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  1. I would be surprised. My suggestion would be if seeing a full face is important to you, choose a pro that has full face in her ads. Unless, you’re willing to pay for online date services first.
  2. You’re sweet, thank you. I’m wearing my age well. Just feeling it 🤭
  3. Yeah some of these really make me miss this place as cerb. I’m feeling both nostalgic and old right now 🤭
  4. I haven’t heard of ones unless underage trafficking was involved since the Gentlemam’s Club up windmill way. That’s must have been 15 years ago. I am always more cautious after an election if a Conservative Gov is elected majority.
  5. She’s amazing and you need to book in advance. Her free times book fast but you will 💯 be happy you did. Have yet to meet anyone that has seen her and not been crushing hard ❤️ after. She’s a rare gem.
  6. In regards to funnelling to the same providers remember they are still new to him. Mathematically he is a lot less likely to be taken advantage of here first time out then other sites. Safety and an emotionally healthy experience may cost a little more but scars a lot less and that has long term value. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Till you get your bearings I would highly suggest avoiding any adds that have mention they are party and those that work late night. Avoid the raunchier adds and seek someone who offers gfe (girlfriend experience). While it may not be the girlfriend angle you want it speaks to the ability to empathic in what your needs are there emotionally. I would also suggest when messaging, mention your age upfront, tell them your seeking a professional with more experience so they aren’t worried about taking a magic moment away from you without you putting in the thought of what your needs are. Be ready to show Id if not in advance in person. You can black out or tape over personal info and such. Anyone worth their salt is going to want to make sure your of legal age. So while they want to respect your privacy they are gonna want proof your the age you say you are and are a legal adult. Lastly, don’t be offended if you get a few rejections before you find your girl. They aren’t rejecting you, or that your a virgin. Trust me it’s not a worry for most providers and many love being that core memory for someone. It’s simply age…each provider has their own limits to what age they are comfortable serving or they don’t want the hassles of asking for so they avoid younger clients. Take your time shopping for the right person. It will be worth it if you do. Good luck and keep us posted 💜
  8. One can claim therapeutic massage on income tax with a doctors note prescribing massage, so I assume that’s the purpose. Likewise for those that have to account for their expenses in their home life.
  9. Barbwire brains now I guess. We have advanced to physiological torture. 😂
  10. I have a done online sessions with violet and believe she was. At least on the mound, possibly shaved below. She has an only fans but she’s fun and exactly as she presents in my books.
  11. Look through @Greenteal feed and you will see links to more safe search info
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