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  1. Horndog66

    EC Tiffany - where’d you go?

    Tiffany was a very good SP who always brought her A game.She was active for close to 30 years, so she certainly deserves retirement and our best wishes.
  2. Horndog66

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    OarkerLewis, I'm not at all clear on your reason for posting that. The statements in your post refer mainly ladies working out of private locations (residences, hotels, etc.). We know better than to post personal info or precise locations. However, addresses of massage salons are routinely posted in thread titles, since they are usually advertised . Caution should be exercised when describing our experiences there.
  3. Horndog66

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    It would be helpful if you provided her name. This thread is confusing enough as it is.
  4. Horndog66

    Pembina Hwy

    The correct address is not 3027 Pembina Highway, but you shouldn't post a private address on the public board anyway. She's in a condo, not a business location with a business name. It's quite discreet, and let's keep it that way. It's way better than any of the salons. I saw Emily last week and received a good massage with an excellent ending. I will repeat. There may be more that one lady working there at different times, so it's not clear whether Jenny is Emily.
  5. Horndog66

    Respect for Therapists

    Of course; that goes without saying. Yes, never assume, and never even ask if the lady is a RMT. If she's not a RMT, you might be able to hint or ask discreetly, as long as you accept her answer if it's not what you were hoping for. I'm not so sure about that. Private providers might be willing to discuss extras in messages or phone calls, but those working in business establishments will only discuss extras during a session, if at all.
  6. Horndog66

    Respect for Therapists

    One should never expect to receive extras from a RMT. That is a professional designation, and one should expect only professional service. That's pretty obvious to most clients, but it seems a few don't get that. Grabbing the provider is totally inappropriate and could very well be considered assault. At the very least, it merits immediate expulsion and blacklisting. In the non-RMT salons, there' are nearly always subtle (or not so subtle) signals both ways that tell us extras are available. When clients don't ask, the providers usually find a way to ask if they want something more than a massage, sometimes by touching, sometimes by asking directly. I only get massages when I also want extras, so I don't go at all to see RMTs. Unfortunately, some of the Asian salons have muddied the waters by calling their providers "Certified Massage Therapists". I don't believe there is any such legitimate designation.
  7. Horndog66


    The next one they hire will be the 24rd.
  8. Horndog66


    Try after 9 PM. It’s usually pretty quiet then.
  9. Horndog66


    That’s nothing! Hudson Massage (formerly Yuan Yuan) claims to have 23 ladies working there! 😄
  10. Horndog66

    Felina Massage

    I saw Felina a few times for massage before her retirement, although I haven't seen her since her return to the scene. She was WAY more erotic than anyone else at any of the salons or any of the independents at the time. She is a true courtesan who will leave you fully satisfied and wanting to see her again and again. A priceless gem! I will pay her a return visit very soon!
  11. Horndog66


    Exactly! This is critical where it concerns info about public businesses that advertise their name and location.
  12. Horndog66

    Monica. 832 Corydon

    Joti is still at 649 Corydon, and she's definitely Simi. I tried her once out of curiosity and had a similar experience to some of the other posters in this thread. I did not, and will not, repeat. Thanks to the mod for his (her?) apparent relaxation of the board's policy regarding negative posts.
  13. Horndog66

    Judy on John Angus

    Exactly my experience with her in March. She's OK, nothing more.
  14. Horndog66

    Need Young spinner type with HE

    If the OP's definition of "young" is under 25, or even 30, I can't think of anyone who also meets the "spinner" and HE requirements.
  15. No one is suggesting you're a rapist, or dangerous in any way to the girls. What we are trying to protect the ladies from is excessive public exposure. Many newbies are asking for too much information before they have established themselves as reliable sources of information, and they're often indiscreet when they do post. It's OK to provide detailed information publicly regarding ladies (either masseuses of full service SPs), if they provide their services in a private location such as their apartment or a hotel room, provided no idetails dentifying the ladies or address are included. It's NOT OK to provide details publicly if the ladies are working at a place of business that has a name and advertises its address. Indiscretion in posting can expose both the ladies and their employers to possible problems with LE and by-law inspectors. It can also result in the ladies being fired if their employer is unaware that the ladies are providing extras (not that likely, but certainly possible). The board vets are not withholding information to be selfish assholes. We have to be confident that the person we're providing information to can be trusted to be as discreet as necessary and that they're not LE or similar officials on a fishing expedition. There's only one way for newbies to earn that trust, and that's by providing useful information (within the above guidelines). Posting nothing but requests for information will not earn that trust, and requesting information via PM will not achieve that either. We'll just ignore you. Sorry, but that's the way it has to be.