in their ads - looks would be irrelevant. Also, she used the term “menu” in the ad. I highly doubt a real RMT would use that term.
  8. Horndog66

    Berlyn on LL

    OK, her Asian accent....my bad.
  9. Horndog66

    Berlyn on LL

    Berlyn goes by that name only. If someone calls asking for Berlyn and she isn’t there, if Sara answers, she might try to pass herself as Berlyn. Given her Chinese accent, she can’t pull it off.
  10. Horndog66

    Red - Kijiji Massage

    It's s strange ad. It states, "Please forward any questions via my cell number", but there's no cell number mentioned. And, it doesn't say whether Red is male or female. 466 visits
  11. Horndog66


    Many SPs kiss, but masseuses are far less likely to kiss, since their services are usually limited to massage and HJs.. If you're looking for full service SPs who kiss, you should post your request in the escorts forum.
  12. Horndog66

    Winnie - Main St.

    I agree with hotwinnipeg’s comments.
  13. Horndog66

    EC Tiffany - where’d you go?

    Tiffany was a very good SP who always brought her A game.She was active for close to 30 years, so she certainly deserves retirement and our best wishes.
  14. Horndog66

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    OarkerLewis, I'm not at all clear on your reason for posting that. The statements in your post refer mainly ladies working out of private locations (residences, hotels, etc.). We know better than to post personal info or precise locations. However, addresses of massage salons are routinely posted in thread titles, since they are usually advertised . Caution should be exercised when describing our experiences there.
  15. Horndog66

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    It would be helpful if you provided her name. This thread is confusing enough as it is.