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  1. I made no comment about the court either rejecting or accepting the merits of the case. I suggested he would settle. That means he chooses to not fight the case and agrees to pay damaged to make the matter go away before suffering any other consequences. Many lawsuits end this way because the threat of greater losses makes people seek a quick ending. This great article is perhaps part of the strategy, it's a shot across the bow - "I'm serious. Fight me, and I'll drag you into the light."
  2. Brave move by the SP. Guys who would pull this are probably betting on getting away with it because there's no recourse for the victim. Who's gonna have the courage to speak up? Enter this woman who is putting her privacy and safety at risk. Not sure I'd have a fraction of the courage in her place. Best case scenario for her is that he equally fears for his privacy and settles fast, which I think is highly likely. Imagine the costs of a lengthy fight - lawyer's fees, reputation, family, job, blacklisting - all to skip out on a handful cash. This probably sees minutes in court room rather than years.
  3. I've had nothing but pleasurable experiences with Kitty. Excellent and timely communication, very professional and friendly, eager to please.
  4. Kelly is real, per the link above - different woman than Kazzz. Not exactly GFE, but she was very accommodating and I had a great time. More likely than not I'll repeat some day. Unrelated to Kelly, I will backup what Leviathan31 said - I've seen Kazzz link to other providers recommendations here as if her own. Not recently, but on more than one occasion. Just FYI.
  5. Excellent point. And perhaps even more glad in 30 years. A lot of the tax you will pay is Canada Pension. CPP is all the retirement most Canadians will ever have. Don't cheat yourself out of it. CRA rarely audits small proprietorships. We have a self reporting tax system, and they're usually not eager to hassle taxpayers and discourage voluntary compliance. But keep your receipts! Hotels, flights, internet, cell phone, car expenses, lingerie *probably*. If CRA asks for receipts and you don't have them they can deny the expense. The industry code isn't something CRA cares much about. Just about anything will do for filing.
  6. Caveats: You might end up owing more tax than the benefit. I don't know the specifics of the new CERB (familar acronym, isn't it) legislation - I don't know if needing to quit your self employed job for safety qualifies as readily as being forced to quit becuase of government orders.
  7. Im a CA/CPA. All income earned, whether through legal or illegal activities, is taxable in Canada. CRA Wants their cut either way. It is legal to sell sexual services in Canada, so you're good either way. Unless you are keeping invoices with client's real names, contact info and SIN's the likelihood of getting a client in trouble is nil. If you've already filed taxes for 2019 or prior years it could create a problem to now go back and amend returns and report self employed income. You'd perhaps have penalties for falsely filing the originals. Amending one year would not create a problem unless you omitted income in the past. If you haven't been filing you still can, however, you'd need to reconstruct income and expense for 2019. It would also be difficult to resolve this on a timely basis. Getting sometime to prepare your returns & having CRA process them will take time.
  8. I don't want to pass judgement either, everyone has their own life and obligations and needs. Myself, I am taking a break for as long as it takes. I've gone without sex for long enough periods of my life that I know I'll survive. I will point out that long before COVID-19, there were other less contagious reasons to be cautious of this hobby of ours. 44 of Newfoundland's 67 cases can be traced back to one traveller who went to a funeral instead of self isolating. In a week that could be 400, in another 4,000, in another 40,000. I won't have that on my conscience. And the day it safe enough to visit an escort again, I'll remember who kept working. That's not judging, it's risk management.
  9. These are myths. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/taiwan-experts-self-check/ https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/drinking-water-prevent-coronavirus/ There is a lot of misinformation making the rounds, some innocent like these, others which can be harmful. The provinces and govt of Canada all have excellent websites setup with helpful information. I suggest relying on that. The best thing right now is to limit social contact. For me, that means avoiding hobbying for a few weeks or months. I know that's not easy, particularly for those who earn a living up close and personal. Right now everyone needs to consider taking a holiday or altering dates temporarily to reduce the risk of transmission. Stay safe everyone.
  10. It was not a competitor spreading rumours, it was evidence provided in the Leslie Gray trial. Like zachmont, I'm not going to post personal information about the girl or her mother, who have suffered enough, beyond to say it's the same girl with enough personal information in the ad itself to link back to her real life.
  11. Note that she's back and posting as Nova-Lynn on Leolist. Perhaps a mod could move this to the warning section?
  12. Teacher, fireman among 47 men arrested in operation targeting alleged sexual predators https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vpd-operation-sexual-predators-1.4989444
  13. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Personally, I find very little correlation between quality and donation between $200 and $300. It's more about chemistry between two individuals. That can't be carbon copied to the next individual, and it can't be faked with the highest end hotel, fanciest website, most luxury atire, or fine tuned routines. The best lady I ever spent time with only charged $200 because she was a single mom who lived out of town and couldn't build a regular client base because she worked very infrequently and irregularity. There does not exist a $300 date who matched her quality.
  14. Party - reference to drugs obviously. Not sure if they're asking for it, offering it, or just okay with clients using, but regardless it's a pass for me. Young, new, fresh, etc - sometimes used as code words for underage. Just stay away. New to town, first time here - I just get the feeling that these could be girls being trafficked from town to town. Could be established independents on tour, but I'd need to see evidence like a website or Lyla posts from other provinces. 24/7 - I know some high end providers will do this, but it just seems sketchy if not coming from someone with a decent rep/resume. Not sure I want to see a girl who's waiting around a hotel room at 2am on call for the kinda guy who calls at 2am. Or Maye it's just a pimp calling the shots. Excessive use of hieroglyphs, fancy fonts, emoji - maybe I'm just stuck up, but this screams millennial. Or maybe unprofessional would be a better way to put it. An articulate ad says so much about maturity. Escort ads shouldn't look like a love note passed in math class. Overly explicit language or self deprecating eg. Calling themselves a whore - again perhaps I'm being a prude, but I find self respect sexy. And I'd rather avoid girls who attract disrespect clients. Also makes me think its pimp writing the ad rather than an independent SP. Low restrictions / open minded - my assumption is this means bare services are negotiable. Pass. I could probably do this all day. I have a ton of red flags.
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