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  1. Legalization is the best way to protect the young ladies. Most of the abuse happens at the underground.
  2. Did someone visit her in the last 3 months? Please text me
  3. Unfortunately she is on DND list PM me if you want
  4. Sorry, I made a mistake. It wasn't copy and paste, I just looked at the wrong add and got the name for that https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/manitoba/winnipeg_without_money_need_a_new_boyfriend-6622802 I know people here rarely make mistakes, but I did. I apologize for that
  5. Hello there, if someone had a recent experience please, PM me. Looks like is out of my league. But anyway, any information about her and also $ would be much appreciated. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/manitoba/winnipeg_incall_outcalls-5755603?source=list
  6. Sorry, but shouldn't it be in the massage section?
  7. Wow, I wish. But bareback? Nowadays? Man... too risk
  8. Is the same Daisy who used to work at Ness besides Sunhope 3 years ago? The one who uses hot compress in the microwave?
  9. Susan at Ness was awesome. Never saw her again.
  10. Does anyone know if Merry is not at Ness anymore? Where is she now?
  11. Yeah, good experience with Monica. Classic Chinese style massage (elbows, forearms). Teasing ok. I would be back. Agreed, years of experience. Open to talk about everything.
  12. I didn't make any negative comment about the reputation of the place. I explained " Last thread about this place was deleted because of overshared information. " It means, be careful about sharing names, services, etc... that happened before
  13. Yeah, but that time was some independent provider (in an apartment or something) . I really regret that I didn't take notes. I saw adds now but they look like more Egyptian to me
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