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  1. Any recent updates on this local SP ?
  2. Well as with a lot of Asian women she could have been 25-40 years old but very nice with soft skin. Not close to the girl in the pictures but at least she was there. A nice hot shower followed by massage and finish. Good location on first floor of building. In and out in 40 minutes. Possible repeat. She went by Tami
  3. Hey thanks for the input. Does she work at TOC ?
  4. Heading there tonight I will offer my review later
  5. After last nights debacle at The Knights Inn I’m upgrading to a more traditional massage activity. It is true we do get what we pay for 😂 well hopefully watch here later for a review of this evening attempt
  6. I saw her by accident while trying to see another SP at the same hotel personally I would not bother
  7. I know I’m late doing this but she is Tremendous I used to see her in Belleville at the Cab. I would barely get through the first song in the VIP without going off. Did u ever see her?
  8. This scam currently being run in Belleville!! Say no cash because of past bad experiences only gift card or Pay Pal. Stay away from anyone not accepting cash. Or be very sure of the SP 🙏
  9. Not sure but I certainly miss the VIP at the Caberet 😎😎
  10. I actually received texts from the Website Moderator which is garbage demanding I give him the Steam Card codes! I declined but my goal here is to inform people of this Steam Card scam.
  11. No I canceled I should have clued when she said she didn’t take cash! Also did a little research of the phone #. It’s used in many different ads got scam written all over it 🤮
  12. has anyone been duped by this method of payment? I booked in Kingston and was asked to donate with steam cards then was asked to scratch off area on card for my SP to see before I received location the receipt for the card was clearly seen in the picture I sent Anyone done this? I felt if I gave her the codes for the cards I wouldn’t have got the address
  13. Celesste is always a good time no nonsense no drama just pure German satisfaction
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