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    Jane Says:
    Hi, I am Jane a Bi female located in Halifax, NS. I am an educator and student in sexolgy, kink and bdsm. I am a curvy bbw with a pretty face and a happy disposition. I am open minded and kink friendly. I am broad spectrum in interests and very Switchy un nature. I can be dominant, submissive, the GFE pornstar, naught babygirl or girl next door.

    I came on to this site a few years ago purely as a hobbyist. I am still more here as a hobbyist but I do take the odd random client. It is in now way a full or even part time profession but more of a fetish and something I really enjoy doing the occasional time with a select few. I am extremely kink and fetish friendly and do work in the bdsm industry as a trade.

    I am here on this site to meet professionals, read reviews and stay current with the long over due and exciting changes pending this ancient profession.

    Service Providers
    If you are a professional SP, Please don't be shy, say hi or send a friend request. I am also interested in being involved in the CERB/ Laya community as a whole. I won't read any comments or friend requests as anything more then it.

    Other Hobbyists
    I'm am interested in exchanging banter and heads ups with established hobbyists on this site.
    I Look forward to hearing from you or seeing u around the boards.


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  1. Janebondage

    Just Jane

  2. Janebondage


    So MSOG......why is that even a question is your booking a professional for the hour? I see how it qualifies for quick pop off a street corner, but I can not see how it applies for an hourly rate. Your paying for the experience and everyones definition on a sexual experience is going to vary. Peroid! As a hobbyist: My orgasms generally increase in intensity after the first one. I am going to be terrible cranky if I stop after the first pop. Tell me I can only cum once ...Pifff...Fuck that and there is the door. Mind you, I likely get more pre date chat then many of the men. Female hobbyists are less common. Provider’s have likely taken more time discussing the date plans with me than most. I am often their first female client. From a science or equality stand point.... Men are capable and able to have several different types of orgasm, multiple orgasms, orgasms without ejaculating, and I have not even mentioned the prostate yet. I get add on costs for more ‘niche’ things that fall on the not so common side. But anyone breaking down my experience to $ and cents for everything are not the provider for me. I avoided those profiles as a hobbyist, the just made me uncomfortable. I well know they are being paid for the service but I do not want to barter for it. Nor do i want to be bartered with as a provider. 🤷‍♀️
  3. Janebondage


    Edging is my jam in Dominatrix work. Very common skill in that world. Are men really asking for this and not receiving it? If so are you booking enough time? I so adore the feeling of controlling a person’s orgasms. Bringing them close and denying repeatedly until they are in agony wanting to come so badly. 😈 How completely ruined they are when they do get to cum.....That sweet moment is my happy place! I never feel so beautiful or sexy as I do the way men look at me after they cum like that. added bonus....always such a nice messy load after. With woman I like to edge some but my style is more about pushing orgams after they are over sensitive from coming. In female forms that generally tends to produce the same effect that edging does in men. Dang it now I am all worked up!
  4. Janebondage

    Rates Lash Back

    I have had a few providers increase their rates in the past. Each provider who has personally messaged me letting me know their rates were increasing on the website, but that they were still happy to see me at the rate that I had been paying. ☺️ I can respect things change and rates do as well and typically that rate increase made sense as their experience increased. In each case I would have continued to see each one who did message me the rate change in advance. Even, if it my rate changed with it. To to me it showed professionalism, respect and curtsey that they gave me a heads up in advance. Even if they had not offered me the old rate ot shows respects and consideration that they gave me a heads up and saved awkward moments in re booking. Their offer to continue to see me at the old rate was appreciated and well respected by me. It told me they valued me as a client. I made an effort in each case to evaluate if the rate change. Typically, I kept booking the old rate as always but my tip in the end increased and reflected their rate change. My way of telling them they are worth it and I respect them. At the same time if I was not willing to pay the higher rate I would have still booked them without the excessive tip as that was our agreed upon price and the line in the sand that was worth it to both of us. They had the option to just inform me of the price hike and not offer old rates so I still would have been comfortable booking them at the old rate.
  5. Janebondage

    Escort Time Wasters

    This is absolutely horrifying to read. I am sorry your having shit luck. Are you using reputable girls with established cliental? A little back ground work may make a difference. As someone who is also a hobbyist I used the other hobbyists around the boards here to vets providers. usually dropping a nite in their box if they had seen them or asking on a thread and other hobbyists would PM Me I hope you have better results in your next endeavours.
  6. Janebondage


    Rimming is a service I provide to my clients and really enjoying doing with the right gentlemen. I especially adore it when it is a gentleman's first time or its more new to him. It is a great addition to a nice long sloppy blow job or edging. That being said I also require a gentleman to shower before it upon arrival but shower time comes out of my end. I am not sure how common the service is but I certainly am now curious. Its not a service I would offer everyone if I this was my full time work. I only take on the odd client, this is not my main income so I have that luxury. I am glad you got to experience a good rim job. 🤗
  7. Janebondage

