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  1. This Skylar? I also found her genuine and sweet. May 2022.
  2. Yes, as I have learned. You summarize it very nicely. Thank you.
  3. What I've learned: Lyla recommendations are vital. Only today did I find 2nd and 3rd pages in TB started in 2010 include some SP I was trying to verify. Counsel and kindness here are gold. IMO scamming is huge. NOT you! NOT here... but elsewhere, everywhere! In AFF in 2000 I met only real people. In AFF a month ago 20+ all working hard to pretend, and not a single context who proved to be legit. I should post on the indicators, but my point here is that people going crazy with the legitimate need for intimacy are extremely vulnerable, and the sharks are out there. So those shy about deposits don't know better, yet. My advice to those like myself: never trust an unverified ad. Never try an SP who does not have reviews in depth. READ THE RECOMMENDATIONS. In a small market, ask those active here for SP's that can be trusted, and then help them get you properly vetted, and book paying a reasonable deposit. WE are the risk, to them. I was lucky that my one and only encounter was with a real travelling companion I am not allowed to recommend yet. Money well spent, bbutnow it takes serenity to say "enough" when the budget says "no way!" A work in progress... All this to plead for kindness for those thinking with their dicks, scared and vulnerable, whom have yet to learn how to navigate the minefield of seeking professional ccompanionship. For lonely hearts like these you empathic professionals really are lifesavers. And guys... RESPECT! Thanks to many esp. @Sugar Kayne @Janebondage Lydia, @clearbluesky15 and many Maritimers whose advice keeps Lyla worth the read...
  4. I am green enough that I have to follow a thread like this to understand what not to do. I am cluing in that sharing information is often (or always?) a boo-boo. and I can see how bruised egos prompt responses... and then there are members who just want to engage . . . hmmm. My ears are burning?
  5. Thank you. I appreciate the generosity of many providing substantial replies. I am forgetting the name of the Admin you likely mean (Hardisty?) who had a devoted and appreciative following into 2021. I hope she is ok?
  6. I am new here a few weeks. I started a few threads, and had a total "content" count of 10 when I posted a recommendation two hours ago. I was scolded for doing so without having already posted 5 posts? 1) I can't find the rule saying that is not allowed, or at least, stating how a member reaches the permitted threshold. 2) My content count led me to believe that I had reached that threshold. 3) I am also puzzled by reputational points, noting that some members with only 2 comments have 1000 points. 4) Where are these things explained? I have been looking. 5) Is it just me, or have other new members had teething pains? 6) I have found LYLA Invaluable at helping me avoid scammers, and want to be a positive community member.
  7. Apparently I violated policy by attempting to post my recommendation... but my content count was at 9 or 10 when I posted it... and I was told I had not yet made 5 posts... how are these counted?
  8. Thank you, @clearbluesky15, I did confirm Monday morning, met Skyler Monday evening, and just posted a recommendation. Meanwhile two others I had texted (earlier?) also replied the same day. Learning the proper etiquette is not easy, as inquiries from days and weeks ago had gone unanswered. The exception is @Sugar Kayne who corresponded kindly over the same period and I thank her again, though we have not met.
  9. I am in Thunder Bay and not finding genuine responders. Nita's ad was up last night but gone today. Might you confirm if you met her and she can be trusted?
  10. New Thunder Bay ads yesterday on Leolist and negotiated with a "Skylar" via text (587-8923958) for possible appointment for this evening May 30, but her ad (and others) are gone this morning. Usually old ads remain by date indefinitely. I did not save the ad or photos. Advice?
  11. Hi Danielle, I agree -- but am also waiting not so patiently for a response. A long conversation with a local Lyla member who recommended others (TY! ) and says I can't afford her. Several introductions to others and no response at all. I think the reality is that Thunder Bay has very few if any really active. So what advice can you offer to a SP virgin no-one has actually met? 😉 EDIT: the first text was weeks ago and the conversation with SK over several weeks since. Last three introductions Friday with my birthday tomorrow. Guess I should have asked for a bike?
  12. Really appreciate your advice to the OP. Clear, assertive, almost... commanding 😉
  13. Thank you, Sugar Kayne. What is a reasonable deposit, since you reputable SW's need that? How do you vet me, as a Newbie? I gather an immediate "come on over" is a red flag. Finding current profiles with recommendations has not been easy. From my short time at Adultfriendfinder, IMO the majority (80-90%!?) of straight female profiles are scammers. My direct knowledge is thin, but most of my contacts follow the patterns. So strong assurances and verification are needed on both sides.
  14. Follow-up. Is it legit for a SP to ask for an etransfer before meeting? How does the client avoid being scammed? But, also how does the SP protect herself and be assured of payment?
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