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  1. Unless I'm missing something, She is Online only! The whole ad is for her OnlyFans
  2. I ran into her today. She's looking as good as ever!! She's been taking a break, but said she misses all her regulars, and is thinking of making a come back!! She has changed numbers, so that explains why she is not responding to texts. We can keep our fingers crossed!! She was a lot of fun!! 🙂
  3. Sure looks some yummy.......uh, I mean interesting!! 😜
  4. Mine too!! LoL. And she is going, or so she said. She's in Moncton until Monday. Then off to Halifax, then Fredericton, Saint John, and back to Moncton. LoL 😂 They don't usually keep a schedule that far ahead, but I can be wishful!! 🤣
  5. Ok, toftt. Asian providers my down fall!! LoL Nice friendly girl. Pictures are pretty close to the real life. Maybe some light filtering. I would put her mid to late 20's, but really, who can tell!? Speaks more English than most. Good service, provided what was discussed before hand. Not a clock watcherDon't need a million and 1 DMS. Just putting it out there that this one may be one of the hidden gems is the Asian lineup.
  6. I can't speak for all the girls/women, but I have become pretty good friends with Nina, and have been given a whole new insight into the industry. I assure you, although she works under an agency, she has her passport, and all her paperwork. She can do as she pleases, when she pleases. The girls from China can make as much money here in a week, as they do at home in over a month. She has been in Canada for 3 months on a visitor visa, and will be returning home soon. She is definitely not being trafficked. Just my 2 cents, for what they are worth!
  7. Although the pics of Nina are probably a few years old, except the ones in black, they are pretty close to the actual person. English is limited, but then again, are you there to talk, or.......LoL. I do agree there are a lot of the Asian bait and switch adds, and it's been awhile since any of them were in their early 20' s
  8. Nina(6483) in downtown hotel was also real. Very sweet girl. good massage.
  9. Depends what you consider legit? LoL Sent you a DM. There are 2 providers in Moncton this past week, in 2 different motels. Both Oriental Asians.
  10. I would have to agree with you.......they sure look like her! She needs a newer pic in the BatMan shirt!! LoL That was always my fav, and was her trade mark for a long time!! LoL Also, for all those that say she didn't work out of Freddy.........It was in Freddy that I first met up with Catherine a couple years ago.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I probably won't make it back until the new year, but I will send you a message before hand. Who knows.....Maybe a little BabyParadise for Christmas would be a treat!! 🙂 I do so look forward to meeting you. 🙂 Take care, and Stay Safe. 🙂
  12. I tried to see @babyparadise back the beginning of October. Contacted her the day before, made plans for the following afternoon, drove to Freddy, got a hotel room, and sent her a message. Crickets............. Was ghosted until 11:30pm or so, then got a reply from her when I was sleeping. No biggy.........Sent her a text around 11am the next day. She said something came up, but she was available all afternoon/evening. I asked for 2pm. Then got a reply she was just on her way out, and wasn't sure if she would be back by 2pm.?.?.?.? Again, not a peep until about 4:30pm. I had booked with another provider at this time. I get that sometimes life gets in the way, but I had booked this trip around seeing her. I do hope to get another chance sometime. I see great reviews for her, and she seems to be my type to a T 🙂
  13. I would be interested as well. For me, a deposit on incall is a big red flag! Just my opinion 😕
  14. I would have to agree. The second is, I'm available all week, yet at the top, Last Day.........and it's only Tuesday!! LoL More red flags with this ad, than at the carnival!! LoL
  15. Another bump up!! Another bump up, and a great time with Kimmy. Thanks for coming! 😉 untill next time our paths cross 😘
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