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  1. I believe he wrote at the topic, Lili.
  2. One that I would suggest is Cindy. She was at Ness, but I haven't see her for a while. Really focus on you.
  3. I had a massage with Sam last time. I was with some back issues. I agreed, she is strong. Straight massage, but didn't ask for anything
  4. Ok, I've been there yesterday. I had scheduled with Jenny. When I arrived I mentioned that. But Sam came to the room. I said it again, sorry there's a mistake. I am waiting for Jenny. She left, and Kate came. She said Jenny was busy. She would begin and later Jenny would take over. Well, never happened. Massage was "ok" . I could repeat. Maybe. Happiness happened, but I felt disappointed. There was nobody having nails done. So, she was doing a massage to another person. By the way, the lady with blondie hair that I mentioned before is Kate. I will try to schedule Jenny again. Maybe I will have luck.
  5. Sorry, what I was trying to say, for the ones who already had experienced the real tantric, with the lingan (and read some material about that too) will feel disappointed. However, if you want someone who makes a good massage down under that fits you, you will eventually find.
  6. You can Google for Tantric. But don't spend your money. If you know the real deal and is looking for it here, you're not gonna find. I didn't find real lingan yet
  7. We need patience. After a year reading every single comment (even the old ones) I figured out the ones that fit me. However, I am still looking for Korean ladies but they always ask for references. Maybe in 2 more years someone will give to me. And I keep trying... Read old comments here, and you will understand the news ones
  8. sorry dude, I kind of suck for hair style names, but you're probably right
  9. Silly question. I was there asking about massage. One lady (Vietnamese or Chinese) in her early 40s, curly blond hair talked to me. Is this lady the owner? Anyone knows, please?
  10. I believe you are using a metaphor, eh?
  11. It is something really personal. I agree that when the provider gets more relaxed with you things will happen naturally. But again, communication is the key. Also, a lady can always change her mind and we need to be aware of that
  12. If you take a look, there's a lot references about both places.
  13. I've been surprised a couple of times. Some ladies 50+ gave me a really good experience. They apparently have a crystal ball and know what and how you like (lol).
  14. Thanks for the clarification. I will remove it
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