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  1. Hi Lydia, Thank you. I'm verified and am not able to delete my photos using the manage album button. There used to be a delete option included in the manage image button. Now you can only edit. That button is available under the image on the right hand side. Is this temporary and due to changes being made by the developers? There also used to be an option to move photos from one album to another. This feature has been gone for some time now. As well, anytime I post new images, they need to be approved. I will take a look at my settings to see if there are any other options I am missing. As an update. I sent a pm to Lydia and she was prompt in deleting the image for me. Thanks so much. 🙂
  2. Thanks Lydia. I'm looking forward to the new changes. Will any new photos be held in moderation until the edit or delete option is back? For those that posted not knowing the options are no longer available. 🙂
  3. Hello, I am no longer able to access the delete option in my albums. I'm using a laptop. Has it been removed? Thanks,
  4. Sensual Erin

    So sweet you are, as always, Thanks NJ. 😊
  5. I see that photo comments will now need to be approved by a moderator. That's promising.. I enjoyed having this option to interact with others this way. It's a shame a few that abuse the privilege make it difficult it for the rest of us.
  6. Hello, A quick question please.... Has the option to make comments on photos been removed? Any previous comments from past photos seem to have been deleted as well? However, if I visit a members profile that has made a comment it's still visible? It also looks we can no longer click on members names that reacted to go to their profile? I'm just wondering if anyone else is has having the same issue or if these features have been removed? Thanks, E
  7. Thanks for the suggestion Greenteal. We used to be able to create private albums for friends only. The new system does not appear to have this feature. Much appreciated.
  8. I should outline a few categories. -Casual -Classic -Business casual -Trendy -Sporty Just a few I can think of. How do you feel about color? Or colors like black and grey? This may be a little off topic, but I find it so appealing when the clothing reflects the person. Maybe a glimpse of a colorful sock, or something completely unexpected. Fun and flirty or with an edge. What draws you in?
  9. Hello everyone, I thought I would ask how you would describe your signature style? I'm interested to know what uniquely defines your personal appearance? For myself, I tend to gravitate towards wardrobe essentials that feel natural. I'm usually wearing jeans, leggings, cozy sweaters and tee's, for my day to day life. I would describe my style as casual. I want easy to care for, laid back clothing. Of course it's fun to venture into other clothing styles to match the occasion, but this is what mainly defines my style. How would you describe your clothing personality?
  10. Hi Katie, Thanks for sharing. The no make up or scent request would be challenging. This is going into the very natural.... Would that also be for scented deodorant? This may be getting into another topic, so I will leave it there. : )
  11. I appreciate having this discussion. Thank you. Even the use of natural products and essential oils may be too strong. Looking at this discussion, it is important to know beforehand. It looks as if this may be a subject that does not come up often, but is significant enough to add to the communication process. Or do we just assume that everyone involved is on the same page? As we are aware, that's not always the case.
  12. I have a question in regards to how albums are now being displayed. I've don't see an option to create a private album for friends only? With the new set up I think that would be followers now? Any help is appreciated. Thank you,
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