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  1. Open Monday to Sunday right up until 5am sounds like a red flag to me
  2. I also would like a PM about Monica please
  3. Veronica or Melody I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation. I like a good firm massage with lots of teasing/edging. As an older gentleman I prefer the lady to take control.
  4. Never seen Avaa but Leeanne is 5 star. If you have seen Michelle know that Leeanne provides same quality massage. Great massage table
  5. Still waiting for information on joining the group
  6. If this is a recommendation board and not a review board in future when my experience has not been the best my recommendation will be “I do not recommend”.
  7. While I have my own opinion just as I do on taxes and religion this is a massage discussion forum, I read enough about COVID elsewhere
  8. Does anybody any experience with this person https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/certified-hot-stone-practitioner-gua-sha-available/1598868008
  9. Yes Annie on Corydon is African, her English is excellent, her massage is average but I think she is still learning. Has a good attitude and wants you to have a good session
  10. And you can add Michelle ads on LL Kennedy part of Taylor/St B group
  11. There is a reason that Michelle has been doing this for awhile. She is very personable and her massages are as good as anyone.
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