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    Good day Gents & Couples,

    I book with respectful mature gents & couples only (preferably 28-80 y)
    💥RESPECT, GOOD HYGEINE, COMMUNICATION & DEPOSITS Req.To secure a date with me.
    💥FMTY, LONG & SHORT term arrangements avail.

    💥Be one of the reasons I come back. Thank you so much for a wonderful welcoming so far I am already look forward to returning this summer 😘 Could be sooner If I get back with a FMTY.:)

    💥I am a lover at heart but naugty by nature

    💥 I am a mature, bi/pansexual companion. I reside in Western Can.
    Petite , curvy, small waist and a whole lotta butt. I have been accused of being late 30s to early 40s, I love my age as much as I love my career. I have a flirty , sensual demeaner.

    💥 # 1 compliment other then I do not look my age & Great services, is I make others feel very comfortable with in moments of our meeting.

    💥I am as comfortable naked as I am in an evening gown or business attire.

    💥I am an all covered play type lady. I love my business & the amazing ppl I have had the pleasure of sharing some wonderful life experiences with. Its always a positive, fun adventure.Is that not what life is all about.
    💥 I enjoy longer nonrushed dates, dinner & play, multi h, & over nights. I am about connection & building trust , that is where the real fun begins ❣️

    I choose whom I book my time with, collectively❣️Once I become familiar with the board & members if I do not think we woll comnect or that I am able to give you the experience you are search for, I am that lady that will reccomend other ladies I think will give you that experience.

    💥My protocol keeps me not only feeling safe personally but also keeps my paying gents safe as well as keeps my location discreet & safe from lerkers & address collectors.

    💥All in all I am not only here for your & my entertainment & pleasure I'm here to share some of lifes adventures with amazing humans & create memories that last a life time.

    💥5 statements 1 is a lie
    1. I domed a room of 3 gents
    2. I had a limo ride with 2 gents 3 ladys for my 49th bday
    4. I dont eat meat
    5. I was the head go go dancer til I was 41

    Well theres my lil intro I hope you enjoyed here's to new adventures & Fantasies becoming reality.
    Have a fabulous day I hope to share an adventure or many with you & perhaps a friend or 3 :)
    Shannia Spinner
    Text to book 780 729 7746
    780 say spin

    I am still figuring out this platform 🙉

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    Moncton NB 12-15 extended
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    Sensual💥Cougar on the Prowl💥Curvsacoius Adventure seeker

