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  1. Its funny that all these forums are positive sex work but it becomes grey when one is in a relationship. I want to guess that its a large majority of those seeking out professional companionship are in relationships and would be very interested on stats and discussions. I completely understand the guilt complex that goes along with using companionship while in a relationship. I am too new at it to give (or take) advice, but thank you for sharing as its an important discussion.
  2. Great interview. Im 44 and my regular companion is 24. Its all around great. I did not think it would be as my main goal was not to see someone this much younger but I think it really comes down to the companion and I agree with Tasha on what she had to say.
  3. Companion work is very stigmatized. I am a supporter yet I have to hide it as it would hurt my profession/job if clients found out. I find it crazy that society is open to so many things that in my opinion are way more taboo. Not sure why society has picked this as the worste thing a man can do but that is the way it looks.
  4. I am assuming yiu are already familiar with leos.list. i have found companions available in Creston via Secret Benefits. Its a bit more work to find a friend but it can be done
  5. Selena is a great person to spend time with. I have gone out with her 4 times and each time has been very special. She is absolutely beautiful and attentive and feel very lucky to have met her. She works hard to work around my schedule and is always discreet with communications which is very important to me.
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