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  1. Missing the old days; the good days. This is the time of year that I'd be soliciting requests for gifts from all of my favourite girls at the clubs. Then, I'd come in with a mitten full of gift cards and chocolate covered whatevers from my favourite shops and just spread the cheer around. I'd meet with my regular cohorts, bring a couple of bottles of egg nog into the club, get a nice bottle of rum and have a great, fun party. Someone would bring a couple of cans of whipped cream and that helped the party mood as well. Now, I don't get out as much as I'd like. I don't pal around with the old crew like I used to. I don't have any regulars/favourites. Now, when I go to a club, I have no idea who is dancing and haven't spent the time to build up a rapport with anyone. I don't have that sense of (marginal) human connection that I used to treasure: that familiarity and continuing relationship. It's just drink, dance, drink, dance. No time for chitchat. Oh, well. I am now an old.
  2. I made it out for a brief window Tuesday. Traffic hampered my good time by an extra half hour and trying to navigate Montreal Road construction made parking a nightmare. Once I finally got inside, things seemed to be quite inviting. A fair number of girls and clients. Masks on all the time, even in the CR. I spent a short time with Sia, but it seemed a lot longer based on what she charged.
  3. Visited again tonight and found a mixed bag. Bonita was there and sour as ever. John, the daytime DJ, was a lot of laughs. We had a great time chatting. When I told him that I used to dance during the golden age of disco, that's all he played all afternoon. Fucker. I think he was just trying to get me on stage. He was impressed with my knowledge of the music he was playing. Nice. Nikki, the buxom bartender, was a treat and miles better to look at than half of the girls there dancing. I tip heavily, buy rounds for the staff, and she bought me a couple of shots to compensate. I teamed up with Kim again, and was not disappointed. We had a terrific time. It's a shame that I couldn't hang around to meet her girlfriend. That would have been an amazing time.
  4. I was there yesterday until I ran out of girls. I had a fantastic time. There were 5 girls and only 2 other clients. For a sensual time, find the young and curvy Mylie. I think we both fell in love a little bit. If you want to get your freak on, look for Kim. She's a young black woman in from Toronto. Tell her I sent you. I'll be back to see her soon. I only had time for 3 songs with her before I had to leave, but the next time we get together I'm gonna make her light up like a pinball machine. #tilt Her insistence did give me licence to say that I ran the table on the girls that day. Kim was the only one to use the rooms in the back and it was the best time. The floor-to-ceiling partition is made of cloth, at least in the room I was in. The couch in the very back of the regular section kind of sucks you down into it, and not in a good way.
  5. Our regular crew stopped by Friday afternoon for a birthday celebration. There were quite a few asses in seats and maybe a dozen lovelies plying their trade amongst them. Altogether, not a terrible day. I had a lovely time with a young lady named Dove. Very sensual and flexible. Yoga really is a wonderful exercise. Now, for the bad news: COVID ALERT. I really hate to be an alarmist, because this is likely going on in every club out there. However, I heard this directly from a dancer I recently spent time with (yes, the one I had to push off me so I'm not the least bit surprised). She says that both she and her 'cousin' had a positive COVID test a week ago, spent 5 days in their house alone, and are back at work again. She says that it is a problem and everyone there has had it. I can't say how true any of that is, I'm just repeating what someone told me. Immediately after tell me, she said that I should tell anyone else, like I'm her confidante or something. No. I'm telling everyone. Wear your mask in the CR. Please. I hate to put it in these terms because of how insulting it sounds, but strippers are a disease vector. They deal with the public in a very intimate way with a great deal of physical contact and there are going to be problems. There just are. Sanitize before and after and wear your damn mask.
  6. In one of my woodworking groups, someone posted the following request: "Looking for some finishing advice." It made me giggle.
  7. A bunch of us regulars were at BF last night and it was mighty slow at 8pm. I guess it started to pick up a bit around 10, but it was not the best night I've spent there. I had to fight to get a drink, and the girls were not of the highest calibre. Also, beware of a tall black woman named Eva. She's a thieving cunt.
  8. I had a pretty good time yesterday afternoon. There was a good complement of beauties and I had a really nice time with Laura. She's a cutie, and is a bit restrictive. Not that I really minded. The dental hygienist bottom-face mask was kind of odd. Again, I didn't mind. I got over it.
  9. It may be time to change your avatar to this. "Sometimes I like to take my giant cock out in public."
  10. I've decided to replace my phone with a tablet that has LTE connectivity. It arrived the other day and works brilliantly, with one exception. Mobile data works fine. Texting and all other functions are perfect. It just doesn't make or receive phone calls. I'm trying to track the problem down with Samsung. Other than that, I love this new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3. It's the perfect size to fit in my day bag, is the most current Android version so it should last a while, is rugged and durable (military standards). I'm mostly happy with it, but will send it back if I can't figure out how to make calls on it.
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