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  1. I'm gonna start calling my dick Cold Butter because it really tears a muffin up.
  2. Kilt Boy

    Casino Cabaret

    Thanks for the update. That sounds like something I'd love to look in on.
  3. Kilt Boy

    Casino Cabaret

    Okay, if it's @SweetEva ffom here (and it sounds about right, she is a thief and not to be trusted. I got her fired from Batefax, and if she is at Casino Cabaret now, it's because she was fired from NuDen for the same shit.
  4. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    I had a terrific time with a lovely woman named Nina. She was all smiles and pleasant curves and a great mover upstairs. She's in from Toronto for a week and worth a spin, in my opinion.
  5. Kilt Boy

    Casino Cabaret

    Can you describe Ava to me? Is she quite tall and athletic, early 20's?
  6. I'm going to stop playing "Who Shall I Kill First" in my head and just go with what feels natural.
  7. Kilt Boy

    Prospects Demanding Face Pics

    This is why I don't post dick pics. I don't want people on the street to recognize me.
  8. My girlfriend and I were discussing this use of less familiar vulgar words just the other day. Quim, queef, quiff, they all seemed to start with a Q. Also, twat. We talked about usage and possible repercussions because someone had used quim on a television show, and it passed the censors.
  9. Kilt Boy

    Casino Cabaret

    If it's who I think it is, she's the one I got fired from BareFax for doing the same and a few other questionable things. #bootilicious
  10. Kilt Boy

    Pigale's dancers

    New ownership information: I've heard from someone who works at the club that it is now (or soon will be) owned by a NEW Chinese guy. He seems pretty mobbed up, too.
  11. Kilt Boy

    Pigale's dancers

    I heard that Foxy is working nights. If anyone can confirm, I'd appreciate it. I really miss that woman. She ain't no girl. I miss her tongue, too. Visually. She was a pile of laughs and a maniac in the CR. Tall, black, curvy as hell. You would NOT be able to miss her. Also, Tiffany is going out of town for a couple of weeks. Glad I got to see her last week. She's such a sweetheart and always made time for me.
  12. You know you're a regular when a 3rd girl feels it's okay to tell you that 2 other girls had an actual fistfight over who got to keep you as their primary customer. That's one of the reasons that the 'loser' left that particular club. Wow. I mean, there's more than enough of me to go around, but I guess that good customers are just that hard to come by.
  13. Things were different 35 years ago ...
  14. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    Has anyone seen Hunnie lately? I was talking to an old friend on Wednesday, and her name came up.
  15. Kilt Boy

    Best compliment you ever got?

    Sure, but now it's going to be a letdown twice a day. ☹