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    Long Time Hobbyist, Pro Dominatrix and all around proud ethical slut. More here for the boards right now waiting on holiday Covid numbers to lower. Please don’t be afraid to contact me. I am low volume and mostly work off enquires and regulars so I don’t post schedules. I am monitoring this profile actively again and will return reply within 24hrs and interested parties will be informed as I take clients again.

    Mature, Curvy, kinky, thick and primal for pleasure. I seek connection, intimacy and intensity in all its forms. Let me push you to your edge.

    Couples, friends, groups play situations welcome.
    I am pansexual and body positive. I work with all gender and sexual identity and POC clients.
    I happily try to accommodate working within anyones ability and disabilities.

    No kink shaming, this is a safe place for all. Let talk about it!

    Covid Precautions:
    Double vaxxed and only taking clients taut are as well.

    Booster this week.

    Clients are expected to allot an added 20mins OFF the Clock ⏰ to each appointment for rapid testing on site. A simple swab and shower while you wait. Then…let’s the shenanigans ensue. This is done one my time not yours so please accommodating or don’t book. I have an obligation to minimalize the risk for myself, my family and that of my clients. So don’t be a dick about it.

    I am already very low volume and only take a few clients a month but with the holidays and the pandemic I am moving into stricter safety precautions and I will be moving into taking a few clients a month and isolating the days before and after. I will then be therefore only taking multi hours bookings with new clients. I am still honouring my original pricing/durations with my regulars.

    Deposits are required to secure my time. E-transfer; cash or gift cards also accepted.

    $500/2 hrs
    $650/3 hrs
    $800/4 hrs
    $100 each added hour.

    Still here…then welcome to my page.
    Hope to hear form you some day and be safe my pervert peoples. 😘
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    Hobbyist, Dominatrix, Halifax’s Kinky GFE
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  1. I do have men I work with for couples. As well as a few bulls, cucks and multi people play as well both bi and straight. I like my kinky with a kick. 🥰
  2. I actually don’t think stock photos are okay for people. Sure if your trying to set a vibe in a blog or something but but for these services. Well pro photos might be expensive, we all seem to have a 📱 with a camera. Tats can always be removed via editing and there are phone and software apps you can purchase if needing that on the regular. I don’t see a reason for it myself.
  3. I am dying wondering what the poor fucker in the Jeep went through. 😂
  4. There are respectable groups that are run by woman providers for woman providers. They may take a cut for services rendered but the provider sets their own schedules, limits a and rates. It’not all bikers and pimps and I agree with steering clear from ones that are. I just wish there was an easier way to tell whose who that way.
  5. I think for me it’s ‘Recommend Ladies your confident recommending!’ Peroid. I personally would love to be run by an acgency or to correct by the definitions laid her I mean a group or management. I don’t have fortitude to deal with the time wasters and arguing with people over a deposit. So I keep to my regulars and don’t veer out often from my original clients as someone always screws me for my time or cancelled appointments when I do. Being a low volume provider I usually only take a day and an evening booking off any rentle unit I use. Rescheduling, rebooking, cancellation fees all kill me and I don’t have the Heart for the deep sell here. I just want to provide my services the way that I do and the back of the house stuff is brain numbing for me. I would work more often if that wasn’t something I had to contend with. We don’t all share the same organizational skills sects needed to thrive in this business. We all have different ranges in street smarts and being able to make safe choices. I would certainly work more often if that was taken care of for me. I won’t penalize someone who needs that support. I did look at being managed by another provider at one point. It was too complicated with the broad spectrum of services I offer. What @Greenteal said about not being able to talk to the ladies was the major issue in my case. Any of you that know me at all know my services can’t be summarized in a dainty paragraph. Nor can someone else speak to my offering and or limits with any particular person. Plus I am unwilling to do back to backs. So no acgency would want me even if I did go that route 😂 Still… I would hate to think had I gone the group route you would all feel differently about me or in recommending the services I offer. Giving you the experiences you seek would mean no less to me under someone’s guidance. So I lean to promote a girl you feel confident in recommending. If her agency/management/ group and the way they handle you makes you less confident in doing so don’t recommend her. Their choice in managing themselves or who they choose to have manage them is part of package after all. I don’t think there can be a finite set rule to such a thing. That’s being said as a female hobbyist I have only had experiences trying to book agencies twice and I avoid it for my own personal bookings. 🥺 I felt very awkward announcing I was a female hobbyist and neither agency got back to me. One I tried a few times Over the years. So I go straight to independents for my own hobbying.
  6. But you were gonna let me be so naughty 😭 (slowly puts strap away) . Of course it has to be postponed but colour me a disappointed gal.
  7. Janebondage

    Dec 2021

  8. Yeah whatever the reasons are there own but I personally wont work with other providers that don’t accept POC clients. It’s just uncomfortable all around for me. Especially after talking to some of the experiences my clients have had. It’s been disgusting to hear. Peroid!
  9. It is not all on you @NotchJohnson. I never have once forwarded chain mail and am annoyed when people send it to me. Its up there conversations about ‘God’ as shit ai just don't want to deal with. I have yet to sacrifice a Virgin this year so this could be my fault! 🤷‍♀️
  10. I agree reccos is a great way way to find people. The link is here if you are having trouble finding it. There is a big white admin message so if your on a mobile scroll down past it to see them. https://www.lyla.ch/forum/100-nova-scotia-recommendations/ I myself am a mature companion, older than what you seek. I can say I have have a lot of fun working with @SarahAlexxx. She is a naughty twenty something petite lady with a lovely toned figure and a very relaxed vide. She is just as stunning as her pics and 100% real. Follow the link from her name to get to her profile. She has a lot of reccos and a huge following here.
  11. My Dominatrix profile on twitter is @DurgasDungeon. My companion and submissive girlfriend experience is @BondageJane. While I may be old at hobbying I am new to providing so the added support and retweets have been super helpful to me and made me feel like a welcome meme bet to the providing community. Many Thanks 🙏
  12. I have a few set arrangements my self and I love the way it works out. It allows more connection and consistency and truly feels more gfe and is my preference as well. Mine came about from clients that simply asked if I was interested in such arrangements. ❤️
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