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  1. Two ads on kijiji today...both say 340 provencher...but no phone no.
  2. Does anyone have any info on this shop, 340 provencher blvd..advertised on kijiji
  3. Nope she is not...Yung worked at yi yi spa provencher...yiyi then moved to their present location...Yung worked there about a year then went to nail place on Pembina..from there she reopened 353 provencher for a number of years..when covid hit they closed up...she seems to have disappeared...she would be about 45 now...
  4. Anyone remember Yung that worked for yi yi spa when they were on provencher...lost track of her a few years ago..the most awesome massage gal I've ever met....
  5. Alice will be missed......what is it about someone who starts a new topic about the dnd list...then tells you to only send him the info since it's breaking the rules 😉
  6. Yeah, did she have a lot of facial make up??? Did she speak to you at all??? black leather pants??? Just curious about Mary
  7. Not on Leo list today, her ad is in kijiji. at 155 provencher...I think that is where new moon is located.
  8. Leos list Winnipeg under massage
  9. Sunhope Henderson may not have showers its been a while since my last visit
  10. All 3 sunhopes.....rainbow...Fleet....trspa...312 Balmoral...
  11. A new place on kijiji, 155 provencher, new moon spa, does anyone have a little info on this new shop?
  12. There is a chance that 2 lows are showing a possibility..
  13. My top three are Meighan, Maria and Alice....who took down my last comment on this topic?
  14. Tried to make an appointment with Gina for 2pm..no she is busy....Tried to make appointment for 2pm with downtown....no she is busy Tried fleet for 2pm but no busy come back at 5...but no can do. Tried 311 again with Lola no she is on holidays for 4 months. . Tex the border and voila good for 2pm. Had a good massage there... long story short Lola is away for 4 months
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