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  1. It is not all on you @NotchJohnson. I never have once forwarded chain mail and am annoyed when people send it to me. Its up there conversations about ‘God’ as shit ai just don't want to deal with. I have yet to sacrifice a Virgin this year so this could be my fault! 🤷‍♀️
  2. I agree reccos is a great way way to find people. The link is here if you are having trouble finding it. There is a big white admin message so if your on a mobile scroll down past it to see them. https://www.lyla.ch/forum/100-nova-scotia-recommendations/ I myself am a mature companion, older than what you seek. I can say I have have a lot of fun working with @SarahAlexxx. She is a naughty twenty something petite lady with a lovely toned figure and a very relaxed vide. She is just as stunning as her pics and 100% real. Follow the link from her name to get to her profile. She has a lot of reccos and a huge following here.
  3. My Dominatrix profile on twitter is @DurgasDungeon. My companion and submissive girlfriend experience is @BondageJane. While I may be old at hobbying I am new to providing so the added support and retweets have been super helpful to me and made me feel like a welcome meme bet to the providing community. Many Thanks 🙏
  4. I have a few set arrangements my self and I love the way it works out. It allows more connection and consistency and truly feels more gfe and is my preference as well. Mine came about from clients that simply asked if I was interested in such arrangements. ❤️
  5. Hi Bill...mature curvy Lady here. I seem to be getting enough pre booking requests to justify a trip up to SJ. In September. Please take a gander at my profile and drop a message in my DM if you may be interested in meeting.
  6. Hahah well I have a play friend there so there are personal reasons. If my fist trip is a good one I would love to go every other month or so. 💕
  7. Feeling the love here gentleman thank you. I am so blushing now. 🙈 I would absolutely love to go Moncton, Freddy and SJ. If I have enough pre bookings with deposits I will certainly look at going. my sole hesitation is it’s a expense trip if so don’t have the clientele and other Providers have been having multiple no shows. I am more low volume so A few no shows for me puts me in neg. So any gents Seriously wishing to see me from these areas in September please drop me a DM.
  8. I keep it shaved unearth and light bush up on the mound. I am a redhead though, we don’t seem to be as hairy and if you like a full mound.
  9. I have friends I would love to visit out there. I would happily make a trip up if the interest is there for either Dominatrix work or as service provider I am broad spectrum and I do adore GFE; I also offer PSE, role play and am a fettish provider. Deposits for new clients Required.
  10. I have to second that. They are always starting great topics, supporting us here and on Twitter with likes, comments and retweet’s and contests. Ialso has problems with my account and took care of that in no time. 💕 I would love to see @lydiahardwood get recognized for all their hard work. 🤗
  11. Thank you sweet man. I had a great time too. 😘
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