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    Jane says,

    Yes I am now softly booking again. 💋
    Hi, I am Jane a Bi female located in Halifax, NS. I am a pale redhead who blushes and squirts when she is ‘excited’. I am a Curvy BBW with a pretty face and a happy disposition. Very open minded, cuddly and kink friendly. I am broad spectrum in interests and very Switchy in nature. I have been dubbed by a few as the ‘Kinky Girlfriend Experience’ which seems to fit about right. I am friendly affectionate and warm. (Unless you request different 😉).

    I came on to this site a few years ago purely as a hobbyist. I do now take select clients from here. I enjoy the working with quality people that seek a deeper connection, sexual education or fetish exploration. My services run from vanilla gfe to the more niche bdsm experience. I also do provider work as a Dominatrix. I am extremely kink and fetish friendly.

    I rarely post adds. I am very low volume and do not usually book or then 2-3 clients every few weeks. Drop me a message if your interested in booking. I connect to gentlemen who message me! Please, feel free to drop me a line; tell me about yourself, what you needs are or what you seek to explore. I am safe place for discussion.

    I value quality time with my clients and like to take my time relaxing and enjoying our time together. I greatly reduce my rates For multi hour dates to reflect the in this peroid of time. I think in these days we all need a little more touch, connection And cuddles. Myself included.


    $400/2 hours
    $500/3 hours
    $600/4 hours

    If your looking to go out for diner, drinks or have requests that have added costs, expenses paid by you.
    My hourly rate is the same however you chose to use your time. If there is something you want to explore please ask. I feed on reaction and love being able to provide new experience for someone. Just keep in mind but all kink and bdsm need to negotiated in advance. So do not be shy, speak up.

    If you have read my entire profile, you may text me.
    No calls without texting for my permission. 902-233-4349. Please introduce yourself as knowing me from here, lyla and tell me what your handle is in the opening statement. Failure to do so will get no reply and possibly get you blocked.

    To my regular gents...
    I miss you all and can’t wait to see you soon again. 😘

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    halifax, NS
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    the Naughty Girl next door. Tactile, funny and easygoing.
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  1. I actually came as a bi female hobbyists seeking female compInions. It was called cerb at the time and I had another profile then. I had had such a hard time finding the right ladies pre lyla and this site helped so much. I only book woman from here and this is also my comfort space for booking gents as a provider as well. 🖤
  2. yeah its been need cake kinda week for me too. I am trying to loose covid ‘lets open the fridge yet again while isolating weight,’ 🙄 So I went with the strap on cause at least I can shove it someone else's mouth. 🖤 Open wide sissy bitch boys! 😈 (said with respect but a very evil laugh)
  3. Yes you did.... only I will not be swatting flies with it. I hunt bigger game 😈
  4. Janebondage

    Birthday treat

    Making me blush @hardydardy
  5. Janebondage

    3 words better than "I love you"

    if only you were not so far away Notch. 😈
  6. Janebondage

    3 words better than "I love you"

    That being the case bring a raincoat or umbrella when you book me. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Janebondage

    3 words better than "I love you"

    make me squirt 💦
  8. Janebondage

    Birthday treat

    Well we all know Iive my life way outside the lines even by SW standards. I will be happy to put my kinky evil brain to work right you if you want to message me a little more detail. 😈
  9. Janebondage

    Birthday treat

    What about a night with two preferred providers or maybe toss in a little bondage or kink?
  10. Janebondage

    Alluring Eyes

    I know it’s weird being I am a redhead .. but I ha a a thing for redheads 🙈
  11. Janebondage

    Requests for information

    All of this .. my comfort level varies with clients.
  12. Janebondage

    Requests for information

    Much the same here. Getting confirmation on my choices or informAtion from other hobbyists helped relax me about it. New providers are always a way Awkward thing for me in the best of times. However, it needed to be another hobbyist I recognized from around the boArds for Me to ask or share info with. I do get asked a lot from my clients about girls I see and I will answer the odd message I get. But it yiLlu needs to be earnest or niche For me to reply. I too saw the same few ladies all the time and they are now out of province so that is not exactly helpful I will confirm that I repeatedly heard great thingS from several of my clients about a handful of ladies that come up repeatedly. Nothing specific more general personality based. These clients were also people I chatted with as a hobbyist so it’s a natural topic in out case.