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  1. I met with Lily today and it was a fantastic experience. I constantly have a sore back and she was able to put her therapeutic skills to work on it. This moved on to something a little more of a slow burn sensual pace which resulted in a different but very enjoyable kind of therapy. She’s very attractive and blessed with a rockingly curvaceous body. December is a great time to reach out as I’m sure she’ll be busy again in January. Highly recommend.
  2. I’ve met both #EastCoastKimmy and #ExoticTouchDanielle separately. They are amazing, gorgeous and sexy. Danielle is a voluptuous goddess while Kimmy has this amazing sensually way about her. I can only imagine they would be an explosive combination together.
  3. Also had the pleasure of meeting Ava. She is gorgeous, sexy and professional. Like her ad says she has a variety of interests. Convient incall location too. A must-see in SJ.
  4. Superstackedstacey. She’s in Canada at least. Sadly not in Moncton
  5. You made such a positive impact here! I’m sorry that you’re leaving but wish you the best of luck. After all of the challenges working on this board (and your love of world travel] you’d be ideally suited to work at the United Nations. Take care xo
  6. This Ferrari has it all! Enthusiastic, intelligent, confident, gorgeous, and sexy. Made me feel like I was Brad Pitt in 2003. She has beautiful curly hair, a great smile and is constantly making eye contact. Felt like this wasn’t our first meeting but we were old friends. A must see whenever she’s in town.
  7. I find the topic fascinating but I’m a little sceptical. Reading through the description I feel like I might have gravitated to things that matched what I believe about myself, overlooked what’s irrelevant and come away thinking it was totally accurate. Still interesting though. Its all water for me.
  8. Good Lord @Allie Zeon astrology readings could be a third career for you!
  9. Yes @Exotic Touch Danielle will take VERY good care of you @Fredguy30!
  10. I echo @beesh sentiments. Good for you in asking this question. There’s so much to enjoy about the company of a wonderful lady. Definitely not all about the penis. @cassiesteelewould be a great possibility as she is very much about making intimate connections. Jenna is also a fantastic lady. I’ve written recommendations for both.
  11. Thank you @lydiahardwood! For the nomination as well. Checking in on Lyla daily comes before reading the news on CNN and CBC that’s for sure!
  12. Thanks for sharing your interests @conquistador, I can certainly understand the attraction. You are brave asking for a beat down from such strong women. Lucky you only had a sore neck for a week Thanks @lydiahardwood. Your interviews always interesting and enlightening.
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