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    Jane Says:
    Hi, I am Jane a Bi female located in Halifax, NS. I am a curvy bbw with a pretty face and a happy disposition. I am open minded and kink friendly. I am broad spectrum in interests and very Switchy in nature. I have been dubbed by a few as the ‘Kinky Girlfriend Experience’ which seems to fit about right. I am friendly affectionate and warm. (Unless you request different 😉). I am an educator and student in sexolgy, kink and bdsm.

    I came on to this site a few years ago purely as a hobbyist. I do take the odd random client. It is in no way a full or even part time profession but more of a fetish and something I really enjoy doing the occasional time with a select few. I am extremely kink and fetish friendly and do work in the bdsm industry as a trade. I just really enjoy the work with select clients that seek a deeper connection of exploration, sexual education or fetish exploration to the very vanilla.

    $50.00 : Not sure you want to invest yet? Meet me for coffee and lets get to know each other. Meet and greet only and the $50 can be against to your first full hour booking.

    A date that includes the spectrum of services including including Kink, Fetishes, or Bdsm.
    Special greatly Reduced rates for entire evenings, overnights and weekend experiences.

    $100/hr plus expenses. Take me out on a date or outing. This is an outing not private time. it can be combined with a a other package.

    Any questions or special requests please feel free to ask. I am extremely open minded and willing to accommodate niche needs when possible. With my bdsm background I am open to an assortment of kinks and fetish so please do not be shy to ask. I am also more then happy to work with couples and multi person play.

    I Look forward to hearing from you or seeing u around the boards.

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  1. Janebondage

    Pandemic in 5 words

    A giant self-serving asshole detector 😏
  2. Janebondage

    SP's Who Allow Filming

    In most cases I allow clients to take pics and videos with their own camera and there is no add on fee. It falls in line with my own kinks anyway. I use to see Christina as a hobbyist but that was 5 plus years ago. She was the first provider I saw when I found lyla. Sweet disposition and lovely form but she was also was also the most enthused I had to date about me being a female hobbyist. Is she still around? It time for me to revisit a video with her if so 😈
  3. Janebondage

    Coronavirus memes and jokes

    This pandemic needs to end before I loose all my regulars with my twisted humour!🥺
  4. Janebondage

    Coronavirus memes and jokes

    what I would give for a blow ip doll now. I have no penis in my social distancing circle. 🥺
  5. 16044643-F7FE-40A2-B795-642C088BC990.jpeg

    1. Janebondage


      I only have 2 people in my isolation circle and only one is into bdsm. Poor boy sure is gonna be sore at the end of this pandemic. 😆 


  6. Janebondage

    Coronavirus memes and jokes

    I would sooo love to do this 😊
  7. Janebondage

    Lockdown selfies

    All healthy here, just getting tested to get cleared for lab work again as my mouth has been off duty for weeks. Social distancing has been hard on this slut. So hard I killed my hatchi magic wand. 😮 I can not wait to play with you all again. Be safe!
  8. Hello lovely pervs, I hope you are all safe and well. A little update, I have been isolating and and am currentlygetting my swabs for COVID to get cleared to go back into the labs. Not as fun as slutting with you fine folks, but I figure for the interim its time to do what I am trained to do. We all have to do our part. 

    I miss my boys more than you imagine and cant wait until I can get paid to do the fun work I truly love. In the meantime please feed my slutty soul with updates of your life. Naughty pics welcome and I may even return the favour if you ask nicely. 😉 



    slutty Jane


    1. Onceinawhile


      Keep up the good work, stay safe. Things will get back to the norm soon.🥰🥰

  9. Hey cats, I am out of the country amd with everything going on I am staying longer than expected. I do not have internet unless I go into town so answers are sparse here and there. I am not able to check daily this week.


    Lots of love,



    1. Mikeyboy


      Stay safe

    2. SarahAlexxx


      In* not of* Shes not out of Canada! ♡♡♡

    3. Janebondage


      brahhahha I meant out IN the country. whoopsie. 🙈 I am isolated with my favorite wines, foods and person who makes laugh. I see no point in stopping my fun to rush back to the city