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  1. Two days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Violet, whose presence exudes an undeniable allure and elegance. As she arrived at my door in her black coat, nylon stockings, and tall boots, I couldn't help but be captivated by her aesthetic charm. Upon arrival, she changed into an embodiment of sensuality in her alluring black leather ensemble, reminiscent of a modern-day muse with hints of a dominatrix persona, which is kind of my thing. Violet can be your companion, can be your girlfriend, can be your lover, she is very versatile in her role. Her lips and hands also know you better than yourself. Her touch and embrace evoking sensations beyond compare. In addition to that, she is responsive, fun to talk to, and is very professional, keeping her hygiene and cleanness to a high standard, leaving no trace behind. My words alone cannot do justice to her myriad charms; I implore you to find out and experience yourself!
  2. I saw lots of ads on Leo's list, but it's so hard to see which ones are real, all the pics seem to be too good to be true. is there an ads anyone can recommend?
  3. I am very much into leather fetish, i love women dressed in leather outfits. let it be long coats, pants, shirt. it's even better when they are combined with nylon pantyhose leather gloves and boots. it just turns me on so much. not really looking for dominatrix though. sadly, it seems it's hard to find someone in NCR that does this.
  4. awwwh nooo, the website seems to be gone!!!
  5. that is one nice study! i wonder if they will ever do another one? please let us know if you hear something.
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