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  1. Im in the area Shediac March 20-21 I am offering out (call only) within a 1 hr radius of Shediac. 💥March 21-23 Moncton incall Any date over 2 h receive 30 min bonus min 1.5 date 450 2h 600 💥March 23-25 Fredericton Any date over 2h receive 30 min bonus incall min 1.5 h date 450 2h 600 💥March 25-27 St John any date over 2h receive 30 min bonus 1.5 min date 450 2h 600 pre book gents if you want me to come to your city❤ I would love to host a masked group play in either city, it would be 💥Shannias Choice💥 love gloves for all play. Safe is fun for everyone. 4-6 seats, remember I am a dom by nature 350 a seat 1.5 h long or 2 depending on how many gents prebook 150 to hold your seat Watch only seats 150 limited avail TEXT FOR MORE INFO 780 729 7746 780 say spin Will travel further up to 2h drive for 4h rate. Remember I need to travel there & back so pre book with ample notice thank you & hope to see you soon xo 💥Meet ShanniaSpinner💥 1 of Edmontons well respected, hot ass Cougars Upscale , discreet, mature, Petite, hi drive sensual cougar. Mar. 19-21 Pre book please, it helps me plan my visit accordingly & help keeps expenses 💥Pre booking Required💥 I will be offering outcall With 3h or more notice within an h radius of Shediac. deposit 50% remainder due on arrival Or I can book a room in your area for 100 extra Travel included, up to an h drive Shannias Choice 1.5 min booking 600 2.5h 850 4h dinner & play 1100 Spincycle 1.5 650 2.5 950 💥Whether you are looking for a sensual or a walk on the wet & wild side I just may be the lady 4 U 💥Respect, good hygiene, communication a must Twitter @SpinnerShannia 💥bi/pansexual 💥Always Covered 💥💦Shannias Choice A sensual Encounter where I lead us to a place only you & I can create 💥💦Spincycle A walk on the wet & wild side, Lets get wet
  2. Besides being clean , ample supplies, easy parking. I am use to entertaining from a full house so touring is always stressful for me. My choice personally If I was a gentleman would be a redidental. However I am not a gentleman, lol I am putting it out there to get a mans perspective. Thank you in advance. Choices 1. Residential home 2. Condo/ apartment 3. Hotel inside doors 3. Motel inside & outside door 1. Busy DT area 2. Outskirts of town 3. Residental area Again thank you in advance to all who would like to chime in. Much appreciated.
  3. Happy Freaky Fri I have availablity today March 17 th 2pm until 10pm tn (unless its an (outcall min 2h date) or an incall overnight. Both need pre booking) Sat March 18th 7am-11am pre book night before or I will be all packed up to leave 💥Moncton meet ShanniaSpinner💥 For lyla members only, for the remainder of my stay in Moncton, 2h or longer Booking recieve 30 min bonus time 💥I will be in the area until Wed. Visiting friends💥 - 4h notice Pre booking is required if you would like to book a date with me after tonight . I will offer out services. - 2h min booking 750 INCLUDES 30 MIN TRAVEL Shannias choice or SPINCYCLE 100 deposit per hour booked. Sorry I have had a few ppl book with deposit get my hotel then ghost, it is an upscale hotel, wasted 3h of precious time. Appearantly 50 is worth walking away from, to only get my hotel. Lets see if 100 p h booked is the magic number 💥Longer Dates Avail , I will travel for 1 h 100 TRAVEL + 50% of total 2h 200 TRAVEL+ 50% of the total Anything over 2 h travel + accomidations will be required💥 4h Dinner & play dates 50/50 time split 1000 6h Event & play dates 1500 😏Show me your city gents I'd love to be your arm candy while exploring Moncton, for that matter, what ever city you are in. ❣️Lets get past all the formalities and get to the fun stuff❣️ Please text an intro Name, age, city, site you seen my ad, date, time & duration. A bit about the experience you are wanting. Check out my profile Twitter @SpinnerShannia 780 729 7746 780 say spin Thank you all for being patient I will have all my links up soon xo Have a fantastic Fri
  4. Just wanted to say thank you to Allie Zeon for showing me Lyla, & becomeing a trusted friend inside & outside of the industry. As many know the industry can take alot of your time & energy, from posting ads, booking rooms, research on citirs to visit , whilst still mandating phones , emails and getting to share amazing timd with wonderful ppl. It leaves little time for yourself & personal life. Absolutely adore you Allie Zeon you have bern amazing and I look forward to seeing our friendship grow. You are very much appreciated just so you know xo I will become more active on lyla once I figure how to navigate the platform a but better. Still takes me awhole to figure things out . If you see me making a mistake of posting in the wronge area forgive me & feel free to correct me. Much ❤ & appreciation Shannia Spinner
  5. Good day gents I am here for 2 more nights. March 16-18th noon I am from Edmonton been here for a week extened visit . I will be leaving eventually lol I want to visit a few more of NB cities before I hit the HWY home, dont miss out on our oppertunity to share some quality time getting to know each other.
  6. Good day Moncton Gents & Couples I'm having a blast here meeting some pretty awesome ppl here in Moncton & hi in demand Im staying for 2 more nights so dont be shy. Im pretty easy to get along with, pretty good sense of humor, love what I do and Im pretty sure so will you. Bring your rain boots & googles its been pretty wet these days 😊💦 Im running A meet ShanniaSpinner Special book 2h or longer recieve hh bonus time. More time to truly unwind & get to know each other Fredricton & St John I'll be comming to you , pre book with deposits It will get me to you quicker😘 My kind of touring is I stay where the roses are still blooming or until a better flower garden presents itself. Text with an intro Age, city, site you seen my ad, date ,time duration you are wanting, a bit about the experience. Lets get to the fun stuff already, 💥ShanniaSpinner 1 of Edmonton's Cougarlisious Companions 🥰 I'm Not sure how fun or adventurous you NB gents are but Bring a friend or your SO the more the merrier lol I do offer Shannias Choice or double domme dates MFM I love group play, & would host a small, masked, meet Shannia Spinner group if anyone is up for that get at me that would be a dream come true :) watch & be watched🤩 my kinda thing 1.5 -2 h donations depand on the number of attendies want to just watch, you can do that too. ❣️Whos bed will your boots be under❣️ ShanniaSpinner @SpinnerShannia [email protected] 780 729 7746 780 say spin
