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  1. This is the SECOND time that I have booked Violet. She is one SOPHISTICATED LADY who knows exactly how to look after her clients. She replied promptly to my texts in a clear and friendly manner Her warm and engaging personality immediately established our CONNECTION together before we even met in person. On our dates, she arrived on time (OUTCALL ONLY) dressed impeccably, flashing her dazzling smile that never seemed to waver throughout our sessions. Beautiful and elegant lady. She is IDENTICAL to her ad photos. Our time together on both occasions was exceptional. Relaxed, considerate, caring and FUN! She pays great attention to detail. Very mindful of hygiene and CLEANLINESS (Washed up before and after our session). Great intelligent and witty conversation. A charismatic, positive lady who genuinely cares about providing stellar service. Quite the rare find these days… We have had a blast together every time. I’ve already booked my next appointment! Gentlemen, don’t miss this exquisite firecracker!
  2. I try to be healthy ... but beer and bacon happen!!! 😆
  3. I miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer! (And I don't care if you judge me!) lol
  4. Sorry to hear that happened to you my friend. I wouldn't just throw in the towel because of a shaky start... Who begins a process as an expert? Everyone has to learn. What I do if I'm ever dealing with an SP that is new to me, is , I have a set list of questions that I put to them They address my main queries and concerns: Location, Rates, Restrictions, Extras, Specials, etc. Over the years, I have obviously tweaked my list according to many different factors, (SP feedback, relevant information, pandemic, etc) I just keep this list as a template saved in my notepad on my phone and copy and paste it when texting a new SP It's simple, comprehensive, and with the template, I know I haven't left anything out. Do your research. Think of your expectations what you would like out of a session. Read reviews Go for verified SPs Try to keep your questions brief and to the point SPs get inundated with queries and don't have time to deal with an excessive barrage of questions They will quickly ghost you. I hope my suggestion works for you
  5. Some of the horror stories I have heard from SPs about clients who try to pull porn moves on them (and of course without warning or consent) have mostly been mentioned... Dry Penetration, Spit as Lube, Slapping, Choking, Spitting, Rough Play, Name Calling, and other degrading practices. The one resounding consensus is that it seems to be the younger men that are primarily guilty of this, and of course this would make sense, having being raised through the age of Internet, Free porn has been many of their only sexual education up until their first experience with an SP. It is up to the SP to not just teach these wayward men, but to discipline them and sadly sometimes defend themselves against them.
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