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  1. Tom Pickle,You must be one of the many tricks I’ve blocked for ill mannered, low class. I have great reviews, from my REAL clients on my ads, and my socials. Thank you. You and any other fool can move along with your hateful rhetoric, lies and agenda to defame me and my high standards. It is obvious you have no clue who I or my family & circle are. You are filed as one more of the 75% of Canadian men lacking proper etiquette, respect and decency towards women, and frankly, us ladies are SO tired of it. You must have our consent and 99% of the time YOU DO NOT!!! Bill C-63 is passing through the House of Commons, and all this online hate speech and harm towards us women will be shut down and you will all face massive fines and even jail time. Women’s equality of Canada is making leaps and bounds. Amen to that Sistas ❤️
  2. You are wrong. Times are changing. Clearly your thoughts and perceptions are very outdated like the dino era. Most Elite high end courtesans ask for credentials, a picture and a deposit. Because it ensures our time is valued, we know who we are meeting for our safety because your name is attached to the deposit. Far too many men nowadays are creeps, stalkers or no shows. If you make an appt and we turn others away and then you no show us, we’ve lost out more than your no show and you are costing us money loss - hence the deposit. You men are far too entitled lately and need to eat some humble pie and respect our booking protocols and not whine about it like big babies. Get with the times.
  3. Yes, my brother passed, which I mentioned to you and we rescheduled, bc you offered to reschedule. You were given the address. Stop with your lies. I turned my work phone off to deal with our family loss. You then got creepy, contacted me from several other numbers and started to threaten me, which I saw when I turned my phone back on, You were blocked after your several calls/numbers and nasty texts voicemails. you are a weirdo. I’m allowed to grieve and take time, family first! I would have seen you if you had not started harassing me and got rude and weird and threatened my life. No refunds for creeps who put my safety at risk and threaten me. Maybe have a little compassion, patience stalker and things would have ended differently. I will not tolerate your or anyone’s abusive weirdo volatile nature. I do not owe you or anyone an explanation Thank you. You will see your info added to the beware stalker list tho @ https://thejuicyg.com/beware-stalkers
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