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  1. nobbernob

    Ashley Slutty Fredericton

    Lots of previous reviews of her. She is real and hot as hell, unbelievably attractive, but has a bit of an attitude sometimes.
  2. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_lily_slim_blonde_b_o_m_b_s_h_e_l_l_available_now-5636737 This ad above took photos from a legit ad (verified) in Vancouver, link below. Different age, name, phone, so definitely not the same person. Avoid. https://www.leolist.cc/d/kelessie
  3. nobbernob


    I saw her sometime last year. Pics are accurate, not a bad deal for the price.
  4. You mean you've seen an SP who was verified on leolist, but was not the same as her pic? That's disconcerting, I've never had that happen before. Can you tell us which SP pulled the bait and switch? With non-verified ads it's always a crapshoot, unless they come with multiple trusted recommendations on here, that is.
  5. nobbernob


    Any ad that advertises "available all day any time" and "no restrictions, all fetishes no extra cost" is probably fake. I'd avoid this one.
  6. nobbernob


    My dream job right there. I should start a YouTube channel.
  7. nobbernob

    Sarah Grey

  8. nobbernob


    If you want to start a donation pool I can "verify" and TOFTT 🤣
  9. nobbernob


    She's verified on leolist so you've got a better shot with her than with some of the ads you see. It's not uncommon to see SP's go on tours to different regions. There's always an element of risk but I'd bet she's real - good luck. If things work out make sure to leave a reco after.
  10. Has anyone seen this SP? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_open_minded_wet_and_wild_squirter-5603332
  11. Just for the sake of a good story, can you tell us what the person actually looked like?
  12. nobbernob

    Unforgettable Néomi

    I tried to see her multiple times a few weeks ago but kept getting ghosted when the arranged time arrived. Pics are verified but I don't know anything else about service, etc. I would also like to know.
  13. nobbernob


    I'm sure I've seen these pics in old ads, and that some reco/comments have been made before, but... anyone remember what the verdict is about this person? Legit? Fair service? Thanks. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_506_606_0465_2_s-4551266
  14. nobbernob


    Looks fishy to me. Reverse image search brings this up: https://www.humpchies.com/fr-ca/ad/details/category/escort/city/anjou/id/1748916/title/incall-seulement-judy-34c-naturel-128293- Ads posted in Montreal with the same pics just yesterday. Even there, the guys in the comments are calling her "menteuse" (a liar), so see this girl at your own risk. Usually an SP doesn't put her face so prominently in a legit ad.
  15. nobbernob


    Yes, I have met her before, decent service, pics are accurate.