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  1. Yes, I have read this interview before, and I am thrilled with such discussions because I understand that, finally, male escorts will not be as despised as before. Ultimately, humanity is reaching another level; now, no one will judge you if you work as a male escort or, for example, use such services, isn't it wonderful? I like that more and more it is being talked about, and it is no longer being hidden. Previously, for me to hire an escort, I had to search for a long time for a website where I could hire him, and then I was afraid that something would go wrong and someone would find out about it. Now I have a couple of people from this site escorts2.com, from whom I constantly use services, and I am not shy about it.
  2. I don't know, bare feet are not so pleasing, it's like a pussy without panties. I'm surprised most of the people voted chose that option. Personally, my biggest fetish is petite legs in stockings. It's cool as stockings could hide any drawbacks and makes you imagine the best feet you want. When I visit the mistress, I always ask her to play with me in stockings. She has the site if someone wonders https://www.nicolebdsm.com/foot-worship-in-london/. The best part is the color of stockings could change the whole mood. White stockings girls look so innocent thus so dope.
  3. I love finding new sensations, so I never stop at just one chick.
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