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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/ottawa/2021/11/26/1_5683178.html
  2. I want to agree here.. i find it's becoming out of control. I have to do so much research just to try and verify if a provider is real. Leolist has become a minefield of fake ads. Twitter accounts can be faked; so can websites and even reviews. even on this site.. truly the only way is to know someone else either a client or a provider who can vouch for them. I see so many great women on this site but none in my area. so far i have found only those on tour that i would truly reccomend. I have been burned for deposit on occasion myself and it's frustating. I have hope though that if some of these women see a need or demand in the area that they will come. It helps if the quality of clients in the area are just as good as the women we want to attract but i have personally been told by providers that a lot men in my area are basically pigs so that isnt helping the cause either . I take it with a grain of salt. I try to be a good client.. clean, respectful and aplreciative of their time and just hope others do the same.
  3. Aww that is so sad.. you really should have pressed charges .. i hope you can find your self confidence and that this year is much better for you.. you are absolutely beautiful
  4. Oh wow what a tricky situation.. i have always wondered about how you might deal with that situation and i honestly can't tell you how i would want you to handle it .. I am not married and I am single so I can see any SP without all the unecessary drama
  5. Damn.. wish she would make a trip to the sault sometime
  6. I saw Kiki when she passing through the Sault and she is absolutely amazing.. her body is 🔥🔥.. i loved it
  7. Im looking forward to my very first NURU Session with @CINDYCINDY on the 13th .. just in time for valentines
  8. I have done incall with jasmine while she was in the sault. She is as described and it was an enjoyable time
  9. Ally is available on occassion.. its hit and miss with her.. pics are accurate.. her ass is amazing
  10. the one who advertises from *4793* number is not the one in the pictures.. she is an older asian lady who does provide massage and more
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