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  1. A new place on kijiji, 155 provencher, new moon spa, does anyone have a little info on this new shop?
  2. There is a chance that 2 lows are showing a possibility..
  3. My top three are Meighan, Maria and Alice....who took down my last comment on this topic?
  4. Tried to make an appointment with Gina for 2pm..no she is busy....Tried to make appointment for 2pm with downtown....no she is busy Tried fleet for 2pm but no busy come back at 5...but no can do. Tried 311 again with Lola no she is on holidays for 4 months. . Tex the border and voila good for 2pm. Had a good massage there... long story short Lola is away for 4 months
  5. 841 Henderson hair cut and massage and both reasonably priced... 621 Elisabeth also offers hair cut and massage..but at a higher cost...all on kijiji
  6. This past Monday I had a very nice attentive 1hr massage at the downtown..a nice clean place with Meighan as my attendant..very pleasant and I will return at my next opportunity
  7. Yes, she makes sure you don't go home hungry. And she enjoys her supper too...
  8. Yes, the forum police made me erase my threads even though they were true
  9. Not a lot of discussion here of late...how come??
  10. Back in the middle of May I went for a massage at one of the no name shops. I have been there many times since it opened in late 2019. I visited the same attendant, during the ending I slipped my hand under her top on her back, and quickly realized how covered in massage oil she was...with out a doubt she had got a rub down just before my session. For what ever reason I can't think of her name. (LOL)..so extra fun can be found.
  11. If someone tells me of a lady who knows what to do, after a regular massage or 2, then maybe I would bring the subject up.. see what she says about it then maybe?
  12. I went for a 1 hr massage at the main location...I chose Lina that was recommended to me. The place is well kept, very clean. The attendant was good looking mid 40s guessing, wore a nice dress I received a good back massage on the flip side for extra which was the room fee, I got the happy hands ending. I don't dare recommend, I found nothing negative. I would go back just for the eye candy.
  13. I have zero experience on this topic...probably should not have commented...but I am getting curious about it..wondering what all should be done in preparation and also the better ladies with experience that know the low down
  14. Is it possible that you might fart or even worse while getting ur ass finger fucked and releasing at the same time that would be disgusting and embarrassing
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