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  1. You are Mandy .. we all know it. Please don’t review yourself! already have enough negative reviews on u . Save the reviews for actual workers lol
  2. Brooklynn is by far the best in town. Can confirm. here is her website & an updated pic of her https://amandasarah7.wixsite.com/brooklynnshealingtou/blog
  3. She’s a Gorgeous queen from head to toe one of my time favourite SP’s in the Soo Brooklynn is a total genuine beauty and clearly make other workers jealous
  4. Agreed Brooklynn is stunning local to the sault but travels northern Ontario and is willing to apparently travel to other cities if enough dudes pre book I personally had a nice time with her and recommend her as a SP https://amandasarah7.wixsite.com/brooklynnshealingtou Phone: 778-401-2332
  5. Brooklynn Banks is by far the best escort we got in the Sault hands down she never disappoints I always leave happy fun reliable and always looking great number attached on updated photos below
  6. Agree, Brooke is gorgeous inside and out. Love visiting her incall space for a lunch time quickie! Close to my work, clean, convenient and she’s a sweetheart. I don’t follow her OnlyFans but I could just imagine how sexy it would be normally I just purchase custom content from her instead, but will check out her OnlyFans soon enough thanks Brooke if you’re reading this for all you do to make us gents happy updated pics attached-
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