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  1. She came up when I asked about her 3 days ago... anyone care to pm what is special about her? Been to the location, just not to see her
  2. Couldn’t agree with this more. It blows my mind that this agency has been afloat as long as it has been. I’ve watched them from the sideline since day one, hesitant due to their blasé attitude toward both the restrictions and the privacy of this industry...Glad I didn’t bite. Some will resurface as independent, and hopefully much wiser.
  3. You can bet a paycheque the pictures are fake. Very few Asian SP use real pictures. The person is likely real, probably older, probably not as attractive. Will you still enjoy the session? Probably. Let us know if you end up seeing her
  4. I’ve never left there disappointed. I wouldn’t expect the new girl(s) to be any different. Go give them a try
  5. I have been, last summer. I’m not sure who it was. I would not repeat
  6. I’m not sure about online only because that doesn’t interest me. The Asians however are legit providers but you aren’t getting the person in the picture. You’ll get an Asian, just not that one. I won’t comment on service because 1) it’s against forum rules 2) everyone has different expectations.
  7. Come to think of it, stadacona has a room with two tables. Doesn’t hurt to ask.
  8. No experience with her other than texting back a forth a few times right after Christmas. She was working from her home, tried to setup a session but our times never lined up. She’s on my list though
  9. Wondering if anyone has been since they reopened and can tell me who is working there these days. PM is acceptable
  10. Number doesn’t look familiar to me. Curious myself, maybe someone will have some info.
  11. From what I hear, 312 is massage only...is that true?
  12. Thanks. I should have asked who has showers besides EB and Diamonds, my bad
  13. Are there any AMP’s that have an actual shower you're permitted to use? I mostly get massages during the day and it’s kinda annoying to go about my day with super oily skin. Any suggestions?
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