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  1. Thanks all. There is a lot I didn't share. Some was inappropriate, some a bit too nasty, some unflattering to me. Nobody wants to dish dirt on themselves. I was unsure about sharing this with you all, but after all of the others have given it up for Lydia, how could I do any less? Thanks for the opportunity to tell tales. I still love an audience. Oh! I can tell the story of how I got my ridiculous stage name. First of all, imagine all of the male dancer names you've heard or can imagine. Dirk. Lance. Billy. Dick. Roger. Phil. Gunner. Bolt. Brad. Etc. All big, strong, beefy, MANLY names. If I had to choose today, it'd probably go with something like Girth McLargehuge. That was not the case then. I hadn't even thought that I had to come up with a stage name. The DJ saved me, kind of. He had one ready that he'd been thinking of for a while. It tied into a television program from my early youth and even had a playful line that I could use. It was a terrible name, though. Skippy. Not Skip, Skippy. When asked about it, I would ask if the lady remembered an Australian import tv show from the late 60's called Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. I took that name because I hopped ... from bush to bush. It was horrible, it was memorable, and it worked. Then, I got to choose my own fake real name. You know, the name you give them when they want to know your real name, but you're not giving anyone your real name. I chose the most Canadian name I could think of: Gordon. No last names, baby. You can call me Gord.
  2. Jam don't shake like that.
  3. God damn I love those peaches.
  4. I've built a couple of those gliding chairs with the toy that rises up from inside for clients who requested one. They're such a pain to make that I only do it on request.
  5. Well, I'm a quadruple Aries with most of my rulership planets in the first house, so there's a lot of power and control there. Then, I'm also a Dragon, so power and fire. Yes, I have a very powerful personality and have had to work at keeping it under control. All that work seems to have made me very intuitive from trying to work out how other people are going to react to situations so I don't have to. So, as a reaction to my Western and Eastern astrological data I've found great personal growth. That came from introspection based on negative reactions to my strong personality traits. I could have just kept being a jerk, but I really want people to like me (middle child). Learning how to listen to people has really helped in so many parts of my life.
  6. Oh, my god. I found myself nodding my head at almost everything you said. Spending a good 20% of your mental energy constantly gauging the emotions in the room is so taxing. I had no formal training, but had a nearly identical (though brief) experience. Thanks so much for this. It's nice to meet people who know what you're talking about.
  7. I spoke with her recently. She's doing well.
  8. It isn't a kink thing. I've just always wanted to have a cricket bat kicking around since I saw Spinal Tap.
  9. I've always wanted one. I should have it today. Then, I can burn my logo into it and add a bottle opener on the back for party times.
  10. You and I will get along. Have you tried the (Ottawa) Ricardo's Super Special? I drive 20 minutes to pick one up and back home before I get into it. I've been eating this pizza for about 30 years now. I also enjoy their Texan pizza. It's got ground beef, hot banana peppers, and corn (plus tomato sauce and cheese). Surprisingly delicious.
  11. I've bought way too many tools in the last little while for my hobbies: leather working tools book binding equipment laser engraver odds and ends and parts for so many projects I have on the go I picked up a great new combo bbq box and griddle and have been putting together a tool kit of equipment that I can keep all in one place with trays, grill spatulas, temperature probes, squirt bottles, paper towels, aluminum foil, knives, cutting boards, etc. I can't wait until the spring to season it and give it a good run. Not exactly the last thing I purchased, but it's been piling up.
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