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  1. Kilt Boy

    SP Stamina

    My solution has typically been to have more than one partner present. Nobody gets over-extended and there is always an extra helping hand or two. That, and not to simply be content with the finish. If time runs out, if she taps out, if it just isn't working ... pay, tip, thank, and leave. It didn't take me long to figure that one out. Sometimes you just don't have all day to have sex. If the actual SEX part isn't fun, you're doing something wrong. Sure, the finish is great. It shouldn't be the only thing. The time requirement is one of the reasons I don't have sex anymore, especially for money. If we're going for the finish, either I'm paying an awful lot (for time or personnel), or they're doing a lot of extra work. Or there's guilt.
  2. Kilt Boy

    Natural or Shaved

    Mine is so long now I could probably put it in a braid. I guess it's a good thing nobody but me ever sees it. I've been thinking of taking it down with my trimmer for the summer. I'm sure it will make my walking routine more comfortable. Should I use the electric trimmer, or gas?
  3. Kilt Boy

    Best compliment you ever got?

    "You're a double threat. No, a TRIPLE threat. Hell, you're a goddam UNICORN around here!" One of my regulars started listing reasons why she loves to see me come around.
  4. Kilt Boy

    Pigale's dancers

    I had some fun with Cookie today, on the board's general recommendation. She has a killer stage show, and told me that she was only giving it about 75% because of a headache. She wanted me to do some advertising for her here, but I can't give a review of something that I didn't experience. #nudgenudge
  5. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    I ran into Carmella (from Barb's) today. She is now using the name Jewels. Still cute as a button, but a bit lethargic on stage. I guess if there are only literally 3 guys in the place, there's not much point in putting out a lot of effort.
  6. Kilt Boy

    Casino Cabaret

    I just got a text from a girl i haven't heard from in over a year. She was trying to get me to go out there. Not very likely, but it was a good effort.
  7. Kilt Boy

    Best VPN?

    Yes. A bunch of us picked this up. We got one account which allows 10 licenses for a number of years. We split the account amongst us and all manage to have 2 or 3 devices covered. It was pretty cheap, a great provider, and simple to use.
  8. Yes, I've seen it spelled those other ways, too. They're just not correct, which is what I was trying to point out.
  9. How many times have I heard this? Too many. "I don't ever do this, but I really like you. I think we have some kind of connection. I really want to: 1) suck your dick 2) fuck you right here in the club 3) take you back to my place and make love to you all weekend Etc. When I tell them my rates, they usually shut right up.
  10. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    I was in tonight throwing money around like a maniac. Found a new girl for you. Melodie is about 5'2, has tattoos all over her back, and is just cute as a button! She is all kinds of soft and pliable and loved the way I caressed her. She is very sensuous, and agile. OMG, so sensuous. Will definitely repeat. She is looking for shifts in the early evening during the week.
  11. Maybe add a quick note before every new date: "If the you and the pictures don't match, I'm not coming in. If I'm greeted by someone else at the door, I'm not coming in. See you soon."
  12. Kilt Boy

    Happy Mother's Day!

    It seems strange to ask if there are any "Mother's Day Specials" happening.
  13. Kilt Boy

    Just Random Thoughts

    My wife has to borrow my phone once in a while for business purposes. Just the other day, hers wasn't connecting to FIDO to get their daily data plan, so she had to use mine to pair up with the credit card reader. Mine has a dedicated, monthly data plan. That's just an example of how things aren't always as you expect. If I had to say to her, "Sure you can borrow my phone, but give me a minute first ..."
  14. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    Not terribly busy tonight, but a couple of well-proportioned girls are in from Toronto. I got to talk to Sarah for a while, but was out of cash. She seemed very eager and close. I'd definitely give her a try next time I see her. She's only here until Satirday, so come get her.
  15. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    Today was Nena's first day at the club. Come see her. She is adorable. She is all kinds of sexy. She is an amazing and friendly companion with whom I will repeat often. She'll make you very happy. You have my word on that.