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  1. If you have any interest in Kink Ciara is your person ! Completely there to serve u in any fashion you desire. Safe and friendly. Like they say about Jack Daniels all goods worth the value asked. Definite repeat for me.
  2. Finally getting another visit with this red head. Watch for review tonight.
  3. Does anyone in Belleville ever see any of these SPs. Wondering why there’s no reviews etc
  4. Currently in Ktown has anyone seen her recently. Pictures are quite alluring.
  5. Thank u I didn’t think CL still existed but there was no ad for Mature B anywhere
  6. Yes they really could be 39 or 59 lol good times though
  7. I’m going soon her menu is fantastic and so are her reviews
  8. I have tried to see her a few times but never seem to get the job done ? Any one been to see her ?
  9. Any recent updates on this local SP ?
  10. Well as with a lot of Asian women she could have been 25-40 years old but very nice with soft skin. Not close to the girl in the pictures but at least she was there. A nice hot shower followed by massage and finish. Good location on first floor of building. In and out in 40 minutes. Possible repeat. She went by Tami
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