    Busty on Hfx

    Exotic Touch Daniel and Christy curves
  8. Janebondage


    I am chatting with her now and thinking get about it. Just logged on here to look for her profile and recs. She as a pic of the page on her BP add. Gotta say wow if she's like her picks Additional Comments: Here they are http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/member.php?u=118506 http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=241259&highlight=Briella Additional Comments: Haha sorry boys....... I was ready to jump in a cab and take one for the team but she does not take female clients. She does seem nice and was quick to respond to my texts, so someone go! I would still like feedback, so if you go or have please pm me. I use to hate present shopping for hubby, he's impossible to shop for. Now I just gift the hubby an hour with someone; soooo much easier then shopping. Haha Additional Comments: Doh...my bad Okay I just noticed you asked about Brielle but didn't link the girls bp post. I assumed you meant Briella, which is whom I linked to above. her bp add is http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/blonde-briella-leaving-tomorrow-dont-miss-my-specials-stripper-fantasy-289-206-1352/2546210 I just notice a new post from a Brielle http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/new-pics-brielle-incalls-ill-keep-you-c-u-mm-ing-back-for-more-bilingue/2623404 .....a brunette serving halifax area. Similar body types to Brielle and briella. However, Briella is a blond, leaves town tomorrow and works out of bedford. In regards to Brielle I have to also say WOW. Judging from her pics she is also stunner. Please let me know if anyone knows of her. Else wise... Maybe I will still get the chance to TOFTT...haha sorry for any confusion, but yay....more boobies!
  9. Janebondage

    Silly Lady Part Slang

    Clam Box...loves it. I would have chucked too. Like wise I had a giggle when passing a place called 'Lick a Chick' in cape breton. I believe its kinda like a takeout only version of the chicken burger here. next door was their sister ice cream establishment called 'Lick a Treat'.
  10. Janebondage

    Silly Lady Part Slang

    Clam Box...loves it. I would have chucked too. Like wise I had a giggle when passing a place called 'Lick a Chick' in cape breton. I believe its kinda like a takeout only version of the chicken burger here. next door was their sister ice cream establishment called 'Lick a Treat'.
  11. Janebondage

    Cape Breton

    I am in Sydney, cape Breton. Small town so eascorts are harder to find. Anyone have any leads? Please msg if so
  12. Janebondage

    Sarah on BP

    I just spent a good chuck of time texting her. She seems very nice, and accommodating. I booked for Sunday so she's either back or still in town. I will post briefly on this feed after. I never book of BP but gave it ago since a few members vouched for her. I still would be interested in getting a PM from anyone who has seen her. cheers, J
  13. Janebondage

    what are you doing at this very minute?

    lucky u boomer. have fun Additional Comments: when you do can I borrow them? If so, make sure they can also spell check and can translate mixed metaphors....as you know me.
  14. Janebondage


    I don't remember what it is called but there is a motel across from ralphs in Darkmouth that strikes me as a place that would. Though, I don't recommend it. I regretfully admit to having stayed there once during a visit to Ralphs. Yes, not one of my finer moments. Atlas, I was overly fascinated with an edgy dancer in a frilly tutu, and had consumed more Guinness then I had common sense and I did not seem to notice the snow storm hit. (Dang you Ralph's with your blacked out windows) There were hairs on my bedsheets and glassware a door that didn't fully lock. No cabs running it was my only option. The microbiologist in me was so skizzed out I slept on the coffee table to avoid the bed. It was cold, I actually took down the curtains to cove myself. Seemed like a much better alternative then whatever would be lurking in the bed sheets. Okay confession over. I need to go shower now.
  15. Janebondage

    Addictive Barbie

    Congrats on the freash start Barbie. Its refreshing to have someone be so forth coming. I am sure it will make a differance to many who may have been hesitant to book. Additional Comments: I think it's equally important to mention thanks to elias902. We use these threads to gain information to better insure we are meeting safe people and that the info given is a good representation of what is offered. It's unfair to ask others to share their experiences/provide info, only to make them feel like they are being racked over the coals when they do. This is a selfish post as I often use info from these threads to aid in my booking decisions. However, no one statement will make or break it for me. After all experiences and expectations varry. So lets save the conjecture and keep these boards a safe and open to communication. Also remeber, issues can also be delt with by private PM. Or, send the prossional in question a copy of the link they are mentioned in. They can then clarify on the thread if they choose to. (As it worked with this situation) These ladies are more then able to stand up for them selves, as are requlars who vist them often. Cheers, -J