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  1. Instead of "Have a nice day," I like to tell people to "Enjoy the next 24 hours."
  2. Asking you to send thots and prayers this Valentine’s Day.
  3. Kilt Boy

    SWERF Alert

    If my boss told me I could take the money and go home or take the money and stay and work ... Every job is prostitution in that light.
  4. I've been talking to some buddies and some dancers and we're trying to work out a day to all go together. So far it looks like the Wednesday before, March 20th. The 22nd is going to be a zoo, so I want to try to get a little celebrating in before the very last day. Close enough for me. The bar should still be stocked pretty well. I imagine that on Friday they'll start running out of stuff. There may be good prices on the remainders of bottles or other bar specials, but there may be standing room only waiting for tables. I'm just trying to manage expectations.
  5. Kilt Boy


    I left Barefax on Friday because there was no play there for me. I ran into a girl who regularly dances at NuDen whom I have only ever met at Pigale's once: Cynthia. If you know Maya, she is basically a much darker version of her. She is a lot of fun right from the start. Actually, she might have jumped the starter's gun a bit by getting a bit friendly out on the floor. I think there was a table of construction dudes watching us. After that, I wound down my evening with a much shorter tour of Natasha's fine assets in the back room. Very nice.
  6. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    I stopped by on Wednesday during the storm. There were only a few girls on staff and they were all busy or studiously ignoring me. That was no fun, so I finished my beer and went home. It's much cheaper for me if they don't want my money. Friday was no better. Only a half-dozen girls on, all either busy or just putting in time. I left after 20 minutes without even being offered a beverage. Things were much better at Barbarella's. I haven't heard from Trina in over a month now, and won't make any kind of supposition as to where she has gone. BF is a much less friendly place to me without her.
  7. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    Okay, this problem has been resolved. This particular dancer will no longer be a problem at this particular club. I believe my feelings are best summed up here on her Lyla profile.
  8. Good riddance, you lying, thieving cunt. I did you a huge favour by lendi g you that .oney when you needed it. You ghosted me for over a year and then ignored me and refused to acknowledge the debt. This says a lot about your shitty character.

  9. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    Divine called me in for her shift, and I was not sorry. She's great! Eva is back and looking great. She ignored me completely. It must because she's embarrassed that she still owes me a whole pile of money from a couple of years ago. Maybe it's something else. I can't really say.
  10. Kilt Boy

    sexual assault?

    If you want to have some fun, respond to that kind of post by saying, "Oh, you're one of those." Then stop responding. It nullifies their existence and turns their unfocused rage up to eleven. This was the response of a 12-year-old who will not like being pigeon-holed. #offtopic
  11. This is the simplest cookie I've ever made, and they are always a huge hit. Just remember the order and you can't go wrong. Sugar Butter Flour Now, double the amount of each. 1/2 cup of brown sugar. 1 cup of butter (half of a pound). 2 cups of flour. Cream the room temperature butter with the sugar. Add the flour and combine thoroughly. You can reserve a bit of flour to see if it needs it all. It won't look like much at this stage. Take the entire bowl and pat it out in one layer on a standard cookie sheet and press flat out to the edges. You can dock the surface with a fork if you want. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. While still a little bit warm, you can take a spatula and cut them into bars or squares or whatever you want. When cool, remove to a plate. That's it. Now you can have awesome cookies in about 30 minutes with only 3 ingredients. The flour holds it together, and the brown sugar and butter make a mild caramel flavour.
  12. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    I had a real good time with Khloe yesterday. She is very outgoing and always a blast to hang out with. Very friendly on the couch. Montana was there, and Minx. Both are just cute as buttons and happily accepted a trade of drinks for conversation. Nikkita and Nika were around and another new dark princess whose name I never got (she was stuck to one other guy the entire time I was there). I got to watch Amber on stage and fell in love with her right away. She is tall and fully filled-out. She was very popular with some of the other patrons.
  13. Kilt Boy

    sexual assault?

    Honestly, it was more surprising than anything at the time.. I had to deal with similar situations every day when I was dancing, but I'm 30+ years out of practice. Like Mikeyboy said, i was struck by the reversal of roles and thought that it deserved closer examination and discussion. Jessica is right about reporting her, even though she is a favourite. Everone can have an off day, but I think this shows a behaviour that might need to be monitored. Now I'm going to have a dozen guys on my tits saying, "You asshole! A quick, cheap handjob is exactly why I go to a strip club!" Yeah, well ... you shouldn't. I understand from both sides why it happens, but this is an inappropriate place. BTW, she texted me back saying, "Sorry was a bit drunk". I don't really feel that I need to make a further comment on that.