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  1. No Nut November is over and Destroy Dick December begins. What are you doing to celebrate?
  2. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    Okay, it's been about a year now that the locks have been busted on all of the downstairs toilet stalls. Not a problem, I just use the upstairs ones on the rare occasion that I need to. Unless I can't get up there ... without a girl and a Laurier. Plus, this is getting fucking ridiculous.
  3. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    The line may have just been a backup of people waiting to go through the metal detector and get patted down. There were maybe 6-10 people ahead of me and it took less than 5 minutes to get in.
  4. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    There is a cover charge to go up with a lady, and he was just probably enforcing that. He also probably gets a portion of that money.
  5. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    After a long, long day at work yesterday (Saturday), I thought I'd go have a beer before heading home. I'd been at work for 23 hours babysitting computers and needed a bit of human interaction. I guess I'm just not used to the late night/early morning vibe there as I am usually a daytime visitor. There was a line on the stairs to get in, which was something new for me, but gave me hope for a different experience. When I finally got inside, the place seemed pretty packed. My regular table was available, but because I just wanted a quick beer I headed to the bar. I was accosted by 3 of my regulars who were surprised to see me at 1am. We chatted for a bit and I decided to spend a bit more money than I had planned. There was a lineup to use the cash machine. It would have taken less time to go down the block to my regular bank to make a withdrawal (with no added fees) than to wait in line for the downstairs ATM, but the bouncer said that I'd have to take my jacket to leave and pay again when I came back if I could even get back in. I decided to use the machine upstairs. I was told that there was no admission upstairs without a girl, and even if I just wanted to use the machine it would cost me $5 to get to it. After a long look in the bouncer's face, I said to him, "So ... Pigale's then? Okay. Bye." The look on his face was priceless. I know he doesn't make the rules and his is a REALLY shitty job, but come on. Why make it so hard for me to spend money there?
  6. Started No Nut November today. It's going to be a long month. However, next month is Destroy Dick December, so it kind of makes up for it.
  7. Kilt Boy

    CR song's durations

    $300 is pretty standard. If you figure you get 20x 3 minute songs in an hour, you're spending a hundred dollars less. I won't say you're saving a hundred dollars because you're still spending $300. If you know the girl well, you might get a better deal. Ask her and see.
  8. I picked up a Kenmore sewing machine that was made in 1977 in Japan for $50. It is all metal, has metal gears, converts to a free arm machine, has the super high shank, no yellowing, no dings in the paint, the hard plastic carrying case is in perfect condition, and the thing runs like a champ. This will be ideal for sewing leather for making bags, purses, armour pieces, corsets, hats, masks, and other fun items.
  9. I'm gonna start calling my dick Cold Butter because it really tears a muffin up.
  10. Kilt Boy

    Casino Cabaret

    Thanks for the update. That sounds like something I'd love to look in on.
  11. Kilt Boy

    Casino Cabaret

    Okay, if it's @SweetEva ffom here (and it sounds about right, she is a thief and not to be trusted. I got her fired from Batefax, and if she is at Casino Cabaret now, it's because she was fired from NuDen for the same shit.
  12. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    I had a terrific time with a lovely woman named Nina. She was all smiles and pleasant curves and a great mover upstairs. She's in from Toronto for a week and worth a spin, in my opinion.
  13. Kilt Boy

    Casino Cabaret

    Can you describe Ava to me? Is she quite tall and athletic, early 20's?
  14. I'm going to stop playing "Who Shall I Kill First" in my head and just go with what feels natural.
  15. Kilt Boy

    Prospects Demanding Face Pics

    This is why I don't post dick pics. I don't want people on the street to recognize me.