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  1. sassydani

    Asian Princess Lucy

    Can confirm, it's a tattoo and she is a blast. A little inexperienced but it's part of the charm. Small but strong hands, so the massage was great as well as the xtras
  2. sassydani

    TO/EB reviews

    Yep, Joy is pretty good. She likes to stay in the tub the entire session and is very good at it. I had a pleasant experience with Kyra as well, but she has quite a few restrictions.
  3. sassydani

    Trans escorts

    Yep, if she is in Winnipeg then just go for her and make sure to tell her exactly what you want.... She is very open minded and changes personalities for different clients
  4. sassydani

    Nicole in West K

    Is the ending any good? Or pumpsmach? Have been looking for a good HJ or BJ around Winnipeg and haven't found anything extraordinary yet
  5. sassydani


    Does anyone know what happened to this girl? I know she took some time off, but I was looking forward to her coming back mid October and nothing yet.
  6. I am looking to make my birthday something special, so looking for something new. I am looking for someone young, pretty and kinky, as i want to try some new things. Willing to pay more as long as service is good. I prefer MPs over SPs but willing to try a highly recommended SP as well. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  7. sassydani

    Emma- Osbourne area

    Check LL, she posts there when she is available, then delete it once fully booked or it is getting late.
  8. Had a hour long massage, would 100% recommend. It was relaxing with peppered interesting and engaging conversation. Trust me and go for it, you will love it.