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    Hi Im David Robinson and I live in Vancouver BC where I am an Assistant Professor of Marketplace Theology and Leadership at Regent College
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    Hi Im David Robinson and I live in Vancouver BC where I am an Assistant Professor of Marketplace The

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  1. Hi again guys just wanted to review my new favorite provider in the Nanaimo area Olivia! SHe was sweet and accomodating. I went with the outcall option since i was visiting nanaimo and she arrived on time and looked even better than the pictures! I've been having ok luck recently with verified escorts and deposits so since she was verified and had an ad thats been up for a while I went ahead and took a chance and i'm glad i did. I started with the 2 hour package but ended up turning into an overnight because we had such a good time! Five stars for Olivia! Will definaately see her again
  2. Usually I ask for simple things like a picture holding a piece of paper with the date and my name on it or something along those lines. A few SP have sent me a copy of their hotel room confirmation that was helpful since then I know theya re actually where they say they are. But I guess just go with your gut, if she has no personality and sounds robotic and doesnt have any reviews or social media dont send a deposit plain and simple. Otherwise if shes not asking for a deposit and she shows up and it's not the right girl, simply don't pay her. I will never understand all these people who say they got "ripped off" when they paid the girl who showed up that wasn't the right girl..why did you pay her then?
  3. Hi Everyone, i just wanted to contribute to the community and write a stellar recommendation for my new favorite provider in the area Jill. I was a bit nervous about the security deposit but she sent me a picture of herself holding a piece of paper with my phone number and also her hotel room confirmation from the booking site so i went ahead and gave it a whirl. I'm very glad i did she was a very enjoyable fun and sexy person to be around. I got a party package since it was a long weekend for me and we ended up partying all night long and it was great! She has very few restrictions and without going into detail she more than met my requests. I brought a bottle of wine she likes cabernet she said, and she was hosting in a nice clean hotel room downtown. I really enjoyed my time with her and definitely will be seeing her again! She is way more attractive in person than in pictures! Five star! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
  4. I am going to be visiting new brunswick next weekend will you be around then??
  5. Hi I just wanted to say thanks for this very thorough and helpful comment I appreciated it a lot I will definately look out for these things
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