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  1. redmana2

    Kylie died ?

    Never knew her, but sad to hear nevertheless. It's a strange relationship that can develop with escorts sometimes. Deeply intimate on many levels yet you'll probably never know their real name or the things they struggle with. A few years back an escort got very personal on a few dates. I greatly enjoyed her company including the conversation which flowed like old friends. Kept me around chatting a hour after the date a few times to the point that I eventually had to excuse myself. She told me her real name, and she mentioned that she suffered from cystic fibrosis and was very sick. When I didn't see her post an ad for a while I snooped a little and discovered she died battling CF. She was obviously very lonely and under great stress. Wish I had taken a bit more time to keep her company. Didnt mean to steal focus from the topic at hand, but it's a reminder that life is short. Appreciate the people in you life even if they're just passing through.
  2. redmana2


    It was not a competitor spreading rumours, it was evidence provided in the Leslie Gray trial. Like zachmont, I'm not going to post personal information about the girl or her mother, who have suffered enough, beyond to say it's the same girl with enough personal information in the ad itself to link back to her real life.
  3. redmana2


    Note that she's back and posting as Nova-Lynn on Leolist. Perhaps a mod could move this to the warning section?
  4. Teacher, fireman among 47 men arrested in operation targeting alleged sexual predators https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vpd-operation-sexual-predators-1.4989444
  5. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Personally, I find very little correlation between quality and donation between $200 and $300. It's more about chemistry between two individuals. That can't be carbon copied to the next individual, and it can't be faked with the highest end hotel, fanciest website, most luxury atire, or fine tuned routines. The best lady I ever spent time with only charged $200 because she was a single mom who lived out of town and couldn't build a regular client base because she worked very infrequently and irregularity. There does not exist a $300 date who matched her quality.
  6. Party - reference to drugs obviously. Not sure if they're asking for it, offering it, or just okay with clients using, but regardless it's a pass for me. Young, new, fresh, etc - sometimes used as code words for underage. Just stay away. New to town, first time here - I just get the feeling that these could be girls being trafficked from town to town. Could be established independents on tour, but I'd need to see evidence like a website or Lyla posts from other provinces. 24/7 - I know some high end providers will do this, but it just seems sketchy if not coming from someone with a decent rep/resume. Not sure I want to see a girl who's waiting around a hotel room at 2am on call for the kinda guy who calls at 2am. Or Maye it's just a pimp calling the shots. Excessive use of hieroglyphs, fancy fonts, emoji - maybe I'm just stuck up, but this screams millennial. Or maybe unprofessional would be a better way to put it. An articulate ad says so much about maturity. Escort ads shouldn't look like a love note passed in math class. Overly explicit language or self deprecating eg. Calling themselves a whore - again perhaps I'm being a prude, but I find self respect sexy. And I'd rather avoid girls who attract disrespect clients. Also makes me think its pimp writing the ad rather than an independent SP. Low restrictions / open minded - my assumption is this means bare services are negotiable. Pass. I could probably do this all day. I have a ton of red flags.
  7. redmana2


    Anyone have experience with Sarah on LL? Thank you. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_new_number_new_pics_sexy_fun_and_available_now-4351220
  8. redmana2

    Frequency of seeing providers

    To reign in the budget, I try to stick to one date per month. Occasionally, if under a lot of stress or anxiety, I might break down book ahead of schedule. More often than not, due to not being able to reach a regular, having women cancel or stand me up last minute, or just having difficulty vetting new ladies to my satisfaction, sometimes it'll take 6 to 8 weeks to book a date with the right person. I'm picky and patient.
  9. redmana2


    I saw a warning posted about her on leolist a few weeks ago. She was using a different name but it was the same redhead. It warned that she had HIV. I found it credible since it provided her real name, newspaper articles, and quotes from court documents on a recent pimping trial in which a victim contracted HIV. Pass guys.
  10. redmana2

    Leolist is Fuc?ed

    Honestly, it's not so complicated to filter through the fake ads. First, don't approach leolist with the objective of booking a date in in 30 minutes. Take your time and don't commit in the "heat of the moment" when your brain cell are less inclined to think logically. Ask yourself: Do these pics look like they were screen captured from a porn movie? Is the price ridiculously too good to be true? Does she not provide a phone number for contact? Check out Moncton or Ottawa or any other city - do you see the same woman posting ads elsewhere at the same time? I don't even waste my time if the answer is "yes" to any of those. It also helps to avoid the young ones and those who can't write in complete sentences or without hieroglyphs and symbols. After that, I have no problems with fakes and scams on LL, although admittedly it take time to find those quality providers who prefer market places other than Lyla. 🌟Good 👌 luck☘️, and 💎 stay 🥓 safe 🥂 y'all ⚡ Ah whatever 🙄
  11. redmana2

    Hot molly

    Between the experiences mentioned above, the strangely-low-enough-to-be-honeypot pricing, and suspected stolen pics, I'll say that this one is a hard pass. https://www.karupsha.com/model/karma-jones-4354.html Perhaps a moderator might want to inquire further with this new member.
  12. redmana2

    New Site

    ... And it looks like perhaps 100% of the ads are fake. Proceed with extreme caution.
  13. redmana2

    90 % of pictures are fake

    That's why it's up to *you* to do more research than just checking out the pictures. You wouldn't buy a car after just looking at the paint job, would you? Take the time to do proper vetting before meeting someone. Do image searches. Search Lyla for posts about them. Google their phone number. This isn't just important to ensure quality of your dates, but it also ensures your personal safety. As for the age thing... Learn to accept it. Us men drive demand in this industry, not the ladies. And guys unfortunately often favour youth. A lady who is honest about her age might see half the clients of a lady who fibs her age by a few digits. I mean they don't give you their real names either and no one flips out about that, so just enjoy your dates because age is only a number anyway. Good luck, and stay safe out there.
  14. redmana2


    My only concern is that a week ago someone posted a nearly identical word for word ad - same misspelled words and all. Odd for a couple of legitimate independent ladies to post like this. Less odd if it's a scammer or pimp trafficking his wares via copy/paste. I'm only speculating of course, but this is a solid pass for me. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_maria_playmatetight_hornyavailable_now_4383083214-3547136
  15. redmana2


    No personal experience there, however I will caution that you should familiarize yourself with local laws before pursuing companionship.