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  1. On the topic of premium massage I text the no. and asked a few questions..like rates and if it was a shop or private setting. who ever answered said it's a company, that was the end of my enquires..saw the ad on kj top 10 and I got curious. That's all I know
  2. No way, in every instance Rom asked for info and I gave it to him immediately. I a few weeks later I asked him if he went to visit the place, he answered with a question again so I got pissed off and told him what I thought. He decided to post my message with the pertinent info, meaning the shop and lady to the public forum wondering..he posted a private message publicly and revealed the place and lady I visit often both are on the dnd list..yet no punishment was taken..a week before that I made a comment on the pro state topic and he sent me a message informing me of 2 ladies that did this, the first one I saw often and yes does a good tease but at no time did she ever try to break in thru the that door. The second lady he spoke of I have never met. This guy began every thing that we ever discussed. Not me, he did , he can't be trusted, facts are that he posted a private message on a public forum and also exposed the shop and ladies that work there, they are on the dnd list
  3. Went for the 13th time this year for a 1hr. session with the same lady. she was awesome and kept me interested for the entire hour. She made me happy as usual. An old timer like me couldn't ask for more...good massage with lots of magic hand action, candy and water, a big hug and that's the story for today 🤗
  4. Ad is gone, it was in the top ads section, I should of made note of the no.
  5. Does anyone know anything about premium relaxing massage on kj.
  6. Back in the middle of May I went for a massage at one of the no name shops. I have been there many times since it opened in late 2019. I visited the same attendant, during the ending I slipped my hand under her top on her back, and quickly realized how covered in massage oil she was...with out a doubt she had got a rub down just before my session. For what ever reason I can't think of her name. (LOL)..so extra fun can be found.
  7. If someone tells me of a lady who knows what to do, after a regular massage or 2, then maybe I would bring the subject up.. see what she says about it then maybe?
  8. I went for a 1 hr massage at the main location...I chose Lina that was recommended to me. The place is well kept, very clean. The attendant was good looking mid 40s guessing, wore a nice dress I received a good back massage on the flip side for extra which was the room fee, I got the happy hands ending. I don't dare recommend, I found nothing negative. I would go back just for the eye candy.
  9. I have zero experience on this topic...probably should not have commented...but I am getting curious about it..wondering what all should be done in preparation and also the better ladies with experience that know the low down
  10. Is it possible that you might fart or even worse while getting ur ass finger fucked and releasing at the same time that would be disgusting and embarrassing
  11. I am the only one posting on this site and all my ranting is true
  12. I went for another visit to the no name massage shop, same attendant as my previous appointments, once again it was a great 🙂 1hr. session and like MacArthur said I shall return 1
  13. If this doesn't happen then no awesome experience at the no name massage. All is good now
  14. Value village massage. What do you think berg.
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