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  1. I met Allie on the weekend, she was great. I left a review in the other channel about her.
  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Allie today. She’s a lovely girl, incredibly sweet and fun and well worth getting to know. She’s very patient, accommodating and really a treat to talk to. There was no BS, just a very pleasant and down to earth person who you definitely won’t regret meeting. She’s currently not verified on LL but is planning on changing that soon.
  3. Hah yeah, Horny Brain isn’t always Smart Brain. Glad I found this place though, will be more careful and do research if I try again.
  4. https://ca.escortsaffair.com/stjohn/detail/637838c49874d63722ee6c78 https://ca.escortsaffair.com/vancouver/detail/637055767bbbac07ac146afe Do avoid trying to book sessions. Will ask for deposit/pre-pay. Also will ask for a 500 “security deposit” on top of what a session would be. Through conversation they informed me they lived in town, and had no other ads up. Later I’d find old ads from the US, same-day ads from BC, NS, and other places. The first email they gave for transfer of the deposit was “the wrong one” and got me to send another to a different email. They also refused any sort of confirmation of identity, email addresses were fishy (other people’s names). Below is another example of an older ad for the same name, same pictures in the US. https://xraters.com/escorts-review/jennifer-razavi/6174201849
  5. Damn I wish I had found out about this place before this weekend! Made some stupid, expensive mistakes 🤪 if I try this kinda thing again I’m definitely going with one of the lovely ladies from here.
  6. Ohh if you ever get down SJ way, a heads up would be appreciated 🙂 you seem lovely!
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