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  1. Does anyone have intel https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_naughty_teasing_best_rim_job_evening_opening_on_17_th_7_pm-5969922
  2. I have been a patron of the St B/Osborne/Bridgewater group since they started up in the Osborne area. I rarely see the same girl twice. Everyone I’ve seen has been great but I enjoy seeing new people. Ivy changed my mind today. From the minute I walked In until the minute I left she made me feel completely comfortable. Her massage is top notch. She pays constant attention to you and at all times makes sure you are enjoying yourself. It is obvious that she enjoys what she does. I certainly enjoyed my hour. To say I left happy is an understatement.
  3. Both ads are down. Does anyone have any better contact information and/or services provided
  4. I found an old ad of Porscha https://5escorts.com/ads/details/9f50546c6d347336595c57980387107c Nep185 if this the Porscha to which you refer The rumour of her demise is greatly exaggerated
  5. Seriously has anyone seen her lately. Could only find one discussion and it said she needed a relief pitcher to finish
  6. If you are referring to sensual Porscha she is very much alive
  7. Definitely not an SP. Try her out I guarantee she’s better than a lot of MP’s. She’s a little odd but in a good way. My biggest complaint is she talks a lot
  8. Check reviews for Oriental massage. She’s not the greatest but she’s not the worst
  9. Yes Lydia fits your description
  10. Tulip works later. Decent massage. Can be a little shy. Really nice person. You won’t be disappointed
  11. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/massage-in-winnipeg/1510943800 has anyone seen her
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