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  1. A good 99% of the current leolist ads are fake or scams that you can uncover with even a cursory research. Are MsManda, Toannalee and local parlours the only real ones?
  2. Shes becoming notorious enough to warrant, counter ad posts and theres a couple of, posts about her on Lyla if you search around. The scam is she baits people into paying 150 dollars up front (coincidentally the same amount to purchase "videos" on her websites) , and then cancels the date and offers a generic onlyfans style video instead to "make up" for it.
  3. Shes not real, this person has been scamming now for months, constantly changing names and using the same copy paste websites and pictures. Even edits the text ones for each new name. She also operates under 3 or 4 different identities on top of the Italian princess one. All across Canada too in every major city. Its actually unfucking real.
  4. Im tempted to book but this is her third time showing up here in the last two months and shes used a different name each time with the same pictures etc, does anyone know if shes legit or not? Thanks
  5. I've been unfortunately ghosted by an SP even after following all of her screening requirements and providing a positive reference. Sucks because I make sure to never waste their time. 😞
  6. Apparently shes visiting starting today? Does anyone have any information etc? Or experiences? DM me. thanks
  7. Anyone try her? something feels off.
  8. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/newfoundland/st_johns_kinky_asian_university_student_available_24_7_in_or_out-6115046 Anyone know if this is legit? Reverse image search turns up nothing, can't tell if its an SP or just a person selling pictures Thanks.
  9. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/newfoundland/st_johns_squirting_queen_throat_goddess-5939748 Anyone know if shes legit? thanks.
  10. She said she was currently out of country after answering my question but she is coming back.
  11. She responded to an email of mine about 3 months ago regarding a question.
  12. Its a shame, since I only mainly like Asian women it can be hard to find a legitimate one, reverse image searching reveals most ads are fake. Nadia QTX is the only truly legit one i know and have booked with but shes not advertised for like a year now or so.
  13. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/greater-toronto/city_toronto_independent_incall_and_outcall_available_now-5634104 Please PM if anyone has had experience with this girl, thanks.
  14. The only 100% legitimate one that comes to Newfoundland is Nadia QTX but she has been rather quiet lately it seems, all the others are usually using fake pictures. We used to have a couple of other legitimate ones but they are also long gone it seems. If anyone knows something I don't please PM me.
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