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  1. does anyone know where this girl is ? She was in Belleville maybe 10 years ago at the R and T Then Kingston at TOC. She was a wonderful provider and I would love 1 more session. Thank you sry I have no photo but she had long black hair and was probably pushing 60. ❤️
  2. Has anyone heard of her lately? Legendary from what I’ve read. I hear she was in Oshawa? I’m looking for some nasty massage to get off my bucket list.
  3. Strictly hit and miss. You should always ask for Kendra.
  4. In Toronto April 6 and 7. I'm looking for the ultimate service from either a Korean or Oriental provider. I hear the Korean Spa experience is the best ? Also considering the Sex Club scene. Any insight please.
  5. Just need oil for the slide.
  6. Unfortunate but accurate. Her ass though is first class!
  7. The thrill of the unknown is hard to resist.
  8. Beautiful naughty lady?
  9. Only one I've seen from your list is Rumor. So all I can say is I didn't repeat.
  10. Got lucky at touch of class. Just climbed the stairs on a whim and was delighted to meet Kendra. YMMV but she is tall and dripping with sex! She got me through my February blues. Don't really like the location basically waiting for a raid the whole time. Would love to see her in a hotel setting.
  11. Never but then again I stick to a few regular ladies.
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