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  1. Sexy Sara from Broadway before it closed is on call at Vanna...that's who I got the only time I went there ..a one hander, but not the queen of one hand massage...that top spot is reserved for a woman who got caught for black mailing customers 7 or 8 years ago...can't think of her name at the moment...queen of the one hander..
  2. I've tried calling and left messages they were never returned and tried texting also with no response...I think those 2 ads on kijiji simply swamped them
  3. Hey foof. I'm asking...if I knew I would not ask..you have nothing to say so be a good old boy and give a reasonable opinion...and lucky 8 just have a look at kijiji once in a while and you will see why I asked...if you have nothing to offer just stand aside and leave it alone
  4. Come on man kijiji new shop almost every thing a man could want...I am asking if anyone has visited to date..I don't have the answers 🤔
  5. New shop on Notre Dame....on kijiji...phoned and left a message..also text no response
  6. Tried Vanna Nails on north main...the attendant is on call for appointments..used to work on Broadway...lol..and yes there is a walk of shame...
  7. Saw this ad on kijiji...today I made an appointment..1 hr with good looking gal..I received my full time with a great full body massage...shower after....met another lady working there..has worked in city for many years...I would recommend
  8. Yes , our loss..Alice gone..Maria gone now Rachelle..
  9. Two ads on kijiji today...both say 340 provencher...but no phone no.
  10. Does anyone have any info on this shop, 340 provencher blvd..advertised on kijiji
  11. Nope she is not...Yung worked at yi yi spa provencher...yiyi then moved to their present location...Yung worked there about a year then went to nail place on Pembina..from there she reopened 353 provencher for a number of years..when covid hit they closed up...she seems to have disappeared...she would be about 45 now...
  12. Anyone remember Yung that worked for yi yi spa when they were on provencher...lost track of her a few years ago..the most awesome massage gal I've ever met....
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