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  1. April might be a safer bet. I’ve heard rumours provincial borders might open up again. Here’s hoping.
  2. On the topic of thoughtful posts I’m always interested in what @Kitten has to say so I’ll nominate her for thIs month.
  3. Thanks for sharing Piper. I had noticed your ads before and I was always struck by how caring you are. I also appreciate this interview. Definitely need more discussion and understanding around this topic. Thanks as always @lydiahardwood
  4. Thank you for the interview Alexis and @lydiahardwood. I’m curious to know everyone’s opinion on whether the general ideas expressed by Alexis were similar to Sam Gaines. Just worded differently.
  5. I would like to nominate @MelanieRose. Had the pleasure of meeting her once and hope to do so again. I’m intrigued by her take on how to do a proper hike in the woods....she certainly knows how to make it sexy
  6. Happy Friday morning! I would like to nominate @Niya today. I’ve never met her but I appreciate her positive energy on Twitter and she is always smiling! Would you please lend me some of that energy?
  7. And so is the gorgeous and sexy @cassiesteele.
  8. Briella is a curvy blonde goddess. Not only that she’s so chill it’s easy to be around her. The nicest person you could meet as well
  9. May I sandwich myself between @Kitten and @Allie Zeon as my first choice today? 😉. Thanks!
  10. That’s excellent @lydiahardwood, I would be interested in reading that. Thank you.
  11. I am a fan of debate and different perspectives as well. Thank you for sharing your pov’s @Allie Zeon and @Kitten.
  12. Thanks Kitten. Interesting way of phrasing. Can’t imagine why that would give me naughty ideas....
  13. Another awesome contest, thanks @lydiahardwood! I would like to nominate @Exotic Touch Danielle who is a kind soul, beautiful person and damn is she sexy. Thanks
  14. So glad to hear this! Thank you Allie!
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