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    Very new to the concept of escorts, really interested in was completely unaware of how the entire service was booming in NS! Interested to get involved!
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    Super new here, looking to get into this!

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  1. Hey Lyla, I posted about a year ago looking for an SP who enjoys facesitting and/or rimming (recieving) and had a great recommendation to visit msthickass. Great session, looking to potentially emulate again! Are there any SPs who enjoy giving this service/recommendations for any lovely Halifax ladies who do? Thanks, D
  2. Hey, has anyone seen jade? -- https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_nogagrflx_1squirter-6702434?source=list No pics hit on google image search, and no info on here I can find (search only came up with a Jade with a different number). Thanks, D
  3. Really appreciate you saying that backcrack (hilarious name). Everytime somebody posts it’s this sarcastic/unhelpful comment. No need for it — I just want to have some details before I see the lovely SPs in our area! 🙂
  4. Hey Lyla, I have seen a few providers in Halifax over the years, some of whom allow rimming (I give they recieve). Does anyone have a recommendation for an SP (or an SP who would like to advise) who enjoy this/or have experience with it? Thanks!!
  5. id love a review if anyone has visted her!
  6. As a person who partakes in this hobby semi-frequently I have a few concerns here... Firstly I think the idea that myself or others who visit SPs are less ‘moral’ is hilarious. ‘Church mandated morals’? Is the only reason you dont do something is because god won’t like it? How very turn of the century of you! Personally I don’t share the personal details of the escorts I see because I try not to be a massive creep? But that’s just me. I do see escorts sometimes, so I clearly lack any/all moral code 😉 You say that that you enjoy seeing these women, but based on your response it’s clear you don’t see them as individuals but rather as workers or providers of a service for you — which has a whole bunch of issues within itself. I don’t particularly care for the idea of somebody ‘white knighting’ but this is a bit much. It also puts everyone who has seen the same person who would share this information at risk. Example: I see an SPs, we have a great time and I continue on enjoying life. The same SP sees a client who shares her information with somebody on Lyla who attacks, harms of threatens the SP (which unfortunately does happen). As an SP, you would imagine they should go to the police, correct? Well when they’re asked questions, an investigation understandably could swing to looking at the people who have been there/know of the location. Even if you don’t care about the safety of these women, which you should atleast understand that them being safe impacts you as well. The fact of the matter is that these women have an insane amount of power over us, And this rather fragile ecosystem is entirely built on trust and accountability. I don’t have a wife, but my career would entirely be compromised if an SP whom I’ve seen told them. I actually saw MsManda in public, and she was entirely respectful of the dynamic and didn’t ‘out’ me to people around. Does she have a legal requirement to do this? No. Does she have to respect my privacy? No. But is respecting this dynamic exactly one of the reasons she is one the most respected SPs in Halifax? Absolutely. TL;DR If you think these women don’t deserve to have their privacy respected, you’re a piece of shit but that’s your right. Understand though that no provider should see a person who feels this way as to respect the dynamic and trust they have with other providers, clients, and most important themselves.
  7. I have recently started to take part in this hobby, and it's been amazing the last few months! My specific tastes tend to lean towards the dom/sub fetish enviornment, and i've had some amazing encounters (I reviewed Msmanada a while back -- like everyone else I had an amazing time! Her and I have been trying to find a time this last week or so to revisit!) This review is for Miss Alexxx though, who is quite new to us here in Halifax -- and we are lucky to have her! I've seen her twice so far (and I am going to see her again today!) and both times so far have been fantastic. She is easily found within Halifax, she is very, very attractive (if you like petite women with fantastic body art/piecings she is absolutely your type!) and important for me...she knows how to use all her 'tools'! I won't go into detail, but regardless if you're looking for a vanilla encounter, a d/s like I tend to lean towards, or just a really chill person to smoke some weed with...Miss Alexxx is awesome. If you're a member of the fetlife community it's likely you've already spent a fair amount of time drooling over her photos anyways! I am sure i'll regret this ad when I can't find time to book her, because she is absolutely a repeat encounter!
  8. Hey Lyla! I’ve recently really gotten into this hobby, and most recently I’ve had the experience of being with MsManda who was amazing. I was wondering what SPs people have tried who have pegged/edged/dom’d for them in the past? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  9. Tonight I met Msmanda, and I will have to say I fall into the same category as everyone who reviews her -- absolutely amazing. From the moment I walked in the door to see her cheekily standing there is a sexy outfit I knew this was going to be a unqiue night! I can't speak for everyones encounters, but my night with msmanda was for 'The VIP experience' and I would say that it follows its name accurately! Can't recommend highly enough, and I will be visting her again very soon -- and hopefully very regularly! This was my first SP experience, and I think I just found myself a new favorite way to spend an evening!
  10. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_80spec_im_b_a_c_k_sweetest_valentine-3573806 Has anyone had the chance to see her? I am looking to meet tonight, but I haven't seen many reviews for her on here! Only one back in Novemeber. Thanks!
  11. Hey Lyla, just wondering if anyone has met Leyla? New SP here, not many reviews I can find! https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_leyla_low_restrictions_1st_time_in_town-4630926 Thanks!
  12. Hey everyone! I haven't used an SP in Nova Scotia before, and while it's not usually the site we usually refer from belle from max80 has a pretty amazing ass -- anyone had any experience with her? https://max80.com.halifax.listcrawler.com/post/27618044/
  13. If somebody is sending out PMs for her info, can I grab it as well? I can't find any recent posts from her -- anyone have up to date photos/ads?
  14. Does she have any new information now that BP is down? I am having trouble finding her anywhere to see how to meet!
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