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  1. Review on PERB from a reputable reviewer
  2. YMMV but I have always left happy no matter who I have seen
  3. Explains everything. When I saw Michelle a few weeks ago she indicated she had purchased a business on St Mary’s
  4. Yes I know but they all get shut down prematurely by the moderator which makes me wonder why! I even asked why in the 411 section and Received a caution from the moderator
  5. Posting in massage section on LL. Has anyone seen her
  6. Lustful. Any chance you can be more specific
  7. Has anyone seen her https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/manitoba/winnipeg_curvy_mature_beauty_for_your_massage_needs-8067683?source=list
  8. Canna is a bbw so if you’re ok with that go for it especially since she’s back at the Studio. If you have seen videos she has posted on Snapchat I can attest to the fact that her skills are very real
  9. 10 years ago. Seriously why post something that applies to 10 years ago. Pegcity simply wanted info about the place now. I went there regularly in the nineties who cares. Does anyone have any current thoughts on Executive Bath
  10. Heard that the honey pot is no more, can anyone confirm?
  11. She has 3 ads going on kijiji https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/massage-guaranteed-to-help-with-stress-relax-today/1628970357
  12. Open Monday to Sunday right up until 5am sounds like a red flag to me
  13. I also would like a PM about Monica please
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