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  1. I've never been inclined to review a escort after an evening with them , because you walk away with the satisfaction of fulfilling a fantasy and then on with your regular life. This time was different. At first I mixed up the location with a similar street name and ended up looking like I was trying to break into someones home because of the basement description. Just as I realized my mistake I left the backyard and came across the owner of the home who'se door ive been knocking on and had to come up with a clever excuse for my predicament. Savannah was very amuses at my mixup which set up the night for a lot of laughter and fun. She's very witty , extremely gorgeous , and the closest thing to a true gf experience. Her personallity allowed me to warm up to her with fun banter and ridiculous conversations ( Zelda is basically an autistic mute who throws shit and grunts and everyone ) to heating things up with just the looks in her eyes. I gave the location a 9.5 because it wasnt pretentious, it was a great room, a friendly puppy and a safe enviroment. The atmosphere is top because she reads the situation well. If you enjoy the finer things in life, Savannah should be at the top of that list
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