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  1. i'd argue it's a good lesson in Ethics, and many need to learn it.
  2. man, you are way out of line, check your fragile ego and hear what is said.
  3. That setup is cause for concern, but the real scam is irrevocable gift cards. You get to the lobby an then are told to give "her' the gift card number = cash in the bank = before meeting anyone. 100% fake, $$ to Russian Mafia. So the fact you met her is much better, but still could scam you. Think of ways she can guarantee you too?
  4. Facebook Video by "Kate Shelor" an Influencer presenting as a hypnotherapist, sex and relationship expert. https://fb.watch/msTLVdsHlv/?mibextid=Nif5oz
  5. I understand why you feel thus way but I clearly did not offer to tip anyone. Nor did I asked to be paid for sharing my thoughts. You have chosen to be active here often. It is your choice to share your point of view. Best wishes to you.
  6. Jemma is a high-energy beauty. She loves to dance to music all through our time together. We met in February at her upscale Kanata incall. She sometimes provides for Kingston so be sure to confirm her location. Very professional, friendly, and easy going.
  7. I have met Brooke and she is exactly as she appears in her ads. She is mature, friendly, and fun to be with, with no concerns about her legitimacy. I am posting this because some seem to doubt the source of her recommendations. She also has a profile here in Lyla, as @Brookes. 807-355-5061. Call, she does not text.
  8. TY for the discussion. I did not know STI/STD screening did not include Herpes routinely. But I question putting it in the same sentence with HIV. Herpes is very contagious when in outbreak but is not deadly apart from raising the risk of cervical cancer. Is there a vaccine against it readily-available? HIV is treatable but potentially deadly, and far harder to transmit. I have to lookup the meaning of BV. Sorry it troubles you so much.
  9. I have no knowledge either way, but I think you are making the correct interpretation. If I hear from her I will post the news.
  10. I've imaged searched so many fakes that I forget the PS names whose pics the fakes have stolen but was almost catfished by a scammer using this gal's images last May. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/northern-ontario/thunder_bay_hi_sweethearts_let_s_have_fun_tonight-7784006?source=list
  11. Local Sweet Amy (1026) definitely comes recommended!
  12. Brook is real, friendly, great company. I met her a month ago.
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