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  1. It's a curse to be as good looking as you are.
  2. Okay, so maybe I don't exactly remember it ...
  3. MMMmmm. Tastes like a delicious house fire.
  4. I make whisky rocks. Have done for 10 years now. Cocktail bitters, too. Oh, and lube. Yeah. My interests are varied. 😉 https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ReallyHorrible That gets me access to the Ottawa Whisky Show as a vendor, and I've tried a lot of different drinks there. I've been a vendor every year they've held the show and I'm a good friend of the organizers. We get some pretty interesting stuff that doesn't get out much. Rye, bourbon, whisky, etc. I have a lot of favourites, but I'd have to say that my number one right now is an old bottle of Isle of Jura: Superstition. I have a super-taster palate, and the smoky stuff usually makes me cough uncontrollably. I like it, but it isn't the experience I'm after. I've tried some stuff like Pappy Van Winkle, and while interesting, I can't justify the prices. Stalk & Barrel are doing some interesting things, and Last Straw Distillery was at the booth next to me last year. I really enjoyed their corn whisky. Both of those are outside Toronto. If you haven't tried any of the Japanese whiskies yet, do yourself a favour and pick one up. Here's an example of some of the bottles I picked up after a show to make lamps with.
  5. Remember when we had a FOUR dollar bill?
  6. ... and adding a $12 cover charge because they've "got some catching up to do." #WTF
  7. It's a real shame what will have happened to her.
  8. Wow. The maple syrup industry has changed. Send nudes.
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