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  1. Mikayla in Lethbridge is by far the best girl in the city. Never rushes dedicated to her work takes it seriously she never scams a client. Shows up clean and makes sure you walk away with a smile on your face. Was an amazing time she worked through some unforeseen circumstances that made things difficult and just shrugged it off and kept working her smile is captivating and her demeaner and personality is infectious It was a night I’ll never forget and will definitely be calling again.
  2. Remember when this just reminded me of a great song by Alan Jackson such a good song gunna go listen to it right now thanks everyone
  3. Love me some whiskey straight or if it has to be mixed with ginger ale as ginger ale settles the stomach...... mmmmm whiskey
  4. Why judge all women are beautiful in their own way!!!! To all women out there stay shining
  5. Walking in Memphis and drops of Jupiter for the win all around great tunes gotta love em
  6. My dream car is a 1984 Nissan 300 zx black just like the one my dad used to have don’t have many memories in the car as got rid of it when I was 3 but would be nice to have one again
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