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  1. I’m glad to hear that. I wish her all the best
  2. Hey Timmy there’s a list on Nova Scotia recommendations here on the Lyla website. There are some ladies who have tons of recommendations here like #MsManda, #Stephaniemystique, #EastcoastKimmy, #ExoticTouchDanielle just to name a few. You could always check out their Twitter or Onlyfans accounts to get a preview.
  3. Everyone can relax. I saw Lily yesterday. Everything is good and yes Lily is still amazing.
  4. Pretty sure that’s Dee. There were some previous discussions around here somewhere.
  5. Don’t be so cynical. Clearly they’re triplets.
  6. https://www.locanto.ca/saintjohn/ID_6588441056/Looking-for-a-sensual-massage.html
  7. On Locanto mostly but they both have excellent reviews here on Lyla
  8. I don’t think you need to ask this question. You could give a master class on the topic!
  9. I met with Lily today and it was a fantastic experience. I constantly have a sore back and she was able to put her therapeutic skills to work on it. This moved on to something a little more of a slow burn sensual pace which resulted in a different but very enjoyable kind of therapy. She’s very attractive and blessed with a rockingly curvaceous body. December is a great time to reach out as I’m sure she’ll be busy again in January. Highly recommend.
  10. I’ve met both #EastCoastKimmy and #ExoticTouchDanielle separately. They are amazing, gorgeous and sexy. Danielle is a voluptuous goddess while Kimmy has this amazing sensually way about her. I can only imagine they would be an explosive combination together.
  11. Also had the pleasure of meeting Ava. She is gorgeous, sexy and professional. Like her ad says she has a variety of interests. Convient incall location too. A must-see in SJ.
  12. Superstackedstacey. She’s in Canada at least. Sadly not in Moncton
  13. You made such a positive impact here! I’m sorry that you’re leaving but wish you the best of luck. After all of the challenges working on this board (and your love of world travel] you’d be ideally suited to work at the United Nations. Take care xo
  14. This Ferrari has it all! Enthusiastic, intelligent, confident, gorgeous, and sexy. Made me feel like I was Brad Pitt in 2003. She has beautiful curly hair, a great smile and is constantly making eye contact. Felt like this wasn’t our first meeting but we were old friends. A must see whenever she’s in town.
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