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  1. Kilt Boy


    BYW, Adora would prefer to remain anonymous online. FYI
  2. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    More than likely. She has been wearing these thigh-high lace up boots lately. Yummy. For more identifiable markings, she has cat spots tattooed on her right hip.
  3. You know you're a regular when the DJ comes down to your table to let you know when your regulars and other girls you might be interested in will be in for the rest of the week. HA HA!
  4. Kilt Boy

    Body odor

    First, a correction: you can't change the pH level in your body or parts of your body. That's a myth perpetrated by the 'health' industry to scare you into buying things. Usually, baby wipes are enough for a good, quick clean. It smells pleasant, too.
  5. Kilt Boy

    Private albums?

    An excellent idea.k
  6. I picked up a new sewing machine. Well, not new. It was made in the 70's. It's a Kenmore! Made in Japan, no electronics, all metal gears and parts, easily convertible to a free arm, case is in perfect condition, $50. This will be great for sewing leather (part of my new hobby). I just need to take it apart and pack it with fresh grease. LET'S GET GREASY!
  7. Easy. I wear a kilt every day. Boots and leggings on really cold days, sandals during the summer. Anything at all on top: muscle shirts, tee shirts, button up, sweaters, whatever. It all works with a kilt.
  8. Kilt Boy

    whisky tango foxtrot

    I have a bunch of questions for this guy, myself. Does your pastor know that YOU'RE in a place like this? Wasn't Jesus a friend to those in low places? The prostitutes and the homeless? Isn't this just the place that you would expect to find Jesus. Do you think so little of these women that you come to their place of work to talk them out of it? Do you have an alternate job waiting for them that is an actual step up? Be an actual human being for a change and you might get the kind of play that I do. Were you trying to make them feel bad about their job? Well, you certainly did that just by having to deal with you. What made you single out those two particular women? You didn't bother anyone else. I mean, I'm pretty sure I know what it was and that your mind was confused because women like this are out of your experience, so your clumsy approach got all muddled and several shades of fucked up and you didn't know how to stop once you got going. I've seen it happen before. Coming back for more signals something else, though.
  9. Kilt Boy

    CR song's durations

    NOTE: Watch out for any contractor who 1) Wants to go by time. She will divide the minutes by 3 and round up for the number of songs. Question what she means. 2) Says she doesn't like the music played and wants to use her own playlist from her phone. These are notoriously short songs.
  10. I was reminded of a tale I heard from a couple of girls recently, so thought I'd share it. I won't say what club or the names of the girls involved in this story. The names are withheld to protect the innocent. They were sitting at a table where the dancers typically hang out and they were approached by a guy who just started to talk to them. After a minute or so, he asked if he could 'rent' them for an afternoon. Yes. RENT. Now, these girls are pretty savvy with the business and even they were taken aback by this choice of word. Things got a bit muddled after that. They were both a bit flustered and were trying so hard to figure out what he meant that they couldn't ask proper questions. They didn't know if he meant it was for a bachelor party, or a photo session, or sexy time boom boom. He had to leave pretty soon after, but said that he'd be back later to talk to them some more. They immediately came over to talk to me about it, knowing that I have a wide variety of experiences. I was just as surprised and weirded out by that word. Anyway, I calmed them down a bit by making jokes about it for the next hour. Vancouver condo rates lease to own immediate occupancy penthouse level or basement apartment rear entrance through a mud room open concept etc. We had a few drinks during this which helped them to get a plan together when/if he came back. They'd insist on a huge fee up front in cash, then insist that their media manager (me) would have to attend. They'd string him along until the bouncers showed up and then get him kicked out. I had to leave before he came back, but I was told later about how it played out. He found one of them and sat down with her without being invited, while she was eating her dinner. That's bad form, right there. After a minute or so, the second girl noticed and joined them. He never did get around to the point. The conversation ranged in topic from how they should just be themselves (makeup, fake tits, padded bras, eyelashes, fake names, etc.) to asking about their religious beliefs and if their pastor knew what they were doing. They left him ranting and went to the change room for a while. Then, they used a different exit to go out for a smoke and a bite to eat before coming back. He was gone when they came back. I saw him earlier. He didn't LOOK like a psycho, but I guess you just never know. WARNING: If you're going to act like an idiot, don't expect that it will be kept private. The more people know about shit like this, the safer it can be for the girls.
  11. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    I've been spending a lot of time (and money) lately with a couple of sisters who work at Barefax and CC. They tend to be a little bit wilder at the Casino Cabaret, but are only there on the weekends. They work the same shifts, usually. Daytime starting after the lunch rush. Layla is a beautiful, young woman. Some may say that she isn't well-proportioned, but her ample ass makes up for her smallish boobs. Not huge, and not tiny. Large and small. Good large, fantastic small. Her face is very expressive, with a wide smile and gorgeous eyes. She's on the taller side, if that makes a difference. When she quits, she should open a stump grinding service. My god, she'll take you right down to ground level with that ass. So much grinding. Destiny is fairly short with an amazing ass and fantastic boobs. She is very friendly upstairs and keeps me coming back to see her every chance I get. She is genuinely happy with her work and it shows. She has all of the 'come hither' looks down pat, and uses them to great advantage. I don't think I've met anyone better at that game than she. She's witty and laughs easily and has an amazing memory. You can determine for yourself if this is a good or bad thing. Both love to talk and are knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics. They are also very skilled in the art of the double entendre (if you know what I mean). I keep them laughing, and they keep coming back to me. If you can keep up, these are 2 great girls to know. Don't ask about sister duos. That's fucking creepy. They don't put up with any shit. Why would they?
  12. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    Here is an example from a dancer's perspective. This came up when I was discussing the topic with her. She was having a disagreement with a customer, so went to the woman at the desk to see how much time had elapsed. She said that her client claimed 3 songs, but she counted 4. She was told, "If you say it's 4, then it's 4." Even SHE was shocked by that attitude. However, she isn't a scammer. I suppose I understand how that works. If there is a paywall to even get upstairs that serves no purpose other than to extract money, then anyone else who is up there to make money will be given the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise, it hurts the business model. I mean, they obviously aren't taking $5 from me to help me out. I know that FOR SURE now.
  13. Kilt Boy

