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  1. To be honest I had no idea what the experience would be like with such a huge website, which was fun navigating btw. I had the pleasure of seeing Amy on Sunday August 4th and I was not disappointed. She was a little sweetheart with wonderful mounds of joy and a bubbly personality. Her dark brown eyes were mesmerizing as her gaze was intelligent and shy in a way. She greeted me in a schoolgirl outfit which was a plus and we got to chatting while her cute but seductive voice sprung forth guiding me to her room. Amy is very sensual and even more beautiful up close. Her kisses are definitely velvety and enjoyable like smooth creamy nutella. I wished I had booked more time for that as well. The overall experience was bliss and put a shiny star on my weekend. Treat her kindly and make sure you have enough time to enjoy her wonderful presence.
  2. I saw Amber today and she's as curvy as ever. Her charming smile and sarcasm hit home in my books and we had plenty of fun. I got to see her features upgrade and I was smothered with all sorts of affection. Your hands may have trouble to stop grabbing & saueezing those delectable curves like mine did. Wow! Is all I can say. I can't wait to see her again and especially her gorgeous smile.
  3. I had the pleasure of seeing Camille again on a Friday evening last week. She was as gorgeous as ever and higgly to boot. We started off by catching up and slowly caressing each other here and there and the rest was a blast. She's incredibly fun and bubbly with soft, velvetty skin and a sweet charm to her. I highly recommend this gem if you're looking for a wonderful evening or to see what a beautiful woman she really is
  4. If I were you, I'd jump off that bandwagon and focus on protecting myself due to the legal threats and second hand use. Sorry won't cover those things very well. And then you're left with a truth: "Even the most capable general can't fight against three different armies at once. Focus to yourself. Achieve YOUR goals. DONT TRY TO CHANGE PEOPLE. You will waste your time and you will get only pain in return." This was sent to me by a friend for my rough patches. It is true, you can try to help, but that's all you can do.
  5. Aside from fapping for a while by reading an erotic novel/ manga and controlling yourself so you get more tug, things like horny goat weed, pomegranate and other foods that promote blood flow, provide antioxidants or take the load off your liver will help lengthen your Johnson. Excercise is also important for stamina and cardio is what to focus on besides abs, arms, legs and back with good stretching.
  6. Hi Greg, I thought they were not allowed to discuss services since the new act came into play or is by phone the exception. I've had mixed results based off of the new act as some pictures can be old and not up to date for the sp.
  7. Hi ladies and gentlemen, I'm not sure if everyone else is having this same issue, but I have not been able to get on lyla several times this week. I'm not sure if this is due to hackers or updates to the website. Does anyone know what is causing these disturbances?
  8. I had the pleasure of seeing Camille in a duo with Amber last year and more recently as of 2 weeks ago with just the two of us. The location was great and the atmosphere was calming and clean. I can only say I was thrilled to see her based on her bubbly personality and her tantalizing curves. After a bit of chatting and touching we got to the very pleasant portions of our meeting and I was more than happy by the end of it, I only wish I had more time to enjoy her company. It's hard to keep your hands of her bum and with her level of playfulness and teasing the experience is bliss. It almost feels like you're with your hot french girlfriend in high school and her parents are on vacation. Her english is spot on based on our interaction, with that cute accent lingering every now and then. If you do get the chance to see this gem, I recommend you have enough time to enjoy every minute of her passionate lips, delightful smile and everything else.
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