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  1. I would say, "most of the time" I enjoy a massage from an older Asian woman, DND list complicates things. The majority of them know exactly where, when and how touch you.
  2. She was full booked fast. Maybe ("maybe") is one of those cases where she is a really good stuff and people who know her book in advance
  3. Fully booked. I hope you got it
  4. Hello. I am going to visit Victoria in July. I am not too much into FS, I prefer massages leaving happy. If you have any tips about that in Victoria, please PM me. I would appreciate it. Have a good time everyone!
  5. My bad. I thought all Sunhope units were in DND list
  6. Just careful M....... At H....... DND list. I can PM you about her
  7. I don't even want big hands close to my butt. I'm out lol
  8. Alisson Hall, Andrea Slobodan and even Maralee Caruso with a good wine. But, Terri is Terri... 🤩
  9. I just had a massage with Megan. Classic Chinese style massage. Pressure the way you prefer. She is very flexible on the way you would like. I was in need of a massage in my neck and shoulders. You received one entire hour of massage without interruptions. I would come back.
  10. Thank you. I just used something in the proximity as a reference. I didn't want to say the exact address.
  11. If you open Google Maps close to Victoria Hospital, and look for nail saloons you will see. I don't know if is new or old. But anyway, if they don't offer massage it's ok. Just curious
  12. Both close to Victoria Hospital
  13. That's why I would prefer to mention some stuff in a private group. And it does not need to be about "juicy " stuff only. It's about preferences. Sometimes a massage in your feet turn you on, and for you it is teasing. It would be easy than PM 2 or 3 people every time.
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