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  1. I'd seen Lucy more than handful of times at all the group's locations. She's petite,Asian, strong hands, a direct voice and loves to make you beg for more. I still remember when she erotic teased me for repeat business. Always leave happy with sh_t bearing grin.
  2. Victoria was the first to see from the group way back then at the Bridgewater location. I went for the prostate massage. Met a very tall blonde dress in black and work the lower torso to conclusions. Very nice person, but location was way too far for me. It's been far too long and time for a revisit tune up. I didn't try any other options and worried about travel back home.
  3. I book for a late night appointment and was familiar with the location. After entering the door,I was greeted by smiling brunette,instead of the mandatory hand wash I went for shower. If you like taller than average, busty, tats,tanned,talkative or non and firmer hand massage with a sensual body press. You'll leave happy with any options available. Definitely will be repeating.
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