  7. Hello gents & couples I am new to this platform but not to the industry. So barecwith me until I familiarize myself with the platform. I am hly reviewed on another western board and here to crearecand up hold my reputation for being reliable, discreet, consistant, as well as high standards with my services I offer. 1 thing you should know about me Is I am true to myself. I grow, I have different moods like anyone else. I am high energy and love adventure and living in the moment. I am about connection & building trust. I do get bored and enjoy trying new and exciting things. Dates should be exciting not repeditive actions so keep it fun original and always respectful. If you are thristing for a mature ladys touch or a walk on the wet & wild sude I just maybe the lady you are looking for. 💥You will feel like were are long lost lovers within moments. Muti h , over nights, longer dates are my forte, it gives time to chat get to know each other likes dislikes and enough time shared, for our time to flow effortlessly & naturally. I come in 2 flavors REG. Inservice Donations as posted DEPOSIT 50 PER H BOOKED out services depends on distance & has a min 2h date req. Per hh drive 100 deposit per h booked + travel fee according to time traveled 💥Shannias choice 350h 600 2h A sensual encounter where I take the lead. 💥Spincycle 400h 2h 750 A sensual walk on the wet & wild side I will stay as long as I am prebooked min 3h the day bf. Or I move on to the next town of interest withbpre bookings. I am thinking Fredricton or St John? Speak up I'm here to travel, have fun & have new adventures through out the Maritimes. Have a fantasy or bucket list Im your lady. That is my fantasy making others reality. I LOVE IT💞 PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK READ MY ADS READ MY DIRECTORIES/ PROFILE google my name & number you will find much on me in Edmonton area. From solo dates / duets to hosting group events masked & unmasked 😈 bi curious & straight. I do have a InService Special on for my last 2 nights here 2 days avail 2h special March 14-16 11am Meet Shannia Spinner -Whos bed will your boots be under Special (pre booking required) 2h Shannias Choice 550 Let me lead us into a realm only you & I can create❤ 2h Spincycle 750 Shes a wild one, lets explore our possiblities in a fun exploritory as we venture into the suitcase of plenty:) I host only from clean upscale hotels Hours 8am-9pm unless pre booked for multi h or over nights in advance. I do reply to texts when I am available to do so, if you have a time frame allowed for replies please indicate this. I usually will not reply if its been over 3 hrs or after normal offuce hours for your discretion. Please text Shannia Spinner 780 729 7746 780 say spin Please introduce yourself. Age,city,site you seen my ad, date and time you are inquiring for as well as the encounter you are seeking. I will reply in a timely manner. Now lets get to the booking outta the way & get to the fun stuff already. 💥 What R U waiting for theres fun & Adventure waiting on the otherside of that booking xo Hope to meet you soon. Have a fabulous day.
  8. Letsplay_57 I give a 2 thumbs up, he was easy to book with communication was great, followed my booking protocol. In person very respectful, fun to chat with the rest as they say is gravy. Very nice gentleman. Would have no issues rebooking with this lovely gent. Thank you for a wonderful experience. & thank you to Lyla for giving leolist ppl to share their experiences to help keep the industry a safer place to play & ppl accountable for their actions. Much appreciated xo
  9. Oh thank you kindly for the shout out and recommendation, LetsPlay, and that we did. I too had a wonderful time shared with you and would 100% rebook with you. I agree 1 h goes by too quickly when having fun. I am thrilled you enjoyed our time shared as much as I did. Thank you for a great intro into Moncton, I look forward to the next time you park your boots under my bed. Till then play hard keep safe & always keep smiling 😘
  10. Thank you for the mention Letsplay, I am here 13 -15 I will continue to extend as long as I am being pre booked. I offer travel to you & FMTY. Ill keep it short & sweet. Thank you again for the mention much appreciated :)
  11. Good Day All I am new to Lyla but not to the indystry. I have been prowling the Maritimes a lil over the last month. I will be visiting Moncton March 12-14 may extend. I will be offering duets with the wonderful Allie Zeon (when schedules permit) I am a respectful mature lady ,with a very fun personality and great sense for adventure. I walk the safe side of the line, all ways. Im here to enjoy the experiemce as much as you are so bring good manners, hygeine, & lets communitcate 😁 I come in 2 flavors 1. Gentle cycle, sweet & sensual 4 the lover in you 350h 2. SpinCycle = the wet & wild side For the naughty in you, I am a sensual dominate female 400h I offer social only dates Dinner dates Event dates All day Amazing over night adventures Longer durations are avail. As well as FMTY I also will cater to long & short term arrangements. I prefer text as form of communication once we decide if we get the fomalities out of the way age, date, time encounter you are looking to experience & the durstion you are wanting. I will offer voice confirmation. I do book 24/7 with that being said. I reply to messages between 8am & 10pm I do not do same night late night bookings Pre booking with works best for me. I hope to meet some of Monctons best ,& funnest gents ,& couples Text Shannia Spinner 790 729 7746 780 say spin Please read over my profile Google my name & number Twitter @SpinnerShannia Lets make it a date we both won't forget. Have a wonderful day😘
  12. Shannia Spinner

    Shannia Spinner

    Let me introduce myself I am new to lyla but not the industry. 51 year old companion lives in Edmonton 9yrs) from the Maritimes, I have built a reputable businsess in Edmonton & Western Can. I'm in the Maritimes for a few more days and will be traveling home more often. I hope we get a chance to get better aquainted and share some amazing montents getting to know each other on a 1 on 1 bases. Bedford & Halifax area until the 11th . I prefer non rushed longer dates , over nights, dinner dates and attending events with respectful gents & couples. If your looking for an attractive , mature lady to share a sensual or walk on the wet & wild side I just maybe the lady you been looking for. Moncton ill be visting MARCH 12-14 IN OR OUT SERVICES AVAIL DEPOSITS ARE REQ. TO SECURE OUR DATE😘 TEXT 790 SAY SPIN
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