    Barefax review

    I heard from a dancer that duos have been banned, at least for a while. Too many instances of patrons getting ripped off and management is tired of dealing with it.
  14. Well, it's a mixed bag of good and bad. I'm not going to make the determination for you of what is good and what is bad. If you're shy, you wouldn't be wearing one to begin with. Every girl in the place is going to ask if you're wearing underwear. Come up with a clever comeback. The other patrons will think you're a little bit weird and that the only reason you're wearing it is for the easy access. They'll be wishing that they'd thought of that. Speaking of easy access, it is certainly true. I've spoken privately with some close friends about particular dancers and have found that the curiosity factor is often enough to get more action/activity than they have experienced. When alone in a booth, the dancer will more often than not ask questions about your chosen style of dress, ask if she can take a peek, or simply slip a hand or two up along your thighs to check for herself. I'll leave it to you how things progress after that. I'm no more attractive than other men in a strip club. It isn't because of the money because I've never tipped more than normal for any kind of additional attention. The kilt excites some girls a bit more. Having said that, sometimes things go too far. I have a line, and I know when and how to stop without hurting anyone's feelings. Just know that things can escalate very quickly with a naked and/or determined woman with only a thin layer of fabric between you. I've had to deal with many awkward situations where I've been offered certain activities or favours and had to turn them down. Some began without consent, mostly because it's all just right there. NOTE: You will likely be wearing a great big belt buckle with this thing. You can always twist the whole arrangement halfway around to make things more comfortable for her. It will also snag on fishnets and some other lacy materials. Safety first. Going on stage is not usually encouraged by the other patrons. I still remember the day one of my regulars exposed me to one whole side of the bar. She thought it was funny. Keep in mind that the guys in the club don't really care to see your junk, for the most part. The following warning is the real reason for writing this: Recently I was in a booth with a lovely young woman and things were progressing normally. She was facing away from me, twerking her sizable ass around in a very enticing manner. I had my arms up against the back of the booth and my head thrown back, just enjoying the feeling. Neither of us noticed that her activity had pushed my kilt up out of the way and when she sat down on my lap and started grinding, well it was a very near thing. We both noticed at the same time that something wasn't quite right and she froze in place. I gently grabbed her hips and slowly pushed her up and away from me as I slid back onto the bench. We both knew that it was simply a mistake, but we were done for the night.