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  1. Gia is a doll. She is straight up hot as fuck just like she says she is. She looks amazing enough in clothes so when they come off... well just hold steady. Total beauty and remarkably sweet. She is genuine and honest and a total pleasure ti talk to as well as feel. She is tall and firm and having her slide up against you is absolute heaven. Feels good, smells good and looks great. I have been with quite a few escorts in my life, in a number of cities as I travel with work, so finding her here in Calgary was my great luck. She is a doll. Sweet and enjoyable and in my mind you cannot go wrong with her. I plan on seeing her more than just the once because having sexy and elegant in one tall, dark, dreamy package is just too hard to not repeat.
  2. I’ll be posting my own review but for now I’ll piggyback on this review. Gia deserves more reviews. She is a sweet, genuine, elegant and sexy black woman. I was perfectly happy seeing her in her clothes, so when she took them off... wow. Long legs, smooth skin and great enhanced breasts. Mostly it was her face. This woman is fucking beautiful. Just flat out sexy as fuck. I will review her myself but for now... wow. I still think about that body riding me. Gia is far and above one of, if not the best.
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