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  1. Hi, I worked in the canotek business park for years and at one point my neighbour directly in front was a Kink membership only club. I would run into the owner all the time, good fella, and invited me inside to check out the club. Without spilling the beans on the setups, I was very impressed and thought I could have a lot of fun in a place like that. As we were chatting, he mentioned that if I ever want to come to one of his soirees, all I had I do was google Ottawa Kink clubs and I would find his info right away. Unfortunately at the time I was married and my now-ex-wife was not into the kink scene. All this to say, if anyone has contact information or website or whatever for this particular club I would be grateful if You could share it with me. Attached is a pic of The entrance I got from the Google-izer-3000. thanks in advance.! CJ
  2. Hi this is my first time visiting this website, I’m glad to see this exists for everyone’s sanity lol. I’ll start by saying it’s a bit funny the CERB was already an acronym for this website before the big guy J.T. stole it for this pandemic relief, so technically he’s infringing on some rights there haha. Anyhow I have a high drive and need lots of companionship let’s say and have had to supplement my relationships over the years. Some relationships I should say, not all. I’ll share a few of my concerns from my perspective, I hope it helps someone relate or not get vamboozled like me, live and learn! I’ve been lured to an address before where I’ve been ghosted much like other stories I’ve read on here. Also been suckered into paying (not full I’m not that naive) part of my donation and again getting let down. The other things that’s always in the back of my mind is I always wonder if the person Im Messaging is actually the person Im going to meet, and unfortunately often enough it’s not. The add is one person and who shows up is not her. This is very common from what I’ve experienced and from stories from friends etc. I’ve seen some comments on here saying - do your homework before - what exactly do you mean by that? Ask for references? I’m new to this website and haven’t surfed around yet, are there verifications and adds here that can be trusted? I bring this up not only for my side of the bed haha but also it must be scary not knowing who is coming to your house or who’s house or what party or what to expect on the other side of the door. Be safe everyone and look out for each other, spread the love (making)! Now, please direct me to the add section haha jkjk,... but seriously, which way 😜😋
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