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  1. Any service provider do cuddling? Not that I'm not open to more but I'm really just bored and lonely. Willing to pay regular rate, not trying to lowball.
  2. True! I know they are not all scammer but there all a lot of them. Still I hope people stay safe and away from scammers.
  3. I saw a post about her here but I don't see it anymore. This post is a scam. I called them out as scammer and they've been harassing me from private numbers. Stay away!!
  4. This person scammed me. I paid paid her but she never honored our session. Seems to have made up a story as to why she couldn't come down. Never paid me back.
  5. The ad mentions Coco and Tallia as a name but I called her Tallia. I sent her an emt and she was going to get the password when she arrived. She said her phone was cracked, I could see that it was which made it hard for her to accept my payment. I cancelled the first one and sent a second one, she was saying that it was still not working and I just happen to have cash and paid in cash without cancelling the emt. She started and said she needed a smoke and left and never came back. Left with both the emt and the cash. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_utca_s_x_petit_b_wj_b_g_dd_p_a_f_l_d_ghtf_l_h-6397116?source=list
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