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    Jane Says:
    Hi, I am Jane a Bi female located in Halifax, NS. I am an educator and student in sexolgy, kink and bdsm. I am a curvy bbw with a pretty face and a happy disposition. I am open minded and kink friendly. I am broad spectrum in interests and very Switchy in nature. I can be dominant, submissive, the GFE pornstar, naughty babygirl, girl next door or a proper Femme Domme.

    I came on to this site a few years ago purely as a hobbyist. I do take the odd random client. It is in no way a full or even part time profession but more of a fetish and something I really enjoy doing the occasional time with a select few. I am extremely kink and fetish friendly and do work in the bdsm industry as a trade. I just really enjoy the work with select clients that seek a deeper connection, sexual exploration, sexual education or fetish exploration.

    $50.00 : Not sure you want to invest yet? Meet me for coffee and lets get to know each other. Meet and greet only. No play

    A date that includes the spectrum of services including including Kink, Fetishes, or Bdsm.
    I do not personally believe in add on charges. Exceptions being couples: MF/MM/FF an additional $50 to the first hour for full service. I want to be affordable to couples and am happy to work with you both.
    Special greatly Reduced rates for entire evenings, overnights and weekend experiences.

    $100/hr plus expenses. Take me out on a date or outing. This is an outing not private time. it can be combined with a a other package.

    Any questions or special requests please feel free to ask. I am extremely open minded and willing to accommodate niche needs when possible. With my bdsm background I am open to an assortment of kinks, from golden showers COF, couples, forced bi, forced cum eating, cross dressing, sissy training, primal play/wrestling, cuckholds, Orgasm Control, MSOG, bondage, age play, anal and pegging. . if it’s not here, please ask.

    I am here on this site to meet professionals, read reviews and stay current with the long over due and exciting changes pending this ancient profession.

    Other Hobbyists
    I'm am interested in exchanging banter and heads ups with established hobbyists on this site.
    I Look forward to hearing from you or seeing u around the boards.

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  1. Heading to a kinky party tonight with my sexy Daddy and a slave on leash. 

    I really do love my life #Blessed

  2. Janebondage


    Sowers with a client are great way to start amd or end a session. I agree with @davidfield on this site I think most ladies would absolutely agree to shower with you. There may be the odd provider that has put a lot of time into their hair and makeup and have back to back clients. But most of the reputable ladies here would happily
  3. Janebondage


    © JaneBondage

  4. Janebondage

    Escorts Ads in Halifax?

    Oh dear DDD and I see now. That is out of my range of know but I am sure one of the guys around here will have a name or two. Sorry I could not be more help
  5. Janebondage

    Escorts Ads in Halifax?

    Maybe MsAmanda though I am not sure about what services she offers as greek and such goes. However she does do fetish so it is likely. She is well known here. If your staying at hotel in downtown Halifax she is located close by. https://www.leolist.cc/d/msmanda
  6. Janebondage

    Escorts Ads in Halifax?

    Just to clarify do you mean you want then shorter then 5'10 or taller then 5'10?
  7. Janebondage

    Guide to TOFTT

    What a great idea. I can not wait to take a gander through it. 😉
  8. Janebondage

    Escorts Ads in Halifax?

    I am biased but I only book providers or hobbyists from here. I find your more likely to get quality providers and clients. What are you seeking in a provider. Knowing a few things would make it easier to recommend a lady.
  9. Janebondage

    Reviews On SP's

    Sure recommendations may only allow for positive feedback. However, this has never hindered me. Simply post in the provider discussion feed what person your asking about. In my experience as a hobbyist other hobbyists would DM their neg experience or warning to me. Everyone helping each other is why I love this site. Admittedly though I find it more confusing then the site when it was when I first started. I wonder if that has anything to do with less recos 🤷‍♀️
  10. Janebondage

    Male to Male

    I can offer MMF with bi male partners. I happen to fine Male on Male extremely sexy. 😍 It takes scheduling so a little more notice needed. Make sure you do your do diligence if you do book MM as there are some questionable ones out there. Though to be fair I have not looked in a few years and it was bp and cl I was using at the time. You likely would have an easier time with a MM dating app. Though more time consuming.
  11. Janebondage


    Ah thanks Mr. You always make me blush. Remind me to show you the actual set from this shoot sometime. Too naughty for here 😈