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  1. Okay, which strip club does SHE work at? We can do without the cloak and dagger. This forum is for strippers, not outcall kinksters.
  2. I found this molex power connector in an old computer I was taking apart. I won't say what the computer was used for.
  3. Getting married today. Just FYI, for real. I can't wait to see what all the fuss is with this sex thing. I hear it's pretty neato.
  4. What makes me crazy? Renovators who will put down an entire home of grey click-flooring instead of sanding and refinishing a beautiful wood one. Changing an entire kitchen around with new locations for appliances that don't make any sense just to put some fresh new boxes in, and still can't figure out how to get the fridge to open from the correct direction. Painting every surface in a house grey. The changes made have not improved the value of the house if I have to unfuck everything you've done. I won't pay you what you think the house is worth if I have to pay half of it again to get it where I want it. STOP HELPING ME!
  5. That moment when ... you have to change the subject. Having a convo with my friends and birth control comes up. I'm not saying anything, because it doesn't really apply to me. I got snipped 35+ years ago. Birth control hasn't been on my mind in forever. Someone asks me which kind I hate the most. I instinctively say IUD. When they ask why, I say that it hurts when I bang into it. He doesn't know what I mean, but I see the women in the group smile.
  6. After seven and a half days ...
  7. Damnit. My step-sister got stuck again. Maybe I can get my step-mom to help. #getmystepsin
  8. This is definitely in the wrong place. Please ask a mod to move this to the Calgary-specific escort page.
  9. It was my birthday Monday, so took the day off and decided to enjoy myself. I took a turn with Summer first. She is a bouncy and energetic woman with a terrific personality and just loves to talk. She was also very affectionate in the CR and gave me a great time. Next, I gave Samantha a turn. VERY sensual and exciting in the back room. I was very pleased with her breathy whispers in my ear. Very. I had seen Trini when I came in, and she immediately recognized me. She was on my list and I knew I'd get to her eventually. I don't know if she went by Tiffany at Pigale, but I always knew her as Trini at BareFax. She's young and trim, very dark and just has the most beautiful face. Her long fingers are delicate and soft. I don't want to cheapen her by comparing her to a porn actress, but if you know who Sarah Banks is, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. We spent most of the afternoon getting to know one another again and catching up. She is always a lot of fun in the CR and I look forward to our next meeting. I agree that her second enhancement is just about perfect on her. Just a bit bigger than before and more natural looking. They felt really nice. She always makes me feel like the king that I am.
  10. Aibohphobia: fear of palindromes.
  11. I was cloaked in darkness last night. I started off with Kim, of course. She was an amazing companion on the floor and in the CR. She had fun exposing me to her travel-mate who was doing her floor show. I love when she takes me to the rooms in the back because they have more room. I don't want to spoil the ending, but she was MORE than accommodating (I had to stop her from doing terrible, awful things to me). Definitely worth a spin. On the other hand, the friend who came down with her was just plain awful. A tall, thin black girl named Barbie. No energy, very restrictive, very bossy, way too thirsty. I think she might have a problem. A couple more dark girls showed up and I gave Winter a try, but she just didn't seem interested and barely had her top down after 3 songs. I'd had enough at that point, so I called it a night.
  12. Kim is back in town and texted me to let me know that she'll be here longer than last time. I need to free up some time to get out there to see her again. It may cost as much for gas as ass.
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