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Found 3 results

  1. One hour booking with Miss GIGI and Dave Stryker started out with GIGI some light domination as bull entered immediately took control of my mind and body. On my knees praising his thick beautiful c*** as it slid in and out of GIGI juicy ***** I could do nothing but wait watching very hard to contain myself I’m such a sub I’m sweating loving every minute there so so hot.. every minute I’m so nervous. . Bull grabs my head and forces me on him GIGI is motioning my head with her fingernails clawed in my hair back and forth I’m gonna explode he’s so big it barely fits. GIGI pulls my hot pathetic mouth off him and spits in my face reminding me of my role things turned and I started getting spankings for enjoying myself too much I couldn’t help it they are so hot.. I’m wimpering in the corner as juices fly and splash my face. I’m a bad boy I love this writing it all out reminds me. One last vigourous thrust into GIGI hot dripping pussy he explodes his hot load all over her engorded clit and lips thick hot sweet cum drenched her and finally Im able to taste his sweet cumz. I eagerly clean up and bury my face between her shaking legs. Hoping I’m being a good boy and get every drop. They laugh at me. I look up and they are Deep tongue kissing over my head GIGI moaning as the bull pounds his tongue has n and out of her mouth. I’m so pathetic they spit on me. GIGI drips out any left over cum all over my face scugees it into my mouth I’m on my knees in the corner they continue to laugh the bull is banging his pristine glistening cock off my furrowed forehead with a smirk on his face asserting his dominance I look down at my tiny two inch erect chub and can only dream of walking in his shoes GIGI continues to fawn over him touching his hot sweaty body his muscles filled from pounding her hot slit. They give me one last spanking as GIGI slaps my face. This was fun Sissy F**** let’s do it again sometime as they laugh and exit the play space leaving me to me own hot demise. I haven’t been able to stop playing this scene and just wanted everyone to know. Sorry I’m a plumber the spelling may be very off. I’m booked again for September. Until then/ I’m not worthy -The Creamyhamstring
  2. I don't know where I should start with this. I've had a few conversations with ladies from Toronto, Ottawa Vancouver, Winnipeg Thunder Bay and Kingston. Now of coarse you have to understand that unless the person says its okay to mention there name as a reference that I will not disclose that information. So I am saying this only in my Humble Opinion. Part 1 I can not believe that with this day and age a male will threaten a lady with bad reviews or tries to remove there hat durning conversation. If she insists that the male wears a hat with his outfit durning there encounter. That is the requirement for you to follow. Just like if you ask the lady to wear an out fit she will do her best to have the out fit ready for you. If you don't like that out fit I'm sure that most will give you a choice of out fits for her to wear or you can purchase one for her to wear. Now I do understand that a gentleman also may not like the hat that she has provided for your out fit only because it may be to big or the colour may not go well with you suit jacket pants and shirt. With knowing that the lady requires you to wear a hat maybe you could ask her to supply you with a specific style hat or colour choices that would match your suit shirt and tie. After all she has purchased you the hat as a gift. You can take the gift with you when you leave or ask her to look after your hat for you. For that reason alone you should wear it durning your encounter to show her your gratitude. Now your other option would be to purchase your own hat and bring it with you for your encounter. Now of coarse if you forgot your own hat I'm sure the lady will understand and supply you with a hat for your outfit. Part 2 Gentlemen please understand this. This is so important it could save you a lot of future problems. When you ask a lady for something and she say no it means NO. You can not force her to do something just because you offered her dinner drinks and a movie. Regardless of what was paid for if she says NO it means NO. At no time does anyone have the right to take the choice a way from another person because they paid for dinner drinks the movie and cab fare to and from. NO MEANS NO!!! I was so sicken by this I though I would put out a reminder to all of us this includes myself. Be respectful to each other we all want to have a good time but when it hurts someone without there consent it's a crime. I enjoy my time with my friends from here and respect them for who they are. I've had a few encounters that did not click yet we still talk and I've had a few that went well beyond fantastic. Most importantly I've made a lot of great friends from here who will go out of there way to see and help me and I will go out of my way to help them or see them. There is enough bad in this world. We need more good times and coffee more coffee. Oh yea and cheaper gas to. Coffee + Cheaper Gas + Respect for each other = Good Times
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