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  1. I dropped by today, and saw Bridgette and Kitty, old times. Hockey game tonight, lots of Maple Leafs fans in town, so the place had some traffic, which was nice.
  2. Fond memories indeed. Too bad some of us guys, never grow up. Nah, better that way 🤣
  3. Haven't been to the Barefax for some time, but Sally was always a favourite and sometimes elusive. That said, well worth the wait, for sure. :-)
  4. There was a link, the ad has been deleted, maybe for good reason. And everyone should determine on their own how to factor in the experience and posting history of the poster. is ir
  5. Awesome girl, you are a great contributor around here. :-)
  6. Guess without Rob Ford still as the mayor, no champion for the SC.
  7. I still am the brew and pot guy, but have a thermal pot, so it stay hot and doesn't need heat under it, which typically makes the coffee taste awful, pretty fast. In fact, I just microwave the next day, and don't waste much coffee. So, I figure about $10 for coffee, which equates to about 10c per cup. Then I have more money for fun things in life. :-)
  8. So I really think we have become a victim of the retailer and bought into the whole it is better and we should spoil ourselves and get a better coffee (I could probably replace that word with a million other ones). At the margin it is better, and perhaps spoil ourselves every now and then, but it has become an everyday staple. As to the coffee, give me the old fashion coffee maker, I will gladly buy the coffee in bulk and will dispose of the grounds as per normal. Let me see, what do I save. Perhaps $50 dollars a month, $600 a year, and $3,000 every 5 years. And for this, I would take a lovely vacation in the South. So, which is it, snotty coffee or a nice vacation, you chose.... I know which one I would take.
  9. Maybe give the test version for a small amount first, and then see what you think. Hey you never know, could be the gem of the century.
  10. So, I have now limited myself to just asking about rates, nothing else, seems to be the safest route. Can we just ask about rates, and still be okay? I figure that will mean less screening, and greater chance of disappointments. What does everyone think? Perhaps over time, things will normalize, but am more inclined to stick with knowns, regardless of a love of variety. Such maybe life. :-(
  11. Yep, now that is much better and discreet, I think that is more in line with what the OP was thinking. lol
  12. It is not that unusual for bp ads to be removed, so wouldn't put too much into that.
  13. I believe that Ebony lady mostly went by the name "Sally", but changed that when she move from the Mate to Fax, since "Sally" was already owned by one of the Fax ladies.
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