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  1. Nope. It is a disorganized/unsortable list that doesn't track all of the topics I follow (or even changes to the ones that ARE listed) and no changes in any of the club topics.
  2. There is a solution, but it takes a tiny bit of effort. This is only until you hear back from the MOD team to see if there is a fix. I agree that having all of that information may be a bit much for this particular site and is an important fix. Before posting your pic, open the properties for it on a computer and take a look. You may be surprised at how much is there. Also, you're likely only seeing the default display. There's more. The easiest way to get rid of it on a Windows computer is to open the picture with MSPaint and save it again. That's it. Take a look at the properties after and you'll see that they've disappeared. MSPaint doesn't save EXIF information from photos. You should also notice that the pic has shrunk in size quite dramatically. You don't have to do anything to the photo, just save it again. Here endeth the lesson.
  3. I don't hate it when girls ask me this question, but I never have a good answer. I like it all. Hard, slow, sensual, grabby, dance, grind, peek-a-boo, tease, whatever. I do confuse them a bit sometimes when they ask what I look for in a woman. Again, I like it all. Tits, lips, hips, hair, neck, legs, eyes, bum, feet, hands, arms, back, all of it. When I tell them that my favourite part is their belly and put my hand there while staring into their eyes, it reinforces that I love that most womanly part of her. It's a great place to start from and return to. What do YOU like?
  4. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    I spent a bit of time with the lovely Azia today. She's a really friendly girl and worth your time upstairs. She isn't shy, and VERY kilt friendly. I'll be seeing a lot more of her when I get the chance.
  5. Kind of, yeah. Unless it's just overt and offensive sexism.
  6. "Do you remember me? I remember you! You're the guy with that huge cock!" Yeah, maybe use a volume that can't be overheard by half the club next time. I mean, thanks, but still ... It was at this moment when I decided that downplaying my size with false modesty really isn't worth the effort. "Thank you." That's my new response. Accept the compliment (I hope it's a compliment) and move on.
  7. What? That makes zero sense. Are you a bot?
  8. You're not wrong, but I don't see the change as an improvement. A change this drastic should be more positive than negative. I'll come back in a couple of months to see if the UX/security/other has improved.
  9. You know you're a regular when a new girl in the club approaches you because she recognizes you from the description that the other girls have given her.
  10. Kilt Boy


    Spending more and more time here lately. Can't say I'm disappointed. Cherish was my choice today. She's top drawer. Lots of soft, tight curves and a lovely smile. It's certainly true that Maritimers are friendlier. Mrow!
  11. OMGWHEREDIDYOUFINDTHESE??!!?!!? I know a few girls who need these right meow!
  12. Kilt Boy


    I spent some time with Diamond again. She is so light and agile. She just crawls all over me like a jungle gym! Last was a brand new girl by the name of Divine. She certainly was that. Pierced nipples with ornate jewellery and just a delight on the big couch. She was almost too busy to get to, but well worth the wait. Her braces didn't get in the way of anything.
  13. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    The power is out at work, but only for our little group. When the universe talks to you, you better listen. I guess I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day.
  14. Not a line, but after much searching I finally remembered the old pile of porn magazines where I'd seen this photo. Which team are you? #REDteam