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  1. UPDATE; I posted the same request on SP411 and a person there said he had booked Tracy at Elite a couple of times (she only does days which is ok with me) and then saw her independently and gave me her number and confirmed of course that Tracy was not her real name. He also said many many good things about her and highly recommended her. I will definately be giving her a call. These sites do work. Thanks
  2. I found a couple more pictures of Tracy/Nicole on one of Elitecompanions sites. Hopefully someone may recognize her if she is still in the business.
  3. I noted that EliteCompanions still has a picture of Tracy on their instagram account and have uploaded a couple here it that will help you in recognizing her.
  4. Good day....I had tried to book Tracy (I also heard she goes by the name Nicole as well) through EliteCompanions in Niagara Falls Ontario during the summer but she was on holidays with family. She is no longer with Elite and is on her own as a SP. Would love to get in touch with her as she comes highly recommended. If anyone knows, please share. Thanks.
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