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  1. 🙃 just Google the name that I mention. It's close to Concordia hospital
  2. First it was on Gateway road, now they moved. They changed the name for Gateway to Healing
  3. Mature woman, for the ones who like, its an average look, make you feel very comfortable. Covered services (only got b j and didn't ask about anything else). Regular massage, a little bit odd. And yes, she is talkative. Great attitude. I will come back some day.
  4. or maybe try a HE after the pedicure, 🤪. But seriously, you have to do the walk of shame in front of the people having pedicure. Just a tip, don't go weekends (beginning Friday evening). If you get the first room on the right, people can see you depending on how much the door was opened.
  5. Until recently the word was she was finishing her studies and had no time. Only recently I got the information she moved to BC. I didn't see any post about that though.
  6. Hi gentlemen, bringing sad news. Rachel (Ness) is not in Winnipeg anymore. Someone had told me but I double checked the info before post it. She also moved to BC (no idea where). Another MP we will miss. 😔
  7. My last time was with Jenny, and looked like she would prefer doing anything else. Before she was more enthusiastic. Or maybe she was having a bad day.
  8. Hello, going to Toronto next week anyone had any experience with this agency, please? https://gf416.com/ any other recommendations? please let me know, thank you
  9. For the ones who are looking for a RMT Chinese style, I recommend YiYi Spa in East Kildonan. Straight massage only, no funny business. However, good professionals, helped me with Sciatica pain. Again, totally straight.
  10. Thank you, since the beggining I mention to message me. Some gentlemen understood and kindly gave the info that I need. I also gave feed back to the ones who reached me after that. I'm sorry if not everybody saw this way.
  11. I will when I come back there. I am only DM people since they are on DND list
  12. Who will be the first to get a Brazilian waxing? 🤪😇
  13. Thank you, people already PM me with the info I needed
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