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  1. I've seen Ciara's advert many times but never looked too close.. The last week or so I tried to meet with her but her schedule was always full. Well today I got to finally meet Ciara. She was a more mature lady which I prefer so I booked with her. Not paying to much attention to her services she asked if I wanted naughty. Still not really paying attention I said sure. Well.. if you see Ciara without the naughty it's like flying to Whistler to ski on the bunny hill. You need the black diamond experience. Greeted me out front and proceeded to the bedroom . I showered while she got ready. She laid me on the bed and said she would be in charge and I should relax and enjoy the view. I have been with many ladies in my 50+ years but never one that is as nasty as Ciara. I was doing things to her that I never thought would be allowed. She took it and wanted more. So this is the naughty and there is stuff we never tried but now I know for next time. Every guy should experience this at least once . Or not . It may not go over too well when you throat your wife. It can be addictive
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