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  1. Text 613-770-7075 to inquire about booking. Thanks xx Sin-cerely, Karma Kiss💋
  2. I totally agree with you here. There is a difference in needing to put food on the table and survive by offering a service and a need for a service that is by choice. The reason I am not working is I am essential so I’m already at risk and exposed to a lot of people and then on top of that to offer services would be putting my clients at risk themselves. I just hope everyone is staying safe and being kind to one another. Xo
  3. I am lucky enough to have another job to fall back on and I am considered essential so I am still working and not available as an SP right now. But as many of these ladies have stated some ladies aren’t so lucky and don’t have a choice. They should not be shamed nor blacklisted for doing so. I have heard that on other forums clients were talking about blacklisting the girls still offering services. Meanwhile I have been contacted by many clients still interested in physical services. It’s not right nor fair to judge as everyone’s situation is different. Hopefully we are all safe and careful and we will make it through these tough times it’s just a matter of time. I hope everyone here is well and staying In as much as possible. Xo
  4. Someone you loved.....lewis Capaldi ...amazing song! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bCuhuePlP8o
  5. I am binge watching the originals! I love it it’s a spin off of vampire diaries ...and You is my absolute favourite !
  6. Text 613-770-7075 to inquire about Prebooking. Sin-cerely, Karma Kiss💋
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