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  1. we’ll, there seems to be a glitch. I’ll try again later.
  2. Yes, I have. But they change ladies frequently. The ladies are average but never anything to write home about. The quality really ranges from visit to visit. But seems to be safe and discreet enough for me. Also fairly economical if that is a factor for you. The ladies are always friendly and happy to make you happy. Bare services are available so, that is a bit of a red flag to me. They usually speak little English but will use an online translator if they need to understand you. Hope this is helpful! PM me if you have specific questions you’re after.
  3. Thanks so much for this recommendation! I had a chance to see her and it was perfect. I’ve been to quite a few providers and she did things I have not experienced before. Great experience from beginning right to the happy end! Her reviews often include “nice breasts” and I could not agree more. Overall she was. A perfect host! I’ll be back! The only negatives were that her unit was quite warm. Perhaps it will improve in the summer when the AC turns on? Not sure. Also the building itself is not super appealing. But I can overlook these as the location is perfect for me and the service was the best you’ll find!
  4. This excellent! Thank you I will try!
  5. Hi all, I am wondering if this group could offer some help. I am looking for massage as near as possible to Billing’s Bridge Mall area as possible. So far I know about the ALO location on Bank, but I don’t think I’m a big ALO fan personally. Do you know of any other spas or providers that are very near by this area? TIA!
  6. Hi, I’ve been eyeing this Star Health Spa. Have not ever seen any comments about this location. Anyone have the 411? What is it like there? Hit or miss? thanks!
  7. Hi! I’ll be visiting Winnipeg in early May. Looking for the best experience while I’m there. Where should I be looking to get a good taste of Winnipeg? Also very interested in visiting a swingers club if any exist in Winnipeg?
  8. Hello. I will be visiting Winnipeg in early May. I’m trying to figure out where I should go to sample a taste of Winnipeg. Any ideas where I should go to see the best of Winnipeg? I will be near Polo Park but I can get around Winnipeg no problem.
  9. And she’s very sweet and personable! I can vouch for that!
  10. This is a great post! I struggle with the dilemma too! I am someone that fights for the underdog and have worked with the homeless, addicted, mentally unwell, and other areas of people facing disadvantages. Some women (men and others also) readily and freely choose this line of work. Others choose to do it out of a necessity to survive. And yet some are forced into it by people profiting off their backs. I hate to feel that im contributing to any negative repercussions, but I think it’s impossible not to contribute at least in some way to the negatives, if using these services. The way I’ve tried to justify it in my head: 1. These ladies are doing a great service for me. 2. Whether or not I use their services they’ll still have to do the work. 3. At least I know that while they are with me they will be treated with dignity and respect (not including the argument that it’s disrespectful in some way to be using the services to begin with). I have heard the stories about the A-holes and dangerous situations some of these ladies have been placed in and I think they at least appreciate not having to worry about these things with me. I don’t think there is an easy answer. Although some might say there is an east answer “just don’t use the services”. But some of us have a genuine need for these services IMO. All that said, if you do use these services please be good to these people. Respect them, and still ask for consent! If being rude or disrespectful somehow gets you off, talk to them up front to let them know what you’re looking for and see if it can be a mutually agreeable experience. We are all humans and we’re all dealing with something. So please be nice! “We are all in this (life) together”
  11. Any recent reviews on Spa Space? Off Merivale I think it’s technically on Clyde if I’m not mistaken. I was there once for a HE, not bad, but not great either. No showers. But I might repeat.
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