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  1. Hey all! I will be in town over the weekend, and was wondering if I could get a recommendation for a discreet spa within walking distance of the Marriott in St John's. Thanks!
  2. ZugZug

    What to do in St. John’s?

    Do you mind if I contact you as well? I will be in St John's mid-september and have some questions.
  3. I am, once again, heading to Vancouver in a couple of weeks, and would like to have some fun while there. Any advice on who to see or who to avoid? Looking for someone (F or MtF) who is experienced in sensual dommeing people.
  4. ZugZug

    Vancouver situation

    Thanks. Lyla isn't that great for Vancouver. Is there a better place to look for out west that gives a way to get an idea of reviews/recommendations?
  5. I have been Googling, but to no avail. I am heading to Vancouver in a couple of weeks and am looking for some information on how risky it is to hobby in the city. I come from Ottawa/Gatineau, where it is pretty safe as long as you don't get close to trafficiking/pimping or under age stuff. What's it like in Vancouver?
  6. Had an awesome visit over lunch. Well worth the visit. Small and intimate, it is easily accessible from Rideau Center (15 minutes walk into the downtown core).
  7. Where did you hear this rumour? Personally, a downtown location would be awesome.
  8. ZugZug


    https://www.humpchies.com is the correct website
  9. ZugZug

    Midnight Maya

    I would agree with 1963Kennedy. If you are experienced in massage and/or domme experiences, then go for it. But, if it is your first time, I would stick with the MA side of her services. Less likely to go into it with mistaken impressions due to lack of experience.
  10. ZugZug


    If you don't mind walking about 10 minutes (to near Queen/Kent) you can see any one of the ladies at Brass Club.
  11. ZugZug

    Recos for a good massage?

    What are you looking for? Provide some ideas of what you want (body shape, ethnicity, location, agency or independent, etc) and we can be of better service.
  12. ZugZug

    Strap On

    Because I have no desire to be with a male, and it has nothing to do with bi-tendencies. It has everything to do with wanting to experience being pegged by a female.
  13. ZugZug

    New clients to screen

    It's all well and good she is new, but posting info like that, in an open (public forum) with a real first and last name? This is a very real nightmare situation that only makes life harder (and more dangerous) for all SPs.