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  1. I feel there may be missing context here. You work at the hotel, Say these 2 ladies came to see a guest, but look nothing like their pictures on their add? Did they stop at the front desk and say, " Hi, We're Coco, and Chanel from LL, and we're here to see Mr. Smith in room 212? I just don't get this warning?? 😕
  2. Also, A lot of them advertise under 2 different ads, same girl. As Letsplay said, they seem to be hit, or miss. I did see Monica when she first got to town, and the service was fine. A little older that the pics, but very friendly. I did repeat once. 🙂
  3. You have a point there. Most of the Asian girls are through an agency, and they use the same pictures, and names over and over. I love Asian girls, and have seen a lot of them when they come to Moncton. There are some I would not repeat if given the chance for free..........but I have also found some real hidden gems. Life without a little gamble would be boring!! lol
  4. Same goes for Monica in Moncton. Pictures are close, but maybe a little older. Actually, her English is better than most. She is from Montreal, and says she speaks French. Very friendly. I would and will repeat! LoL
  5. Wendy in Moncton is real. I've see her a couple times this week. Besides the fact that her English is pretty limited, she is legit. Pictures are accurate. Nice hotel, down town Moncton. Wish she was from here, and not just passing through!! LoL https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_140_hh_moncton_downtown_hotel_new_asian_independent_wendy-7663739?source=list
  6. A little late getting this posted, but late beats never! LoL Met with Kimmy again last week, while on a trip to Halifax!! Just keeps getting better, and better!! Very easy to get along with, easy to talk to, and beauty tops the scales!! A true Gem among stones!! Treat her right, and she will treat you better! 100% I Will defiantly recommend, and repeat as soon as I get the chance!! 🥰
  7. Not sure about the last one, Alice............But the other 4 all all of the same girl, just different names, and pictures. Classic Bait and Switch. They have been running Asian girls all summer out of Moncton, and some have been pretty good, but the one in town now, classic Bait and Switch. Message any of them, and you get the same generic message, and reply's. I seen the one here now a couple weeks ago when she first hit town......would not repeat. 🙂
  8. False Ads. The ads for $75/hour, $100/hour, 125/hour. Pretty easy to spot them. LoL I do believe these are posted by LeoList to make the legit girls have to bump their ads more often. Then you have the sponsor ads that take to to a website, but they are marked SPONSOR! LoL
  9. That would be a tough one for me. I can see what you are saying about too low. I think what Tompickle was referring to is the adds looking for 300, 400, 500 per hour. They seem to be more and more, and well, as he said......this is a poor end of the country. I was in Montreal, and Toronto this summer, and the going price there is 120 to 160hh, and 180 to 240h Then you come home, and it's 300 to 500 / hour! Wow!! LoL Guess I'm lucky, as I stick to a few regular , and usually get preferred customer pricing. LoL
  10. I know I was in Freddy a few weeks ago, and to say the least.......The pool has gone Dry! LoL LL seems to run a lot of false ads. Even Moncton is pretty much hit, or miss. I don't even bother with ads that I don't see listed for at least a week! LoL
  11. 80% of the local girls on LL don't have a website, use a VOIP, and also use stock pictures. Using that logic, we all might as well give up She has been advertising for 2 or 3 weeks now. I've had over 200 views on this post, and her ad has 6680 views. I'm sure someone has seen her, or she wouldn't still be posting, just for the fun of it. As for TOFTT, I have many times, and posted a review / warning, or otherwise answered questions when inquired about. I thought that was the whole idea of a review board?? No??
  12. So, no takers? I don't find many reviews going on........on a review board?? LoL
  13. Has anyone had the pleasure of seeing Becky in Moncton? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_c_y-7261156?source=list Feel free to DM me if you like. 🙂
  14. Hi. Looking for any info of Freddy Ladies that I can maybe visit with while here in town for the next couple days. Seems like LL has all but dried up for local girls. Feel free to DM me. 🙂
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