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  1. Thank you, @RealBea, this is the kind of response I hope the thread will generate,
  2. Reported as TB 10 days ago... still up. This pic was in her profile. Her pics go back to Russia... unless she emigrated?
  3. Screening of 35 Thunder Bay Leolist ads, Nov 9-11: Of over 40 ads including groups, sponsored links, online ads were excluded, and a dozen more new ads have appeared on Nov 12-13. Of the 35 screened, 13 were proven fake and reported, using established pornstar pics (RealSkyBri, Daisy Taylor, Bella Rolland, Lilith of Tryst-NY, Oksana) or posted in 20+ ads in many countries, websites, and numerous identities. Of these five (5) remain up; It is doubtful any were actually "removed" by Leolist. Another five (5) were judged as very likely to be fake with many LL ads in many places, but without being able to prove how many were posted at the same time, they might be VERY active touring. Another four (4) with numerous LL ads were dubious but inconclusive -- judged suspect but more likely to be legitimate than the previous five, with consistent identities and phone numbers. Thirteen (13) were judged as probably for confidently legitimate: two are Lyla-reviewed touring - @Bray and Emily Rushton; one is a regular local judged as probably legit; three (3) more appear to be established touring escorts with other LL ads spaced out over time in a reasonable geographical region. Seven (7) more had no red flags or other evidence to suggest they were fake, but could be. Yandex searches of selected pics were used. Other markers of likely fakes - full faces, casual "dating" poses, or too sexually-explicit. Known legit are discrete with identities but poses are clearly "escort" in nature. The study began when the number of convincing-looking ads doubled or tripled in a few days. When almost half of these are definitely scammers, a great many may have been scammed, and yet none appear here or anywhere else to protest? But more shocking to me is how can Thunder Bay support 10-20 legitimate touring escorts at the same time? Others frequently seen in Thunder Bay have mostly not been advertising in this same period. Seven others posted with VIP Favours. One is the same person under two-three identities. One is an en established local under a different name. None were proven false with stolen pics. Two other active Thunder Bay providers reviewed on Lyla did not advertise at all.
  4. IMO your instincts on shepherding a broken human back to wholeness are magnificent. Be well, Allie!
  5. We seem to lock horns, my friend. IMO a scam is a scam is a scam. ALL are criminal activities. As for the THEY you would scold, I suggest 999 out of 1000 of them never read your warning, before or after. Telling them to smarten up here is as pointless as "pissing on a house fire" too. Peace?
  6. I agree with your first para, but was not suggesting otherwise. I agree that many who get scammed are foolish, but that's the world. Scolding them here won't stop the abuse. Like blaming a cognitively-impaired elder for sending money to a long-lost grandchild. I made no reference to specific scams and after having spoken to local police about a scam for which I had evidence in hand, it is pointless. This KIND OF scamming is industrial, likely backed by rogue nations raking in many millions a month - that is not an opinion. as for any one ad; no saying. In the news today was a Canadian ransomware extortionist who many multimillions personally, backed by the Russian mob. When society tolerates this KIND OF abuse, society is funding the murder of Ukrainian civilians. So legalization and regulation is the real solution, IMO.
  7. If this is fiction you have yet another talent. I share some of Fatboyslim's shock, but also understand a good-hearted person not judging someone who has had hard breaks, and setting boundaries -- boundaries your dogs will maintain. So your fans here are asking you to exercise good judgment in negotiating how you and your "helper" will negotiate and evolve your arrangement. There are many persons who do put themselves at risk by trusting in the positive potential of a person despite the trauma and reactive behaviors in their past. Odds are these behaviors will surface in the present too. Good luck to you. Keep us posted so we know it is still going well!
  8. @MissArtois said, "Apparently if you're registering on Leolist with a new acct, if you don't verify you get a free bump a day. FREE. If you verify you lose it. What does this mean?" We understand what it means. Yet more evidence. I too tire of chiming in yet again objecting to the victims being blamed for being scammed. In what other crime would that logic hold? Domestic abuse? I am glad to hear that some are getting it. But those who wander into the minefield do not know it's there, nor do they have the wisdom of reading Lyla first. What makes Tryst or VIP unaffordable? If no legitimate SW's used LL wouldn't that accelerate its demise? My recommendation remains that if a provider advertises on LL, ALWAYS warn about scammers and link to a Lyla thread or identity.
  9. Check out the Deluge of new ads in TB. 30 all never seen before. If that is not carpet-bombing the legit ads, what is? Makes me think LL is literally in the pocket of (or masterminding) the scammers. I know you hold a different opinion, but suggest you give the perspectives offered by the working SP's more weight. This is not a new complaint. It is an epidemic.
  10. LL saturation is phenomenal, and for probable scammers, many are way more believable than usual.... but surely TB does not have the client-base for so many, and the odds of finding a real one among the many scammers must be low. I am persuaded that Bray is legit -- see her Lyla reviews. IMO Sam is also real and local. How do you know they all claim to be at the Travellodge?
  11. Yep. Same deal - provided evidence; nothing happened. Legit providers often pull their ads and all that remain are the scams. Exceptions: a few legit on tour.
  12. I am sad to hear of your isolation, and hope you will continue to believe in your worth as a human being with a good heart. As for your comments about fading perfection, I hope you will continue to see yourself as imperfectly glorious. Age does not blemish a beautiful soul. I hope you find true friends and professional service-providers in time. Be well.
  13. @Greenteal, how long before we become telepathic?
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