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  1. So I know her in real life and she does not like random messages about her working unless she has posted. Most people would not so just wait till she comes back. Like everyone she has a life outside of work and if she wants to take time off she is allowed to.
  2. Her add only pops up when she is working. Sometimes its days or weeks / months. So just keep a eye out for her add before trying to reach out to her.
  3. I know her and she is 100% real. I have never seen her before so I cannot comment on that part.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has seen Tayla from Leolist before? Just want to know if she is real cause the hour price she told me seems like to good to be true situation. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_back_in_hfx_100_special_up_all_night_duos-6258148
  5. I'd like to nominate @SarahAlexxx she has one of the best personality's and makes a person feel super comfortable instantly as soon as they walk in. She is top service and perfect to talk to let alone spend time with. She also makes a person feel more special in one hour then people can in weeks!
  6. I seen Miss Alexxx for the first time not to long ago and for my first time with a companion I have to say what the hell have I been missing! She was very easy to talk to from the beginning from booking the appointment to while I was there. I felt very nervous when I first arrived to her very cozy home. But as soon as she opened the door the nerves slowly went away. She is very friendly , super nice, and beyond gorgeous. Let me tell you her pictures do not do her justice. After I arrived we talked for a bit and I left so comfortable with her and you can tell right away she loves what she does. Her talent is amazing as well so if your looking for one of the best times you can imagine and enjoy a girl with piercings and tattoos with a really good personality and I Recommend her 100% she is a perfect score from me. I know this will not be the only time I see her.
  7. Sweet thanks for the link and the offer to help 🙂 yes I was very lucky to have such a perfect experience for my first time with a companion.
  8. So I am very new to the whole meeting up with companions and such! So I am on here asking for some recommendations from everyone. Who are some girls you seen and gave top clean service. So Far I seen Miss Alexxx and was blown away by how fun it was.
  9. I honestly cannot wait till she is back working! I know she is taken time cause of the pandemic but she looks absolutely stunning and the Zelda tattoo has me more then interested.
  10. I have never been with her would you say her experience is worth checking out ? I would assume that her pictures on her adds are real to. I am new to this and I am looking for some awesome company.
  11. I fully agree with all the comments and reviews ! she is super nice, and clearly loves her job. I am going to write a full review but for now I will say it was a 10/10 experience from the minute I walked through the door till I left.
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