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  1. scooter69

    Leah - St John's NFLD

    Yes I can verify the pictures are really her because I have seen her multiple times. She also advertises as “Julie” and those pictures are of her as well.
  2. scooter69

    Relaxation spa

    I would love to know as well. Anyone?
  3. scooter69

    In town next week

    You can try StudioAura.
  4. scooter69

    Leah and Jules on Leo

    Yes, Leah and Jules are the same lady. Running different ads under different names is a marketing technic used by other spâ??s as well. Her pictures are very real and she is quite good and well worth the price of admission.
  5. scooter69

    Local hobby is a bit...barebones right now.

    HardOnTheRock is a good source. Not as active as I would like to see. From my experience, the ladies that post are legit.
  6. scooter69

    What's up at Studio Aura?

    Are you sure they only offer the basics? Have you talked or been with all three? I know at least two of the ladies do offer additional services and am looking forward to booking a session with both.
  7. scooter69

    Keissy Hennessey or VictoriaJolie

    I have not seen either but from what I have ready both girls are quite good. I myself am looking forward to meeting Keissa. I have been a long time admirer and have only read good things about her.
  8. scooter69

    What's up at Studio Aura?

    Yes, extra services are indeed offered but it ranges from girl to girl. Discretion is important so they do not discuss details on the phone. To find out, just drop by for a friendly chat with the girls. That is what I intend to do and suggest you try the same.
  9. I have been fortunate to have seen Ashlyn on multiple occasions, and as recently as last week. She is beautiful, attentive, easy going and intelligent, She is an absolute joy to spent time with. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to see her, do it. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!
  10. scooter69


    Has anyone actually seen Mya? Her ads have appeared twice on NLAdult and both times I have been unable to see her. We did have a session booked but she just stopped communicating. Very weird. No cancelation. Nothing. Now I see her ad is running again and once again, no response. http://www.nladult.com/ad/page-2/41402/Hey-Guys!-Taking-appt.-all-weekend-from-12-10pm- Is this lady for real and is this normal behaviour to expect from her? Any insight you can share would be much appreciated.
  11. Yes she did work at Hush. Any good? Her rates are very cheap for a good reason.
  12. scooter69

    Lorena French

    Thank you for the feedback. The second time was the charm for me. Lorena was indeed very friendly and accommodating. It was a much more pleasant experience this time around.
  13. scooter69

    Lorena French

    Well in that case, I guess I may have just caught her on a bad day.
  14. scooter69


    I am counting down the days in anticipation. May month cannot come fast enough. Until then MsManda take care and I look forward to meeting you then!
  15. scooter69

    Lorena French

    Anyone else spend any time with this lady and if so, was it a pleasant experience and do you recommend?.