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  1. Well I have to say this is more then I expected ... I feel like I am down at the end of the world. Should you be able to make it down this way please keep me in mind. I am VERY INEXPERIENCE with all this and well sex too actual. Up front I will say I have some health issue ... I wear a cochlear implant, wearing it I have functionable hearing without it I have no hearing.
  2. I SOOO NEW to this ...How does one find a provider in a small town? Does anyone ever come to the Yarmouth Area ??? I am a Short guy five foot Two sho wear a cochlear implant .. (without it I am deaf) My sexual experience has been minual I need to do something about that. ANYONE LOCAL???
  3. I am really NEW to this and New to this site I see the topic has been brought up before but is their any girls in the Yarmouth Area ?
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