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  1. The Betty I saw said she hadn't worked anywhere else . Pretty sure it is the Sakura Corydon one but denying it
  2. Just saw a Betty at Balmoral. Good massage but this one said she just started massage . It might be "Betty " from Corydon and Sakura...hard to tell with mask
  3. Meghan gives a good massage but don't even breath the word extras.
  4. Hasn't Betty left Sakura a long time ago
  5. Yes the place was raided and closed a few weeks ago
  6. Haven’t been but no extras just straight massages
  7. She works from her townhouse now
  8. That is Lisa. Nice lady. She used to give HE in her last place to some. Seems like her boss is very anti that kind of thing
  9. She's been having problems with kiiji deleting her adverts. She is still operating
  10. Sophie works some evenings good overall experience and worth a trip
  11. Annie won't go for full HJ. Just teasing and great massage experience
  12. Yes she is still operating. She had an advert over the weekend
  13. Nope her English doesn't seem to be her strongest point. Betty on the other hand speaks very good English when you get to know her a little.
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