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  1. Oh guys, this girl is a gem. A cute curvy petite mix of girl next door and bombshell. (also fun size).What makes her a gem, is that she's a Caribbean girl. Caribbean girls are the best! They're so comfortable sexually and always so nice and affectionate. We were on the same wavelength on a lot of things which was really cool, we had some common friends surprisingly. I asked her to stand up and turn around for me so I could admire her body, because her dress seemed SO TIGHT. Her face is so cute and beautiful and big butt, what more can you ask for... Boy was it a treat! I really enjoyed every minute I had with her. This girl knows what she's doing, has energy and enthusiasm. I believe we both really got into it because I was almost in pile driver, and she had the cutest O face lol This girl has an amazing personality, like wow... how is she so cool?. She's like that perfect and dangerous blend of being a minx and an innocent girl. hard to explain. I walked out of there feeling like a champ, like I wanted to fight someone in the street. I must repeat.
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