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  1. Suchfun

    Asian SP

    I was just getting into the hobby when she stopped posting, never had the pleasure.
  2. Suchfun

    Asian SP

    Yes, I had a great time with Nadia last year when she visited Halifax. Have not seen any tour announcements from her recently. Hali also has VIPOTG which normally provides great service and rotating ladies in & out frequently. Unfortunately I cannot find any similar services here. Not even a single SP, which I find strange given the # of students at the university.
  3. TOFTT to see Kylie, and wow she did not disappoint. Smashed my expectations really. Only offered outcall at the time, and after a lengthy conversation with her I decided she was the real deal and setup an appointment. Dressed in a very sexy outfit, with a bubbly personality she was a joy to spend time with. Small A cup breasts which were very nice, and a ass that was finely built and as firm as a rock. Statuesque beauty with all curves in all the right places. A true beauty. Unfortunately she said she is heading back to Ontario after a very short stay. Fingers crossed she does a return trip sometime soon.
  4. Suchfun

    Anyone seen Katalyna?

    I got an address on Casey Street which immediately put me in cautious mode. Drove by the place, and it looked pretty dark and sketchy so I bailed. Her duo partner Jessica gave me a different address on Casey Street. Did reverse image search and got a few hits so I didn’t even bother. I cannot confirm they are not legit, however, I would say proceed with caution.
  5. Suchfun

    Anais • White

    Great to see a provider from YFL back in town, and what a rocket Anais turned out to be. Booking with her was pretty straight forward, and her incall location was convient for me. Anais is very petite spinner and offers the true GFE, unlike any other seen around here. Her stamina lasted the full hour which allowed for MSOG. I highly recommend Anais. Hopefully she can drum up enough clientele to convince YFL to send more ladies here on a regular basis.
  6. Suchfun


    Wondering as well. Anyone see her? PM me if you like, thanks
  7. Suchfun

    Asia and Vanessa

    Scam, asks for deposit. Add posted at multiple different areas.
  8. Suchfun


    Beautiful pictures Rebecca. After learning of your presence, the anticipation of my next trip to Ottawa has hit another level. Looking forward to spending some time with you.
  9. Suchfun

    New Ladies Around?

    Still planning a visit Geekygirl? Would be great to see you here. You would easily drum up some clientele.
  10. Suchfun

    Asian SP

    I have been living in St. John’s for nearly 6 months and have been looking for an Asian SP without any luck. Are there any SPs accepting new clients? I have checked the regular websites but come up nothing each time. Perhaps there are some regulars that do not advertise. Very interested, please post or PM me if anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction. Thanks, Suchfun
  11. Suchfun

    Briella - Blonde Stripper Fantasy

    Thanks @Greenteal I had come across the 2016 recos but missed the latest one. Appreciate the profile link. Unfortunately it appears she is no longer active on here.
  12. Looking for some recent reviews with Briella - Blonde Stripper Fantasy. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/newfoundland/st_johns_blonde_tripper_fantasy_highly_reviewed-4511182 I see she is visiting this week. Her pictures are mesmerizing!
  13. Suchfun

    Relaxation spa

    Has anyone had any recent visits to Relaxation Spa? Curious if there are any new ladies and if they have changed any of there services. Last time I visited only hand action was on the menu.
  14. 100%, without a doubt.
  15. Standard VIP routine, however, subpar performance. I would rate 5 / 10. Was receptive to DATY and heavy on the BLS. I would say early 30’s and could speak a little english.