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  1. They could be in their fifties, but I doubt they're over 60. They are both slender with no noticeable sagging and have unwrinkled skin. Still, it's really hard to even guess when they're wearing masks.
  2. My guess is that they are in their forties, but it’s hard to tell because of masks. Pricing is typical of many local studios.
  3. There’s also a lady whose working name is Susan. I saw Melisss a few nights ago. I originally declined a four hand massage, however when the ending was about to start, Susan came in and offered to participate for a small extra fee. This time, I accepted. It was very enjoyable.
  4. interesting!, if you want to receive useful info from board veterans, even via PM, you'll have to establish yourself as a reliable source of that kind of info first, so that we know we can trust you. You can do that by posting about your actual experiences with providers, not just asking questions. Learn the code for reporting too. It's not that complicated. And. don't expect anyone to mention receiving BJs or FS from ladies at established business locations, since, as already stated, it could potentially cause trouble with LE, or with unaware employers.
  5. I don’t know. That was my first time with her, and I never saw her face because of her mask.
  6. In addition to Winnie, there is Monica, formerly of Oui Massage and a lady named Susan. I have seen all three and have been happy with their service.
  7. She has been around for several years, and has gone by at least ten different names (no exaggeration). She’s currently calling herself Ginger, and in the past, she has gone by Brenda, Natalie and many other names. Her hours of business and prices are also variable. I have no idea why she does this. I saw her once about three years ago and did not repeat. She’s a 50ish Caucasian woman. Your link goes to the middle one of three consecutive ads she has right now on kijiji. BTW, your request should be in the Massage forum. She is definitely not an escort.
  8. If it is Betty from Health Tree, Oui and Sakura, she certainly didn't start massage. In any case, isn't that Betty now working at Crystal?
  9. Reread Parker Lewis’s post. They are not the same person.
  10. I’m curious as to how a 23 year old was able to get vaccinated against Covid-19.
  11. I wonder what happened. I saw her about 10 days ago for the second time. Too bad!
  12. Natasha is a Caucasian BBW who used to work at the Vietnamese salon on Pembina Highway. I saw her once last year. She did everything one-handed while seated.
  13. Also a lady named Lily. She’s very personable and playful too. Loads of fun!
  14. Jais did return to WN this week. However, when I called yesterday and asked Jenny if Jais was available, Jenny replied, "I fired her". I have no idea why - she didn't elaborate, and I didn't ask. I presumer Jais will resurface somewhere else.
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