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  1. wisdom123dar


    Anyone know of any ladies coming to clarenville?
  2. Hi Clarenville needs some good service providers, there is currently no providers here.
  3. Hi just wondering if any so's will be visiting clarenville?
  4. Hi, Just wondering if any escorts will be visiting clarenville?
  5. wisdom123dar

    Nadia QTX

    Do any know if Nadia QTX will be visiting the province any time soon?
  6. wisdom123dar

    Riley James

    Becareful of Riley James and Amy Johnson, but will ask for etransfers for deposit and tell you that they are checking in to hotel and never hear from them after, I got scammed yesterday but lucky enough it was only $50.
  7. wisdom123dar

    Looking for fun in Clarenville?

    I was wondering the same
  8. wisdom123dar

    Local hobby good or dead?

    Have anyone seen luscious-lexi ? Nice to see lots of feed back gathering here excellent.
  9. wisdom123dar

    Escorts in clarenville

    Do anyone know if there are any escorts in clarenville or coming to clarenville?
  10. wisdom123dar


    Hey...Wondering what services are provided would like to visit them but would like to know more first.
  11. wisdom123dar

    Leah from BP

    I meet with her last night, real sexy girl a real sweetheart, the pics on bp are not of her, but would not of done her justist. she very much legit, I was nervous of seeing her at first afraid might be a scam but total glad I did, will diffenently see her again.