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  1. Absolutely Rubs just need CR and Celeste to make it a great February
  2. Terb let’s you post negative review’s
  3. No I’m sticking to known providers
  4. Yes Locanto is really is a gong show
  5. Hobby living on here as well but not as often lol also spending more time on Terb where you can actually give a poor review if necessary I keep myself to the plus 40 providers. Less drama in this age group.
  6. Common sense. If it feels wrong just leave any good SP will not make you uneasy. Don’t arrive drunk and don’t text 100 times. If the price is too much for you lower your expectations. Lots of various price points everywhere. I can’t afford legendary encounters regularly but it does make it glorious when I can. Also I find Jim Beam almost as good as Jack if you follow 😀
  7. It was reported that a LL ad for Kimmy was a scam to get people to her room at that hotel upon arrival her pimp/friend would rob u. The Maplecrest has been shady for years. I would only see legendary SP’s at this location.
  8. Thank you for the heads up as seen on Leolist
  9. This lady travels between Kingston and the Capital and is on Leolist. In kingston her ads even give the hotel name At any rate it’s near the 401 and last week out of curiosity I did a drive by and saw 2 police cars close by Coincidence? I’m not sure has anyone in Ottawa seen her ? Maybe I’m paranoid? thank u
  10. Possibly a sting operation? Has no one been there.
  11. ads on Leolist back and forth between Kingston and Ottawa Looking for a review or any info. She even mentioned Hotel name in ad which is unusual? Anything ? Thank you 🙏
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